Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 50: Replacing Ouma Shu

The night slowly descended and Ouma Shu began moving, he’s going to crown himself as the king, the king who holds the guilty crown.
After cleaning up the hostiles, he stored the Knight Sniple Rifle-25 in his Iphone 5. The phone had the ability to store items bought from Infinite System. The phone can also turn into a size measured in nanometers, it had gained these abilities since the beginning of [Guilty Crown].
Zi Yue Ling had discovered these new abilities and she informed Feng Yu Chen at first notice. Zi Yue Ling excelled at being proactive in seeking out and observing the phone for changes. Feng Yu Chen thinks Zi Yue Ling is a bit mysterious, she is very acute at discovering the usage of gadgets near her, she probably had a knack for stuff like this, what a girl.
Feng Yu Chen didn’t have any intention to hit on Zi Yue Ling since they are still cooperating on a professional basis. Of course, Feng Yu Chen coerced her into this with his strength. Meanwhile, Zi Yue Ling knew that she is going to have to look out for her interest and team up with the strongest individual. At present, Zi Yue Ling recognizes Feng Yu Chen’s strength as the strongest one.
Feng Yu Chen needs to make sure he is always on top of his game so that Zi Yue Ling will continue working with him. Feng Yu Chen had mused about making her his woman but he gave up on the idea. This girl is smart enough to tell whether he is truly in love with her or is just using her. Without her recognition, even if they had a pants-off dance-off, Zi Yue Ling would probably still make decisions based on her own thoughts.
Feng Yu Chen shook away the thoughts and he stored a pistol in his pocket. He brought out is Xuan Yuan sword and he readied himself in a dark corner for Shu’s arrival.
Time passed slowly until an explosion signaled the start of the battle by GHQ.
The battle has begun and quests are issued
Basic Mission (completion results in the right to return to the real world): Kill 5 players of a different faction. 5/5 killed.
Secondary Mission: (Secondary missions are issued randomly based on different factions. Completion results in the ability to draw void out of oneself, King’s hand, does not give the ability to draw other people’s void. Destruction of the player’s void will result in immediate death. The player will be sent back to the real world, expunged of all memories pertaining to the Infinite System and die in an accident a year later. Repeated completion of secondary missions results in the augmentation of the Power of the King. The theoretical limit of augmentation is 10 times, non-completion of secondary missions will not result in punishment):
Details of secondary mission:
Funeral Parlor: Enter into a battle and kill a GHQ member.
GHQ: Enter into a battle and kill a Funeral Parlor member.
Neutral: Enter into a battle and kill a member from GHQ and from Funeral Parlor.
Ranking Mission (This game is not a single player, there are 100 players that entered this world. With 100 players there are bound to be competition, the player with the highest rank can take a character of their choice out of this anime world. There are no rewards for killing innocent civilians, killing hostiles non-player character gives 1 point and killing hostile players give 10 points, killing allies will result in no points nor punishment.)
Current Ranking: No.1, 50 Points.
Beep, basic mission completed. Reward: +10 to all basic attribute points, +10 endurance, speed +1 meter per second.
Current attributes of Player 007:
Strength: 77
Endurance: 20
Energy: 100 [Status: Locked]
Speed: 11 m/s
Beep, 007 strength of 77, ascended to mid-tier bronze. Unlocked armor penetration, each attack carries a 50% chance to penetrate armor.
Beep killed 5 GHQ players, secondary mission completed. Obtained Void ability: Bandit’s hand ( Allows the player to steal other people’s void) 
Current level: 1 Number of Maximum stolen void allowed: 1
Numbers of Usage left: 5
Beep, basic mission completed, 007, would you like to return to the real world?
The torrent of System notification raised his motivation. The basic mission requires a player to kill 5 other players. It seems the basic mission this time is one of elimination and survival, 5 will die so 1 lives. There will be at most 16 survivors at the end of this mission, that’s brutal. Depending on how things turn out, only 1 might come out on top.
Completing the basic mission will increase a person’s attributes, an experience Feng Yu Chen had tasted before in [High school of the Dead]. But, this increase is marginal at best, not the kind that would make someone OP.
The real treasure lies in the Title Missions, Feng Yu Chen got zombie annihilator from one such mission and that got him a cool +50 strength which instantly promoted him to low tier bronze while everyone is still wallowing at the black iron level. He had not ascended to mid-tier bronze which grants him a 50% chance to penetrate armor. with his trusty Xuan Yuan sword and the 50% armor penetration, he highly doubts there’s anything in this world he can’t cut.
The completion of Basic mission comes after the completion of the secondary mission. GHQ players are technically GHQ members. But still, his void is actually the void that takes other people’s ability?
Void is supposed to be a reflection of a person’s psyche. His void takes other people’s void, his psyche is one that wants to take over everything. Feng Yu Chen shook his head, he wasn’t aware he had such a psyche.
His Bandit’s Hand is very potent. The ability to manifest other people’s void. If the opponent only had their void, nobody could fight 1 on 1 against him. It’s certainly terrifying to go up against another person with the exact same ability, although he would be limited by the times he can use his ability.
Feng Yu Chen is looking forward to seeing the final stage of evolution for his void.
“Haa… Haa… Haa…”
Tap tap tap
A guy with brown hair came running while heaving and panting.
Feng Yu Chen knew his chance had arrived.
He had a sinister grin as he rose up from the darkness. He took out that scoundrel of a card, the character substitution card and he put the card into standby mode. He got close to Shu in an instant before he pinned Shu against the wall with his left arm exerting a vice on Shu’s neck.
In the dark alley, Shu can barely see so he became really terrified when Feng Yu Chen slammed him against the wall. He had been attacked by a lot of people during his journey to Roppongi. But, every time he got away by the skin of his teeth. He didn’t know how he is going to get out of this situation. Seriously, he should have known better and stayed a feeble coward, safely hidden away in the school. But… but… what about Inori…
“Hehe, it’s nothing personal. Oh, but don’t worry, I am going to protect Inori, in your stead, of course, after turning into you and seizing the throne for myself. Your feeble attitude ends today, I am going to replace you! Ouma Shu!”
He said, before snapping Shu’s neck by exerting more pressure on his grip. His strength of 77 means that he had an arm grip that can put out 3850N of force. He had confidence that if he reincarnated in the past, he can butt heads with Xiang Yu, he might not have his martial skills but strength-wise, Xiang Yu was noted as someone who could lift a ding, Feng Yu Chen’s strength allowed him to do the same.
Beep, character substitution card activated, confirm substitution of Guilty Crown character Ouma Shu?
Beep, substitution successful, 007’s second identity: Ouma Shu created. The user can now freely switch between Feng Yu Chen or Ouma Shu.

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