Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 55: Death

The driver attacking Daryl isn’t attacking on his volition, he had merely lost control due to the interference of Suzumiya Haruna who is well hidden. Suzumiya Haruna and Saeko started moving as soon as they received the text from Feng Yu Chen.


GHQ and Funeral Parlor members were stunned by the sudden loss of control in one the mechas.


Feng Yu Chen released a sigh of relief. As he had predicted, there are players here who can drive mechas, what is going to happen next? Rather, who is going to appear?


When Daryl got close to where Feng Yu Chen and Inori is currently hiding at, Gai shifted the flow of battle and the trend started shifting towards a draw from that point onwards, GHQ members are all losing ground at a rapid pace.


Soon, Daryl stopped attacking.


Gai came out of the shadows and he confronted the members of GHQ while revealing Funeral Parlor’s existence and the meaning behind the organization’s name.


“To offer a requiem for those that are obsolete”, to continuously play for those that are obsolete. The name implied that Gai’s organization will be the one sending off the dead and not the other way around, i.e. this organization is here to stay.


This is the debut of Funeral Parlor and its leader, Gai. From darkness they came to play a requiem for GHQ.


Feng Yu Chen found himself captivated by Gai’s dauntless and confident attitude. This is the goal he should be striving for, to be someone who had confidence, unafraid to stand up to the challenge. He should aim to become someone who seeks to control everything as the ruler.


Feng Yu Chen swore that he would become a king, the Infinite King. It will be a long and arduous journey but he had already set his sights on the path of a king.


“Where is the Genetic Weapon you people stole?! Hand it over!”


Squad leader of the third antibodies team, Major Guin said with a harsh tone.


“I don’t know what you are talking about…”


Gai replied.


“I am going to count to ten and if you don’t say it I am going to blast your face! 10… 9…”


Guin raised his hand to signal his subordinates. Cannons in the building started aiming at Gai.


This is still according to Gai’s plan, when Guin finishes his countdown it will be Feng Yu Chen’s turn to shine.


“Gai has set the time, it’s our turn. Believe in yourself, you can do this. Shu, remember that I am yours…”


Inori pressed Feng Yu Chen’s hand against her chest and blue light started rippling from her chest.


Feng Yu Chen nodded and he started drawing Inori’s void when…




An unexpected thing happened, one of the GHQ members fired at Gai and it was a clean shot through Gai’s chest.




Every Funeral Parlor members cried out and they fired attacks in retaliation.


Feng Yu Chen gnashed his teeth. This is his least desirable scenario. He swiftly drew out Inori’s void and he dashed out into the battlefield. He slew a bunch of enemies while making his way over to Daryl’s mecha, shifting the void sword from his right to his left hand, he drew out Daryl’s void with his right hand. Daryl’s void is Kaleidoscope, a void capable of reflecting projectiles.


Exchanging his void between his hands, Feng Yu Chen darted towards Guin with the intention of making everyone shoot at him only for him to reflect the attacks and deal devastating damage to GHQ. Of course, now that the plot has deviated there might be a lot of GHQ members left after the reflection but…


“Who goes there!!”


Guin roared. He is more surprised that Feng Yu Chen could cut through defenses like a hot knife through butter than his subordinates’ disobedience. Well, Gai’s death is beneficial for their side anyway. Feng Yu Chen who had rushed into the battlefield became someone Guin focused on. Feng Yu Chen is like a raging tempest with the void sword in his hand.


“Your void genome is here, now die!”


To attract Guin’s attention, Feng Yu Chen yelled out loud while slashing his way towards Guin.


There are those who fired at Feng Yu Chen but with his augmented speed and agility, he managed to evade most of the attacks and he subtly used Kaleidoscope to repel those that he can’t avoid.


Among the attackers, there are Infinity players present but they can’t possibly compete with Feng Yu Chen not with their current stats anyway.


“What the hell are you, focus fire on that monster!!”


Guin yelled with a mix of both fear and anger. He commanded his subordinates to attack Feng Yu Chen with extreme prejudice.


Whoosh whoosh whoosh


Missiles started flying at Feng Yu Chen.


Now, this is what I’m talking about!


Feng Yu Chen snickered.


Hostile GHQ and neutral players made a miscalculation, the Ouma Shu right now is not the same as the original work. If the original Shu saw someone shoot Gai down, he would probably panic and lose his courage resulting in the complete failure of this operation and the demise of Funeral Parlor.


But, Feng Yu Chen is the new Shu. He changed his appearance but inside he is the same player who is responsible either directly or indirectly for the slaughter of thousands if not millions of zombies earning him the nickname as the strongest god of murder. The humans here might as well be ants when going up against him.


Although this is not strictly according to Gai’s plan, Feng Yu Chen is very sure that the moment he started slaughtering, the enemies are now just sacks of meat, materials for him to use in painting this battlefield red and gory.


“Kaleidoscope, reflect!!”


Feng Yu Chen infused the Kaleidoscope with more void power against the barrage of attacks.


Hexagonal mirrors appeared around the battlefield and the attacks are reflected, due to the number of mirrors that spanned the whole battlefield, some of the attacks are bounced twice and even thrice.


Boom boom boom


The battlefield shook with each explosion and GHQ members were decimated by their own attacks.


Feng Yu Chen managed to return the plot to its original state despite the interference from other players.


“He he, now I can go all-out!”


Feng Yu Chen can’t hold back his urge to kill. He turned towards the GHQ members who survived but are too mentally devastated to remain situationally aware.


“Monster… you monster, what are you planning to do?!”


Guin stepped back in horror, what the fuck did they get themselves into?!




Feng Yu Chen snorted.


He put some strength into his foot and a blue foothold materialized which he then used to jump his way over to Guin. Swiftly decapitating him, Feng Yu Chen noted that this habit probably stemmed from him being too used to killing zombies.


“No…” “Argh…” “Monster…”


GHQ members dropped their weapons and started running for their lives.


Will Feng Yu Chen spare them? Nope, the requiem is meant for them so he’s going to make sure they end up in the afterlife.


Splish Splash Splurt


He started maiming GHQ members left and right, some poor bastards got straight up dismembered while others got vertically or horizontally split in half. There are also those who suffered massive damage to the chest.


Due to the intensity of the battle and the smoke, Feng Yu Chen’s rampage was shrouded from funeral parlor members, otherwise, even they themselves would feel terrified.


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