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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 49: My cruelty

Feng Yu Chen started laying out his plans after calling Saeko and Suzumiya Haruna out.

“Tonight is going to be the start of the plot for this series. Haruna, can I count on you to control those mechas?”

Suzumiya Haruna nodded.

“Yes, it is possible but my control duration won’t be long. Although I can use my psychic powers to control the mechas are still manned by people hence my limitations.”

“Your expected maximum duration?”

Feng Yu Chen asked.

“At most, 1 minute for a single mecha. If it’s multiple machines the total duration will have to be spread among the number of machines effectively making it 30 seconds max for 2 mechas and 20 secs max for 3 mechas.”

Suzumiya Haruna replied.

Feng Yu Chen nodded and he turned towards Saeko.

‘Nn, good enough. Saeko, Suzumiya Haruna and you will return to class and head to Roppongi immediately afterward. I trust you are familiar with the anime? You are to head to where Ouma Shu will obtain his powers, understand?”

Saeko replied.


Feng Yu Chen continued.

“Alright, this is where it gets critical. Once you get there, I will be using a certain method to replace Ouma Shu, for that brief period of time, you should assume that I am Ouma Shu and that he is me. Keep this in mind as the plan proceeds.

Also, there might be other players who might get in the way and it is Saeko’s job to get rid of some of these intruders. Give no recognition to faction, kill anyone you don’t recognize. The law and order in this world have gone to hell and you can get away with murder as if you’re just killing zombies.

Be careful not to get near where Ouma Shu will be, I will take care of that area. You are also tasked with the disposal of survivors who managed to get away from me.

Due to my interference, there might be some changes to the storyline, Inori might get attacked by Endlaves, this part will be dealt with by Suzumiya Haruna because Saeko’s going to die if she takes a hit from one of those things, her physical prowess notwithstanding.

There should be buildings nearby so Saeko’s going to take Suzumiya Haruna to a secure location nearby and let her shine. Now, if you spot a girl with light pink hair, about the same height as Suzumiya Haruna, wearing attires like she’s going to perform on a stage, that’s Yuzuriha Inori. It is your job to make sure this butterfly-like girl survives the battle. I don’t give a damn if you’re going to have to pilot 2 or 3 mechas, get it done.

That is the overall layout of our plan, what do you girls think?”

Saeko nodded. She asked another question with her cold blue eyes.

“Murder huh? I have killed a lot of zombies but this will be the first time I have to murder someone. If it’s Feng Yu Chen’s enemy, they shall be greeted by the Reaper’s smile.”

“Hmm… I don’t understand it completely but my job is to protect this Yuzuriha Inori girl right? Don’t underestimate me, I watched Guilty Crown as well. I liked her singing voice, she’s a good girl so don’t worry I won’t let her die.”

“Well, the plan is now in motion. Since Suzumiya Haruna doesn’t know how to use a phone, Saeko, you use her phone to maintain contact with me. I am going to proceed with my role, you keep this gun handy in case you need them.”

Feng Yu Chen passed her the gun he bought with 1 YBB, it’s a Beretta 92 Vertec handgun.

Saeko stored the gun away and she replied.

“Go ahead, I will carry out my duty as well. Trust me, I am going to see this plan through.”


He pecked her on the forehead and he whispered into her ear.

“Okay, I am going now. I am leaving my blind spots to you, guard me well.”

“Ah, you guys are being lewd again…”

Suzumiya Haruna grumbled as she covered her eyes with her fingers. She still sneaked a peek through the gaps between her fingers though.


After departing from Tennoz High, he rushed towards Roppongi. The moment he entered Roppongi, he could feel people looking at him. After fighting for about a year in [High School of the Dead] and training with Saeko for a long period of time, he could more or less sense danger.

Feng Yu Chen isn’t dumb enough to camp around the dark alley where Ouma Shu will pass by, someone else had already done that.

Thus, he got up onto an abandoned building and he camped around there waiting for night to arrive. Before that, however, he needs to do a little bit of cleaning up. Namely, wasting the campers around this part of town.

Knight’s SR-25 is Hiirano Kohta’s favorite sniper rifle in [High School of the Dead]. He had some mastery over the gun because of its utility in long-range combat, bullets also traveled faster than his sword.

The sun slowly descended until everything was dyed in a golden hue.

Feng Yu Chen saw through his scope that Ouma is currently running towards Funeral Parlor’s base. From his scope, he could see that his arm is bleeding and he instantly frowned. He should be unharmed if this followed the anime’s storyline. That means…

He started sweating. He miscalculated, the people after Ouma Shu could just aim for him before he arrives, that made his plan of waiting for Ouma Shu to get here obsolete.

Feng Yu Chen recognized that he had simplified his plans too much, there are a lot of uncalculated areas. It’s lucky that Ouma Shu didn’t die yet. The other players probably don’t have any guns or he would be in big trouble.

A slight change had caused his rhythm to go into disorder. He understood that if he didn’t take control, it will spiral out of his control soon enough. What he needs to do right now is to stay calm and adapt. Like Tsutsugami Gai, he needs to change his plans according to the situation.

Feng Yu Chen is not too worried. If the Genome is taken before he got to it he can just snatch it away as Gai did during the later events of Guilty Crown.

Abandoning needless thoughts, he got into action. He exploded the heads of those he saw with his scope, he didn’t even stop to check if those are players. He just kept sniping away at anyone he didn’t recognize. He would rather kill civilians than to let a single player slip him.

He didn’t know when he got so merciless. He didn’t care, this game isn’t a place where altruistic people can survive long. The main characters in the anime or manga he watched could survive perilous scenarios because they have plot armors and the Right makes Might trope working for them. This Infinity game is no playground for this kind of shit. The System had made it clear that it won’t be rainbow and sunshine when it sent the players to a bloody world as their welcoming stage.

When he entered Guilty Crown, System notified everyone that the killing of opposition will result in YBB as the reward. This meant that the System is directly incentivizing players to kill each other.

After clearing out the weeds, he found out that he had killed over ten players. It seems that he had predicted correctly that there are players out there who more or less knew about the storyline. Among the headcounts are 5 GHQ members so he got 500 YBB. It’s a nice addition to his growing war chest.

After eliminating said people, he guessed that there are other players divided into two broad categories: those who aren’t here yet because they are on the way and those who are here but had chose not to appear just yet.


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