Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 51: First meeting with Yuzuriha Inori

After killing Ouma Shu, the character substitution card shone bright silver and Ouma Shu’s body fused with Feng Yu Chen’s.
In front Feng Yu Chen’s eyes, two figures had emerged, one of it is his body while the other represents Ouma Shu’s body. He extended his arm towards Ouma Shu’s figure and…
He felt changes happening to his body. He took out his Iphone 5 and turned the camera into selfie mode to get a better look at himself. The screen showed a youth with almond brown hair, blood-red eyes, pretty face, and ruffled but somewhat tidy-hair.
Ouma Shu!
He’s very excited at the prospect of taking on Shu’s form. 
There are so many possibilities! This… this is going to be fun!
His phone rang and he received a message from Suzumiya Haruna’s phone.
“The battle has begun and we killed a lot of people as per your orders. There shouldn’t be many left in the immediate area. But, there are too many Endlaves here and Haruna probably can’t hold on much longer. There are also some deviations from the anime, there are much more GHQ members here. Some of the Endlaves are acting without orders and killing funeral parlor members. They are also making their way over to Yuzuriha Inori…” Sent by Busujima Saeko.
It seems Busujima Saeko and the other girls are doing their job cleaning out the house. What a devoted woman.
“Nn, I understand, you girls can take any action you deem fit, make sure to protect Haruna, I will take care of the rest…”
Feng Yu Chen replied. He stored his phone away and he dashed out of his alley.
Feng Yu Chen, or rather, “Ouma Shu” called out to Yuzuriha Inori. He shielded her from the front against a few Endlaves. His resolute expression would fool just about anyone.
“Inori! I won’t run and hide anymore! I am going to protect you! I don’t know what it is but I know what my heart is telling me. It’s telling me to protect you!”
Ouma Shu said in a firm tone.
His word warmed Inori’s heart, she was ready to lay down her life but his words calmed her steady heart even while she is caught in all this chaos.
The Endlaves are already surrounding them and Ouma Shu pushed Inori down to the ground and “accidentally” broke the ampoule containing the void genome. A silver light band coiled around his right hand and a black mark appeared on the back of his right palm, the mark looked like a sword. It’s the mark of the kings, Guilty Crown.
Bands of silver light started spreading around the area.
In this space, a girl with light pink hair tied into pigtails, red eyes, small red hair clip on the left side of her head stood out the most. Her red eyes that seemed as though it can see through a person, her vulnerable yet expressionless face.
Suddenly, Shu’s head started hurting as a series of images and sound appeared.
“Release him… Shu.. This time, definitely…”
A girl that looked very similar to Inori opened her arms to welcome him with a wide smile. She had decorative accessories made with red strings tied into the shape of flowers on her hands and she looked at him with expecting gaze.
So that’s Mana huh? Cute girl, I see, so after getting Shu’s body, he can also see his memories. At this point, Shu is him and he is Shu…
This power… the power of kings…”
Shu’s voice resounded in his mind. After browsing through his memories, Feng Yu Chen saw his tragic past, a past he had locked away in the deepest corners of his mind. But, now that Feng Yu Chen had become Shu, he accepts them, he accepts them all…
“Shu… please… brandish me…”
The scenery changed as his memories receded. Yuzuriha Inori opened her arms wide and crystalline structure appeared on her chest.
He grabbed the crystalline structure and he pulled hard.
Inori moaned, making it hard for him to ignore her sensual moan…
After extracting the crystalline structure, the object shattered into a giant silver sword. He can feel great power emanating from the sword. It’s as if he could take on the world with the blade in his hand. Furthermore, he noticed a stark increase in his strength, speed, vision, and reflex.
With the appearance of the giant blade, a strong energy wave assaulted the immediate vicinity. A pillar of silver light pierced the sky and illuminated the area, chasing away the darkness as people looked up at the pillar of light, awed by its brilliance.
The void pulling scene is pretty cool but the enemies won’t give him any more time to spare. They shot rounds of artilleries at him.
Eyes turning bloodshot. Oh yes, the battle has begun and it’s time to get familiar with this void power.
His Void enhanced senses could perceive the trajectories of the missiles. He slashed at the approaching artilleries and he deflected them away with the missiles exploding behind him…
The operators inside the Endlaves had never seen a human fighting Endlaves before. They decided to meet this uncertainty by firing every last bullet and missiles they had.
Feng Yu Chen sniggered. A circle appeared at the tip of the giant blade, he swung and sent the missiles flying away. Before the robots even knew what happened, Feng Yu Chen had appeared in front of an Endlave and slashed it with the Singer’s sword.
Down goes one robot, such is the power of the blade.
Feng Yu Chen didn’t stop to marvel at his work. He formed steps in the air and he made his way towards the other Endlaves while seemingly running around ignoring the rules of gravity.
“Sweet… this power is so great. This power… this is what I wanted. Ouma Shu, I had been right to replace you. Where else can I experience such a mysterious and fascinating strength? This is too awesome… hehe, time to start the carnage! With such tremendous power, the enemy must be taught fear with it!”
He growled with bloodshot eyes. He’s not even hiding his bloodlust as evidenced by his nasty grin.
Boom bam boom…
Feng Yu Chen looked as though he got a boost from the Void, his speed accelerated to such an extent that he swung his giant void blade like it’s just a twig. He is like death’s very emissary, those cold, bloodshot eyes looked at enemies with indifference. He cut down the enemies like they are just objects meant to be cut down.
He left a trail of Endlaves shell and wreckage as he made his way around the battlefield.

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