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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 52: Adapt or die

The players hiding in the dark frowned very hard when they saw “Ouma Shu” slaughtering the mechas out there like a demon from the depths of hell. His skill and familiarity with the void sword, it’s like he’s completely different from the character in the original work. It’s like this guy is born to kill.


At this point, the players are fully unaware that Ouma Shu had already been disposed of. Feng Yu Chen who substituted Ouma Shu is unlike the original main character of this anime. He didn’t need some silly emotional motivation to send a mook to hell. He hacked and slashed his way through the mechas as if the mechas are just annoying weed blocking his way. He danced through the battlefield accompanied by carnage and the spilling of blood.


There are some smart players mixed in here. These people knew they would expose themselves to needless risk if they came out too soon. It turns out they were correct, judging by how many players got murdered before. It’s a simple thing to die but it’s would be a silly tragedy to find the end of the road in one’s life due to stupid mistakes.


These players who are canny in their own way are out to get Shu’s power of the king. Tsutsugami had mentioned in the anime that the power of the king would be separated when the user dies. They would be able to obtain Shu’s power if they somehow managed to kill Shu.


Some of the hidden players felt intimidated at the thought of going up against this “Ouma Shu”. They didn’t think they stood a chance against this killing machine. Their plans had to be scrapped and it’s back to the chalkboard for some of them.


Saeko who was waiting for Feng Yu Chen to give her some news observed Shu and she found that this guy had a highly similar, if not identical, fighting style and moves as Feng Yu Chen. She had a hunch that maybe…


“It’s Feng-niisan…”


Suzumiya Haruna said after looking at Ouma Shu who is still in the middle of the battlefield.


“You’re that sure?”


Saeko asked Haruna.


“Yeap, that should be him. I can sense that his aura bears a high resemblance to Feng Yu Chen, but, I can’t say in absolute confidence that it’s him, it’s more like an intuition that it’s him since he has got a similar aura to Feng-niisan.”


Haruna said. Since she’s able to manipulate people’s psyche, it seems she’s also sensitive to aura and psyche.


“Looks like he had this planned. But, is he going to follow the story or make more deviations? The funeral parlor guys are strong here but we don’t know if the other players will do anything…”


Saeko said with a slightly surprised expression.



Zi Yue Ling observed the battlefield through the scope on her sniper rifle. She found a vantage point in the GHQ research lab she’s in. She couldn’t hold herself back from looking at the power of the void firsthand. However, it wasn’t the power of the void that astonished her. It’s Ouma Shu, this guy deviated too much from his usual self in the original work. Moreover, Shu’s fighting style looked similar to a certain someone.


Feng Yu Chen appeared in her mind. She had a gut feeling that the surprise Feng Yu Chen was talking about is actually him taking on the role of Shu in this round of Infinite games. Could it be that being the number one ranker in High School of the Dead allows one to take over a character in the following games? That would be so over-powered…


She decided to not ponder about that for now. She had another objective. She had to kill 5 players from Funeral Parlor. If she completed the basic mission later in the game, she would have to deal with more skilled players in addition to a reduced pool of players. Suffice to say, that would be a huge pain in the ass to pull off. She didn’t want to be one of the players who can’t finish the basic mission.



After battling to his heart’s content, Feng Yu Chen felt appeased. As expected, the massacre feels really good. Feng Yu Chen just can’t stop himself after the bullets start flying. His void seemed to be related to this bloodthirsty nature of his, this power that seeks to devour everything.




After clearing out all the mechas around him, a small robot with an insectoid shape landed before Feng Yu Chen. A male voice came out of it.


“Ouma Shu, you have 15 seconds to take Inori from there!”


This insectoid robot is the robot that always hangs out with Inori, it’s name is Fyu-neru.


[Guilty Crown] is a relatively high tech world compared to Feng Yu Chen’s world. They had already applied advanced humanoid robots to battles. Animes likes [Gundam], [Neon Genesis Evangelion], and [Infinite Stratos] also had human-controlled robots flying around and shooting stuff up.  Compared to those animes, the robots in [Guilty Crown] are weak.


The robots in Gundam are for interstellar wars so it’s a given they had explosive power. Meanwhile, the robots in Neon Genesis Evangelion used demonic forces to design their robots. Those robots had terrifying power of destruction along with one of the biggest robots by size. Infinite Stratos also had really advanced robotic suits. Dynamic flight patterns, powerful payloads, forcefields and the like that allow them to engage in close quarter combat and long-ranged fights.


However, some robots in Guilty Crown are very strong because they can use Void powers as well. These kind of robots are powerful but carries a risk that unskilled users will overuse their void and fall into a state where they turn into apocalypse crystals. These robots are double-edged swords for their users.


Storing away his thoughts, he quickly came to Inori’s side and he returned her void before he carried her away from the battlefield. Obviously, Gai wanted him out of here to avoid further detection by GHQ members.


Looking at Inori in his arms, Feng Yu Chen felt like he’s dreaming. This girl probably had the hearts of many Otaku. Yet, here she is, in his arms, that realistic sense of touch made him feel that substitution cards are godsent. Feng Yu Chen didn’t know how to quickly get familiar with Inori other than using the card. Other than Shu, Inori probably didn’t have much feelings for anyone else. She’s Ouma Mana’s shadow. The face-heel turn she did in the anime could be largely blamed on Mana’s influence. Mana had a creepy romantic obsession with Shu so Inori’s infatuation with Shu is probably influenced by Mana as well.


After making a getaway, Feng Yu Chen met with Gai while holding onto Inori.


Inori woke up after getting her void back.


“Are you awake?”


Feng Yu Chen nervously asked. He can’t help being skittish around her mainly because of the fact that she’s the Yuzuriha Inori.


Inori looked at Shu, she couldn’t understand why he is so agitated. She turned towards Gai and she hesitated before asking.


“Gai, did I complete my mission?”




Gai looked at Inori with a cold expression.


“No, I’m quite disappointed with you… Inori…”


Feng Yu Chen had to fake anger so as to not arouse suspicion.


“How can you say that?! You’re stepping over the line! She did her best, she got hurt as well…”


Feng Yu Chen snapped back at Gai to defend Inori.


Gai snorted.


“It was all going so smoothly until the end. Inori, why did you give the void genome to him and not me?”


Inori lowered her head in a crestfallen manner.


“Void genome? What’s that? Is that the thing in the ampoule?”


Feng Yu Chen asked in confusion.


“That ampoule was meant for me… That ampoule was one of three vials containing the void genome made by Sephirah Genomics. It confers the power of the kings to acceptable users subjected to it.”


Gai explained.


Feng Yu Chen continued asking.


“The power of the kings??”


Gai continued explaining.


“It allows a person to decode the hidden power in our DNA, the result is the ability to bring out the Void resting within everyone.”


“What’s a void?”


Feng Yu Chen asked like a dunce. He had to make it seem like he’s poorly informed. For now, he’s still Shu in Gai’s eyes.


“The Void is like the physical manifestation of a person’s psyche. The giant blade you wielded is Inori’s void. You can draw different voids from different people, it’s a godly ability and now it is in your hand. You can’t stay the same, languishing around while comrades fall around you. You will fight!”


Gai said.


“What… this is so sudden…”


He had to fake surprise and express his reluctance.


Gai walked in front of him and grabbed him by the collar.


“Remember my words… Ouma Shu! You have two choices: Rendered obsolete by the world or adapt to the environment by changing yourself!”


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