Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 53: A confusing start to the battle

Ring ring ring…


A phone call interrupted Gai and Feng Yu Chen. It’s the call from Arugo, a fellow Funeral Parlor member, notifying Gai about the Anti Bodies who assaulted their hideout at the underground parking space in Area 14 of Roppongi. Some 100 funeral parlor members are at risk.


Gai is going to rescue these members and use the chance to announce Funeral Parlor’s existence to the whole world.


The highlights of the event are: Ouma Shu (Feng Yu Chen), the psychopath Daryl Yan, his void, kaleidoscope (granting one the ability to deflect attacks). Gai is going to issue an all-out fight with GHQ and then Feng Yu Chen is going to draw out Daryl’s void from the mecha Daryl is operating. The mecha requires the psyche of the driver to drive and since the void is a representation of a person’s psyche, Feng Yu Chen can draw out his void from his mecha.


Gai isn’t going to give Feng Yu Chen any choice. He is going to force Feng Yu Chen to join the battle with Inori assisting him. Moreover, it would Inori is put up to supervise him, she is still unfamiliar with Feng Yu Chen so she is going to follow Gai’s instruction. Gai put her up to this because Feng Yu Chen had the Power of the King which allowed him to draw out voids, an essential ability for Funeral Parlor.


Early dawn, Feng Yu Chen and Inori began moving. They proceeded to move through the ventilation ducts. Because he didn’t know the layout, Inori led him through the narrow ducts. They had to move very slow due to the narrow passageway. He can’t help but notice Inori had a beautiful and bodacious booty of a trunk.


Moreover, Inori is currently in her stage uniform, because it’s a dancer’s uniform, it’s a bit revealing, perhaps too much so as Feng Yu Chen enjoyed the view and felt embarrassed at the same time.


Feng Yu Chen and Inori arrived at their designated location. When the battle starts, Arugo is going to lure Daryl’s mecha to where Feng Yu Chen and Inori are hiding. Next, Gai and his compatriots will begin assaulting GHQ. After some time, GHQ officers are probably going to request to meet Gai who represents funeral parlor. Gai is going to walk out and all the GHQ people hiding in ambush will begin firing at Gai. Next is where Feng Yu Chen comes in, he is going to draw out Daryl’s void and deflect all the attacks, crippling GHQ forces in an instant resulting in the success of this operation.


The plan sounds simple but the execution is hard. To pull this off, one would need meticulous attention to details such as the speed of the mechas, the movements of the human enemies and a reasonably good prediction of the battle stages that are going to happen along with contingency plans.


Feng Yu Chen admired Gai’s ability to lead with such prowess. If it was him, he could see more or less how to come up with a plan but he won’t be able to come up with a plan that is as detailed as this. Furthermore, being unfamiliar with the technologies of this era, he can’t put an estimate on the movements of the machines so it would be hard for him to come up with how to deal with the battles that would ensue.


Feng Yu Chen plans on taking pages from Gai’s book. He is going to improve his ability as a commander by observing Gai. Zi Yue Ling might be good at planning but she and Feng Yu Chen aren’t truly cooperating on mutual trust, she could turn on him anytime and as such it is necessary for Feng Yu Chen to pick up this skill before such an event occurs.




Feng Yu Chen was so deep in thought he didn’t notice Inori stopping so he plastered his face onto Inori’s sweet butt.




Inori looked back in a puzzled manner.


“Shu, what’s the matter? We are climbing up now, are you okay…?”


Feng Yu Chen realized that Inori is probably thinking that Feng Yu Chen is anxious about the funeral parlor thing. She’s worried for him and at the time she’s worried that if anything happens to Feng Yu Chen, Funeral parlor is going to pay a heavy price, Gai might also experience a game over scenario.




Feng Yu Chen shook his hands. His face hit her rump, luckily for him, it’s Inori here, if it was any other girl, he would have been sent flying by a kick. He would probably get a “Eat shit and die” on top of that kick as well…


“Shu… no matter what happens I will be by your side, be at ease…”


Inori placed her small hand on top of Feng Yu Chen’s hand.


“Nn, I will at the very least, fight for you. Even if I can’t find the reason to fight, seeing you throw your weak frame out there is enough a reason for me to learn to fight!”


Feng Yu Chen grabbed Inori’s hand while declaring that from the bottom of his heart. He subconsciously blurted that out because Inori’s warmth and strength touched him.


Inori’s heart throbbed. She didn’t know what the sensation is but she liked it. She had also seen Shu’s warm side, the side of him that would fight for her…


“Alright, let’s climb up there and begin the operation…”


Inori said, she let go of Feng Yu Chen’s hand and they climbed out of the ventilation duct.


While climbing up, Feng Yu Chen felt like he is deeply vested in this anime. He couldn’t hide his intentions to manipulate Inori into fighting, not with that warmth and strength of heart she showed him. Feng Yu Chen is going to fight and he is going to make sure he gets out of this world with Inori in tow, no way is he going to let what happened to Inori towards the end of the anime repeat.


Beep, Guilty Crown side quest initiated

Reward: Players who don’t have voids will activate their own void, those that do have voids will get an upgrade to their voids.

Funeral parlor rescue side quest:

Funeral parlor faction: Enter battle and help Gai with his rescue operation, ensure the continuity of the anime events.

GHQ: Enter into battle and foil Gai’s operation, ensure the destruction of the flow of events.

Neutral: Enter into battle and kill one player from Funeral Parlor and GHQ.


The System’s notification caused Feng Yu Chen to stop for a moment.


Damn, this is side mission is too evil. The participation of players who are familiar with the events of the anime will throw a load of wrenches into the works. No matter how smart Gai is, he won’t be able to account for the existences of players in his plans.


To make matters wose, some of these players had already completed their side mission 1 so they most likely have voids of their own. Since they can draw out their own void, this is going to lead to a very chaotic series of event.


Feng Yu Chen started sweating. He cursed at the System for throwing everything into disorder.


Goddamnit, can you please stop screwing around!

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