Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 57: Healing potion

Gulp gulp


Feng Yu Chen chugged down the tea. The tea tasted like ambrosia since Inori is the one personally attending to him. Not even the most bitter drink can change his mind.


“Please slow down, there is no reason to choke on the tea when there are still more left.”


Inori said.




Feng Yu Chen nodded.


“Why don’t you go back to rest? You’ve been up all night I am sure it must have been tough. My left arm might be injured but I can function just as well with my right arm unharmed, leave the rest to me.”


Inori shook her head.


“No, it’s fine. I can go days without sleep due to work. This much is manageable. Also, you’re not alone anymore, I am here for you. No matter what, I am not going to let you shoulder the burden by yourself.”


Feng Yu Chen shook his head while laughing.


“Ahaha, you’re going to make me the happiest man on earth with your words. It’s cool though, just go to sleep. If you get sick I am going to get worried. I mean it, this is fine now close your eyes…”


Inori looked into Feng Yu Chen’s eyes and she nodded.


“Okay, you should rest as well…”


Feng Yu Chen watched as Inori left the room. After confirming her departure, Feng Yu Chen smiled since Inori is gradually warming up to him. At least, he has a place in her heart. He believes that Inori is going to open her heart more and more to him, if so that would be perfect.


Looking at the ceiling, Feng Yu Chen felt that it’s a pretty good feeling to try and conquer a girl’s heart. This warm and fuzzy feeling is a fresh breath of air for him.


“Yo, I see you’re up. Inori cared for you the whole night you were asleep. You lucky guy, how are you feeling? Is your arm still hurting?”


Argo came into his room and he smacked Feng Yu Chen’s shoulder.


“Arsh… you jerk, I am an injured person, reduce that brutish strength of yours will ya!”


Feng Yu Chen rolled his eyes at Argo.


“Oh, my bad. Ahaha, I don’t think I have introduced myself to you before. I am Argo, my specialty is knife handling and wrestling. I can teach you some wrestling techniques if you want. Boy, that was some battle you had. But, thanks for putting your life on the line like that. It could have ended so much worse for us, cut down before we can achieve anything.”


Argo sat down on the chair while drinking a cup of tea he snatched from the coffee table.


“No need, I remember what I did. I would rather not think about it… I have killed people, lives were taken…”


Feng Yu Chen lowered his head, he clutched his blanket in terror. He’s faking it since he has to make it convincing that this is the first time he killed people. It’s impossible for Shu to accept that he killed people without suffering a bit of mental anguish. Feng Yu Chen had qualms when he killed his first zombie, the zombie was a human and to kill what was once a human was a hard trial for him.


“Well, it is inevitable that lives were taken. We are putting our lives on the line to drive these bastards out, we are not expecting a fancy tea party. What I am saying is that you need time to get used to this.”


Argo patted Feng Yu Chen’s shoulder.



Feng Yu Chen pushed away Argo’s hand with a slap.


“You didn’t go through what I went through, you can never know my feelings. It’s because you guys dragged me into this! I could have lived a normal peaceful life! You people changed my life! I don’t want to stay here with you people!”




Argo is surprised that Shu would respond like this. He assumed Shu would be ready to join their faction. He hadn’t expected Shu to behave like this, he celebrated too early.




Gai entered and he grabbed Shu by his collar.


“Ouma Shu! You disappoint me, I didn’t expect you to turn out to be such a wuss. Alright, return to your normal life! We don’t need you here!”


“Fine! I don’t want to stay with you crazy assholes. I-I don’t want to kill anyone anymore…”


Shu got up from the bed and he ran out the door.


“Shu, what’s wrong? Where are you going?”


Inori heard the chatter and she came out of her room with a worried look.


With his back facing Inori, Feng Yu Chen trembled.


“I-I don’t know anymore. I-I killed people, so many people. I-I don’t th-think I can do this anymore. Inori, sorry I don’t think I fit in here…”


Inori noticed Feng Yu Chen’s trembling body. She felt Shu’s internal struggle and mental torment. He’s a kind person who didn’t want to kill anyone, he just wants everyone to get along.


“Sorry, I wanted to protect you be-because I like you. Inori, I ru-rushed out for your sake. If-if only there’s no GHQ, no Funeral Parlor, we can make beautiful films out of beautiful sceneries. We could watch that fantastic version of the world just the two of us…”


Shu said in a crestfallen manner. He started heading towards the exit while hugging his bandaged arm.




Inori cried out. She wanted to chase after him but recalling that Gai is the one who gave her life, she can’t just ditch him. But, what is this pain she is feeling, she had never experienced this sensation before. Shu said he fought against terrible foes despite his reluctance because he liked Inori. He’s really warm and this is the first time she has been treated with such warmth.


Feng Yu Chen left Funeral Parlor’s base with a slight grin. His acting paid off, he is silently praising himself for being such a good actor.


Feng Yu Chen left the base to return the plot as close to the original plot. If he pulled this off, the secondary quests can upgrade his void power. After evolving it to the tenth stage, it would probably be so strong he wouldn’t have to worry about protecting Inori anymore.


According to the plot, Samukawa Yahiro (a club member of the film club, Shu’s classmate, and a friend) who turns out to be a dirty snitch that caused Shu to be arrested on terrorism charges. After that, Funeral Parlor will conduct a prison break to rescue Shu and Kido Kenji (Funeral Parlor member arrested by GHQ due to terrorism).


Completing that series of plotline would probably result in unlocking the next stage of his void power. If he kept going like this, his void would be strengthened to the limit at which point Feng Yu Chen reckons that his void power, Bandit Hand can devour all the Apocalypse virus and would be instrumental in saving Inori.


Early in this series, it would be fine if he went along with the plot. Towards the end of the series, his void power would no doubt have strengthened a lot, so strong that excluding Yuu the Envoy of Da’ath (true antagonist, quite possibly the strongest boss) he can beat any opponent. His goal to get his void power to the tenth stage is so that he can fight against Da’ath and absorb all Apocalypse virus.


After completely leaving Funeral Parlor’s premise, Feng Yu Chen bought a slow healing potion from Infinity Shop. It’s a tube with green fluid in it. Since it’s probably for ingestion purpose, Feng Yu Chen opened the cap on the tube and he downed the liquid. It tasted really bitter but the moment he drank the potion, he felt a warm sensation inside. The wound on his arm started closing. After removing the bandages, the wound had already disappeared without any trace. There’s no scar or anything, the effect of the potion didn’t stop there, he could feel the potion taking away fatigue from his body. This is simply amazing!

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