Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 45: Watching anime with an anime character

3 days later, in a small villa somewhere in HD city.

Feng Yu Chen, Busujima Saeko, Zi Yue Ling, and Suzumiya Haruna were gathered here.

“Well, boss? Do you find this place to your liking?”

Zi Yue Ling asked. She’s dressed in a suit befitting a businesswoman, she gave off an aura that told people she’s a professional at what she does. She placed the coffee she just brewed in front of Feng Yu Chen & co.

“This is good coffee, as expected, Miss Ling can brew kick-ass coffee, it’s just a bit too hot for me…”

Suzumiya Haruna drank the coffee in a hasty manner only to get a burnt tongue as evidenced by her sticking her little tongue out.

“Seriously, be a bit more careful will you…”

Zi Yue Ling shook her head, this girl is really too simple-minded.


Feng Yu Chen cleared his throat before continuing.

“This accommodation prepared by Zi Yue Ling is really good, I think Saeko and Haruna should stay here from now on. If you girls need anything I can get it for you. It might be a bit restrictive but I hope you girls won’t go out too much. Maybe play a little game or watch some TV, I will be visiting from time to time.

“Boss, do you think I need to quit my job? I have a pretty high position as a perfume executive but I am also good at other stuff so I can pull more than my share of work.”

“No need for that. Just go about your life as usual. Don’t let your family members worry about you. Also, enough with the boss thing, it’s making me feel a sense of distance, we are comrades now so drop the formalities.”

Feng Yu Chen said.

“Okay. Whew, outside the game world you’re much more friendly.”

Zi Yue Ling smiled and said.

Feng Yu Chen rubbed his head and replied.

“Well, maybe I was a bit too invested in the game, I had to keep my cool then. Maa, don’t sweat the details, under normal circumstances, I am just your average student.”

“Normal student, you say?”

Zi Yue Ling laughed and shook her head.

“You’re not average, your father used to be the coach for the national team, that’s already pretty impressive by itself given how he’s still talked about in HB state. Furthermore, you’re the mixed martial art champion for the state as well. From what I heard, you had very high chances of making it into the national team.”

“The national team huh? Maybe I would still think about it if I wasn’t an Infinite Player. Now that I am one of the Players, it would be bad for me to stick out too much. I am not a guy who shies away from a challenge but troublesome stuff will be troublesome…”

Zi Yue Ling nodded.

“You have a point. In about 4 more days we will be entering another world, Feng Yu Chen you got any idea what we might be up against?”

Feng Yu Chen closed his eyes and thought about it for a bit before opening his mouth.

“The worlds which we are likely to encounter shouldn’t be too high in difficulty. Maybe it’s going to be [Guilty Crown], [Shingeki no Kyojin], [Infinite Stratos], [Naturo Shippuden], [Bleach], [Gundam], [Sword Art Online], [Freezing], and etc. I think the most likely suspects would be [Guilty Crown], [Shingeki no Kyojin], [Sword Art Online]. [Naruto Shippuden] would also rank pretty high in probability.

[Highschool of the dead] didn’t have score very high on the aspect of magic in them so the next world probably wouldn’t have it. Thinking about it like this, [Guilty Crown] and [Shingeki no Kyojin] fits the bill. [SAO] is a bit different, it is basically all about games and it extends further on the physical aspect in that the game focuses on willpower, so it’s not just about who has the bigger guns.”

“So… [Guilty Crown], [Shingeki no Kyojin], [SAO], these 3 animes, right? Okay, I will look into them and analyze my findings.”

Zi Yue Ling replied.

Feng Yu Chen nodded in response. He looked at Saeko and Haruna before continuing.

“You two should watch the animes as well. Haruna, you must watch them. As for Saeko, you’re a part of me and although most of the time you will be by my side, I think it would benefit you when you go solo on some operations to at least know a bit about the worlds we are likely going to enter.”

“We done with the talks? Then let’s go and have fun. The amusement park sounds fun, Miss Ling, take me there please…”

Suzumiya Haruna instantly coiled herself around Zi Yue Ling.

