Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 54: The out of control mecha

The new quest generated by the system riled up the players.

Feng Yu Chen was at a loss of what to do. GHQ members are going to come and mess his plans up. If Gai died, the funeral parlor would follow shortly. Where’s the fun in Guilty Crown after that? He already finished the basic quest so he could go back anytime but it’s frustrating if his journey this time ended like this.
In just a brief moment, his plans are all thrown up into the air. Feng Yu Chen lost his absolute confidence because of this.
Inori saw Feng Yu Chen sweating bullets so she got concerned.
“Shu, what’s the matter? Are you unwell?”
Feng Yu Chen shook his head. He sighed when he saw Inori’s cute face. He is worried about Inori since he’s fighting to protect her, he must finish his job until the very end.
Gai could think of various plans to deal with situations as they arise. If he could do it surely Feng Yu Chen can do it as well. The gap between the strong and the weak can be bridged by changing one’s perception on the outlook of events. If one believed in one’s own self then one can grow stronger.
“Inori, do you believe in me?”
He looked at Inori with a serious expression.
Inori nodded.
“Shu, I believe in you.”
Feng Yu Chen nodded happily.
“Alright, give me 5 minutes, I will be right back…”
“Shu, are you running away?”
Inori had an anxious look on her face.
“Nope. I already said I am going to fight for your sake, I will be damned if I abandon you here. I have got some business only I can attend to…”
Feng Yu Chen said while holding back the truth. He isn’t sure whether or not Inori truly believed him since they had just started interacting with each other.
“Is it something you can’t tell me?”
Inori looked into Feng Yu Chen’s eyes. She could see that Feng Yu Chen isn’t lying to her nor is he shirking his combat duties. Then…
Feng Yu Chen bit down on his lip after he gave up.
“Okay, I guess I can tell you but you must never tell Gai. Actually, when we came out, I saw a boy hiding in the corner so I thought I should bring him to a safer place otherwise he might get involved when the fighting starts. If it was Gai, he would have stopped me as this would interfere with the mission objective. If I got my cover blown, it would spell the end for us all. But, the boy looked very terrified and I understand all too well how it feels to be scared so I felt like I needed to go rescue him. I promise you my cover won’t be blown. Do we have an agreement, Inori?”
So it’s like that.
Inori’s heart warmed up, she could feel Shu (Feng Yu Chen)’s kindness. If it’s Gai, he would have definitely stopped Feng Yu Chen. However, Inori felt like she should trust Shu on this one.
“Okay, we have 5 minutes, after that, it would clash with the prescribed schedule. When that happens…”
Inori hesitated while Feng Yu Chen felt moved. He didn’t want to lie to Inori like this but the existences of Players must not be revealed to her. The reason he’s taking off is that he wanted to get in contact with Saeko and Haruna to discuss their battle plans.
Since the Infinite System decided to throw a wrench in his plans, he decided to incorporate this wrench into his design.
“Inori, mark my words, I will be back!”
He grabbed her hand tightly before letting go. He sneaked his way into a dark alley with the buildings as his camouflage. He summoned his Iphone5 and he sent out a message.
“Saeko, time is of the essence, we will begin on the second mission, bring Haruna to a secured location somewhere in one of the buildings and begin. I am sure you have seen the second episode in [Guilty Crown]. I am using Shu’s body, I will fill you in on the details later. Operate based on the episode but be aware that there might be some changes to the plot since the rules of the game had changed. The players are also starting to move, GHQ-aligned players would aim to disrupt the plot. The implications of this should be evident. As Shu, this plot must go on and Funeral Parlor cannot disappear this early into the series. That’s why I need you and Haruna to work together against the players who took out their voids. Haruna will be in charge of manipulating the Void user’s psyche while you attack with your guns. You have full authority and discretion on how to use the gun I gave you as well as the guns you collected after the fight yesterday. Failure is unacceptable. My hands are tied at the moment so I need you girls to help me. I will take care of any stragglers. This will be all for now. To repeat once more, there is no failure in our dictionaries, only success!”
After sending out the messages, Feng Yu Chen quickly navigated his way back to Inori’s side while he faked panting and wheezing. He also slapped some dust onto his body. The original Shu didn’t have Feng Yu Chen’s agility. He can’t display too many traits that aren’t expected of Shu, he would reveal his abilities through Shu in time but not all at once because no one human can grow so strong so fast…
When Inori saw Shu returning, she calmed down and her trust in him was fortified.
He patted Inori’s shoulders and he beamed at her.
“I might have a soft side but I do know one thing, a promise must be kept.”
Her impression of Feng Yu Chen improved more, looks like this guy had a backbone.
“Begin the rescue operation!”
Gai issued the order and all the funeral parlor members started attacking.
Missile started raining down on the GHQ team.
The psychopathic Daryl who couldn’t wait to kill had already started his mecha so he can join the fray as well.
Argo drove a tank and charged into GHQ territory. He managed to attract Daryl’s attention so he lured the guy to where Feng Yu Chen and Inori are currently at.
This is still what Gai had planned for…
A normal mecha came out of nowhere and followed Daryl. Any machine that belonged to GHQ’s side normally followed the central command except for special units commanded by guys like Daryl. This would mean that this independent movement was brought on by none other than GHQ-aligned players.
The rogue mecha started attacking Argo. If Argo is killed, this would end Daryl’s pursuit and thus foil Gai’s plan. Surely this would mean that the extra mission is successful for the GHQ members.
Then, another weird thing happened. The GHQ Player operating the mecha found out that he lost control of the mecha, a superior force had seized control and made him attack Daryl instead.
Even Daryl is shocked. Who is this motherfucker? He can tolerate the guy trying to steal his prey but to think the guy had the balls to attack him, does he think he can get away with this?
“You fucker! Eat shit and die!!”
Daryl turned vicious and he aimed one of his mecha arm at the rogue mecha. He shot back at the rogue mecha with his own salvo of attacks.
Just like that, the rogue mecha got blown sky high, an agonized shriek came from within the mecha. Since the mecha got wrecked the pilot inside would inevitably die. This was the end of one of the players who wanted to disrupt the plot of this anime.

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