Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 48: The fight begins

After easily incapacitating a few male students, he made his way towards the main exit of the school.

“Wait, Feng-senpai, tell me if there’s any misunderstanding, I would be more than willing to help. I don’t think it is in the best interest of a person of your abilities to quit school like this…”

Kuhouin Arisa chased after him and she panted heavily in front of him.

“What’s that? I had a fight with the teacher, beat some students on the way out, getting kicked from school, I believe, is the only reasonable scenario to expect. Alright, Kaichou-sama, you best move away or I won’t go easy on you either.”

Feng Yu Chen frowned.

Kuhouin Arisa spread her arms wide and replied in the negative with a strong tone.

“I can’t watch you walk away like this. Surely, you must be troubled by something, let me help you…”

Feng Yu Chen curled his lips. Ignoring his impression of her in the anime, she is a kind girl with a caring and honest personality. He can’t really shove her out of his way like this but if he went back with her then wouldn’t that get in the way of his plans?


“Call me Arisa, no need to be so formal with me…”

Kuhouin Arisa responded.

Feng Yu Chen rubbed his nose and continued.

“Alright, Arisa, if you must know, I have other more clandestine matters to attend to. Excuse me for excusing myself with this rather crude manner… you’re a lady belonging to the Kuhouin family, I reckon you shouldn’t dig too deeply into this…”

“Then you’re from GHQ…”

“No, not quite GHQ. That’s all you’re getting, I will see you when I see you…”

Patting her shoulder, he walked out.

“Not quite GHQ? What did he mean by that? The rebels?”

Kuhouin Arisa speculated.


After wandering around the outside for a while, he checked his phone and saw that it is already noon so he went back to communicate with Saeko. When he reached the school entrance, he heard something that piqued his interest.

“Did you hear about the attack in ward 24?”

“Yeap, I saw it, now there are a ton of people from GHQ patrolling there…”


So it begins. Feng Yu Chen rubbed his nose, it’s time to kill Ouma Shu. It would be better if he could pull this off without anyone recognizing him. Shu’s motion picture research club is within a sealed off school building. Because it’s dilapidated, no one would go there normally. That’s probably why he made the place his club venue.

Inori hid from GHQ personnel there in the anime. It’s also the place where Shu and Inori first met, that’s the point where Shu’s life would take a drastic change.

He’s trying to figure when is the best time to kill off Shu. If he killed Shu off now, Feng Yu Chen would be able to kill off any pursuing GHQ member but that would mean Inori would arrive safely at the Funeral Parlor’s Roppongi base. Inori would be able to hand the void genome over to Tsutsugami Gai, preventing him from getting his hand on the Void genome that can open the pathway to the Guilty Crown.

If he can’t get the genome and obtain the power of the king, he wouldn’t be able to draw out the void within other people, rendering his character takeover moot.

It’s not the most opportune time to kill Shu. He wants to see with his own eyes this expressionless singing princess known as Yuzuriha Inori but now is not the time. He’s an Infinity Player and as one of the Players, he needs to exploit the rules and the loopholes inherent in this System to gain maximum profit.

He recalled the scenario according to the anime, what is going to happen is that Inori will be taken away by GHQ personnel while Shu watches, powerless to stop it. Shu would head towards Roppongi to meet with Tsutsugami Gai, the young leader of Funeral Parlor. Before Shu had adapted to the series of events, GHQ attacked Roppongi and in a bid to save Inori, he rushed in front of a mecha, accidentally broke the containment unit of Void Genome, he obtained the power of the king in his right arm. He would then draw his first void and start the sequence of events that follow after.

Shu had planned on dealing with Shu when he is hiding in the corner to look for a chance to rescue Inori. He would be able to get the void genome then and rescue Inori at the same time. Officially starting his role as the “protagonist” of the events.

Feng Yu Chen noticed that he had a penchant for coming up with vile schemes. Taking control of everything he would take over the role of the protagonist, save the heroine like a big damn hero with justice and kindness written all over his exterior. He will save the world while spouting values like Justice. This all feels so good, to hide so much juicy darkness under his radiant exterior.

There are about 100 Players here along including Feng Yu Chen. Surely, there are those familiar with the scenarios in Guilty Crown, it would follow then that some of them might have the same idea.

Those poor fellows don’t have the character substitution card. Their plan should revolve around killing Shu after he obtained the power of the king and start another faction to fight both GHQ and Funeral Parlor. Or maybe, they work with GHQ and Funeral Parlor.

Now that he seriously think about it, there are probably more enemies than he had expected. He has to start working on the worst case scenario. If some of the players chose GHQ as their faction, some among them might advise GHQ to increase the personnel sent to the Roppongi purge. A final fight would occur at the very start in this case.

He started feeling that he’s wasting his time. He should be using what little time he has to turn the odds in his favor. The peace before the war is when the players will be mentally preparing themselves as well as making plans to gain the most advantage.

Feng Yu Chen started acting. Slipping past everyone’s sight, he got to Saeko who is currently eating with Suzumiya Haruna.

“Time to start making preparations for the incoming battles, follow me…”

Feng Yu Chen said.


Saeko nodded.

“How about no, I still haven’t touched my lunch…”

Suzumiya Haruna said while she started shoving food into her mouth.

Feng Yu Chen shrugged and dragged her out.

Saeko powerlessly smiled and followed in suit.

Their movements were being noticed, Kuhouin Arisa kept watching Feng Yu Chen. Her reason: curiosity.

Kuhouin Arisa conjectured that Feng Yu Chen might be partners with Saeko and Suzumiya Haruna. She didn’t pursue them because she knew Feng Yu Chen would notice her if she followed.

Kuhouin Arisa didn’t give up though, she believed that this is not the last time she will see him. Even if he doesn’t appear, she only needs to keep watch on Saeko and Suzumiya Haruna to glean some information. She’s a smart girl who is beaming with curiosity, where that gets her… nobody knows.

After leaving the cafeteria, Feng Yu Chen brought the two girls to a quiet corner before they started deciding on the finer points of their plans.

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