Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 56: Operation successful

Beep, successfully completed rescue operation instigated by Gai and preserving the original plot. Secondary mission completed, enhancing Void: Bandit’s Hand. Enhanced Void is now at the 2nd stage of evolution, maximum amount of stolen void: 2. Maximum usage limit of each stolen void: 10/10.


After disposing of the last GHQ member, the System’s notification came. It appears that his void power had been augmented with the maximum amount of void he can steal increased to 2 while the usage limit has been increased to 10 times.


Feng Yu Chen took the opportunity to devour Inori’s void sword and Daryls’ Kaleidoscope.


“Gai… Good, you didn’t die…”


Gai slowly got up from the ground, his chest is bleeding. It appears that he managed to avoid getting hit in the heart, what a lucky guy.


Funeral parlor members started revealing expressions of joy. Argo, Shinomiya Ayase, Tsugumi, Shibungi, Oogumo, Kyo along with other important members gathered.


Gai exerted pressure over his chest while coughing. He grumbled.


“It’s my miscalculation, I didn’t expect GHQ infantry to open fire first. Give me a sitrep, how many men did we lose?”


Shibungi (Funeral Parlor’s strategist) pushed up the bridge of his glasses.


“There are some accidents but Ouma Shu’s exemplary actions led to him being focused as the primary target. Shu also used Kaleidoscope during the battle. For now, the operation is still uncompromised with GHQ members suffering heavy casualty while our forces got off relatively easy.”


Gai frowned.


“That fellow has such resolve? He didn’t run away?!”




Shibungi nodded.


“Where is he…”


Gai asked.


“Probably still engaged in battle, he should be finishing the battle anytime now…”


Argo said.


“Where did you find him? He’s surprisingly reliable. We panicked when you got shot but he rushed out like he’s on a highway to hell. I have mad respect for the guy.”


Gai stood up while exerting himself to observe the battle unfold. He wanted to see with his own eyes, he wondered just what could have caused Shu to undergo such a drastic change.


“Gai, you need to rest. Medic, patching required here! And, you, cease any action which might aggravate your wound!”


Shibungi frowned while pulling Gai back by his elbow.


Gai shook Shibungi off.


“I am not that weak. Moreover, I have to confirm the situation myself!”


Shibungi shook his head. The company went ahead to check on Shu.



Feng Yu Chen sent Saeko and Haruna a message instructing them to go back to school. He will contact them after settling his business.


Feng Yu Chen discarded Inori and Daryl’s void and returned them to their original owners. He started getting into his actor mode, it would be very hard to explain if Shu experienced a drastic change in personality, he needs to put on a fake front for a while.


Feng Yu Chen rubbed his hands on the floor to rub debris and blood onto his shirt. Feeling that this is still insufficient, he clenched his teeth and he drew his gun to shoot his own arm.


Blood came flowing out and his face paled a bit.


Fuck, this hurts but this is what I have to do to move Inori. I can just patch myself up with some potions from the Infinite Shop later.


Feng Yu Chen is admiring his own balls of steel. He is willing to resort to self-harm if it means the plan can go on. Naturally, he can unleash more pain on other people since he has the guts to inflict such harm to himself.


Maybe Gai wouldn’t suspect a thing if he didn’t shoot himself. However, there is also a chance that Gai might suspect something is up. It would be odd for him to come out of this fight unharmed after that harsh battle. If he was Feng Yu Chen, he could cook up some reason but Shu’s identity would garner suspicion, he has to grow Shu’s identity some more while going on a rampage every now and then.


He can reduce suspicion, gain Gai’s trust, and score some points with Inori, this gunshot is totally worth it. This is like the battle between Kotomine Kirei and Emiya Kiritsugu. Both of them are people who will do anything to achieve their objectives.


Kind-hearted people won’t last long in a world like this.


After finishing up, Feng Yu Chen laid down on the ground to catch some sleep. He hadn’t slept well since last night.


A bit later…


Gai & co came to the center of the battlefield after clearing the smoke and debris blocking everyone’s view. They found Shu on the floor with a small pool of blood by his arm, his clothes looked ragged and his face is pale.


They overlooked the corpses belonging to GHQ members.


The scenario currently playing in everyone’s mind is where Feng Yu Chen risked his life to fight for them only to collapse out of exhaustion towards the end.


Everyone revised their image of Shu, they felt great respect and affection for him. They felt like he is someone who they could trust to watch their six. They stopped treating him like a stranger who just joined the faction. He is now a bonafide comrade in their eyes.


“This guy, he went overboard.”


Gai shook his head.


“Oogumo, carry him back to our base and give him medical treatment. This guy saved our lives today and he should be treated as such…”


“Leave it to me. Hehe, I think this guy and I are going to hit it off, he’s so reliable.”


Oogumo (Funeral Parlor explosives and gun expert) said while heartily laughing. This guy is usually quiet, being so talkative meant that Feng Yu Chen is really growing on him.


“Alright, let’s clean up the battlefield and make our name known to the whole world!”


Gai declared.




Everyone cheered while throwing their hands in the air.






Feng Yu Chen groaned as he opened his eyes, his first gunshot wound sure didn’t feel great. If at all possible, he would like to avoid getting shot again.


He looked around and he found himself laying on a bed in the sick bay. Inori laid her head on the same bed probably tired from watching over Feng Yu Chen. He grasped her small hand and he marveled at how soft they are. If only he can hold onto them forever.


“Sh-Shu, you’re awake!”


Inori opened her eyes after feeling somebody tightening their hand around hers. She stood up rapidly after confirming that Feng Yu Chen is awake.


“Yeap, got some water on you?”


Feng Yu Chen said.


“I want some water, I am thirsty…”


Inori nodded.


“Yes, I will pour some for you…”


Inori grabbed a cup and poured some tea. She assisted Feng Yu Chen and she nursed him by putting the cup to Feng Yu Chen’s lips.


“Drink up, it might be a bit hot so careful…”


Feng Yu Chen is so moved right now. If this is the price he has to pay for a girl to treat him with such soul-healing kindness and warmth, he would sign up for more gunshots. Feng Yu Chen’s heart started hurting from all the hnngggg.

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