“You two stay in the house and do your thing. I am heading out with Haruna to play. We should be back around the night, make sure to make full productive use of your time together…”

Zi Yue Ling winked at Feng Yu Chen and Saeko before she pulled Suzumiya Haruna and walked away.


Feng Yu Chen and Saeko went silent. They are lovers but they hadn’t reached the final base yet.

“Erm… I am going to make dinner now…”

Saeko blushed as she stood up and went for the kitchen.

Feng Yu Chen pulled Saeko into his embrace while whispering into her ears.

“It’s still early. Why are you making dinner now? Don’t worry, I won’t eat you…’

“Hmph…As if I would believe you.”

Saeko, still blushing, leaned against Feng Yu Chen’s chest.

Feng Yu Chen pressed Saeko against the sofa and tidied up her scattered locks of hair before kissing her. Only a fool wouldn’t take advantage of this chance.


Saeko gave up her defense after a brief moment of struggle, she couldn’t suppress the passion in her heart anymore. She placed her two hands on his back.


Zi Yue Ling and Suzumiya Haruna came back at this critical juncture.


Feng Yu Chen looked up at those two with a sullen expression.

Zi Yue Ling awkwardly picked up the pursue on the table.

“Erm, I forgot something. Ahaha… Continue where you left off, we will be leaving now…”

“There you guys go screwing around again. Miss Ling, you can’t do this sort of stuff right?”

Haruna continued in a brazen manner.

Feng Yu Chen and Saeko’s twitched their eyebrows. This girl, she’s looking for a beat down, isn’t she? Can’t she see that they are trying to get a smexy session on…

“Calm down, calm down, we are leaving now. Haruna…”

Zi Yue Ling felt a bit scared, these two were the type who wouldn’t let a kill or two bogs down their conscience. One of them is a bloodthirsty mofo and the other one who longs for battle. How is she supposed to keep her cool when facing these two?

“Don’t do any hanky-spanky stuff before we return, mmkay? I will make sure to buy you guys some ice cream, so be good, ya hear…”

Suzumiya Haruna waved goodbye to Feng Yu Chen and Saeko while mimicking what Zi Yue Ling told her the last time she went out. This girl sure learns fast…

Creak… Clack

The door closed.

“Wanna watch some films?”

Feng Yu Chen said in an awkward manner.

“Okay, oh yes, we can watch some anime. Didn’t you say my world is actually the anime [High school of the Dead]? Let’s watch that…”

Saeko said in an excited manner. She is curious about how she turned out in the anime.

Feng Yu Chen touched his nose before continuing.

“Ahaha, your world already changed when I arrived there. Well, I understand where you are coming from, it would be hella amusing to watch events unfold to yourself in an alternate version of a world.”

“I want you to watch it with me…”

Saeko tugged at Feng Yu Chen’s hand. It seems she wants to forget about being seen by others during their previous failed attempt at initiating a coitus.

So, they sat down in front of the computer and watched [Highschool of the dead] together…

The first episode [Appearance of zombies], the scene featuring, Komuro Takashi, Miyamoto Rei, and Igo Hisashi.

“Ohh, so Komuro and Rei had that kind of promise when they were young. I never would have thought that Rei would go for Hisashi. So basically, Komuro Takashi is the one who barged into their relationship huh… hehe…”


Feng Yu Chen confirmed that Saeko had the attribute of being gossipy. Or rather, girls tend to gossip more.

“Hey, Yu Chen, where are you? Weren’t you showing off to impress me right around here?”

Saeko looked for Feng Yu Chen in the anime but she couldn’t locate him so she felt a bit anxious.


Black lines streamed down Feng Yu Chen’s head before he replied.

“Didn’t I say I am merely a player who got inserted into the world. Of course, I am not in there. And I didn’t show off okay? I was doing my best to put on a show. Okay, you know what? Maybe I was showing off a bit there…”


“Hey isn’t this scene too sexy. I don’t remember us being so loose, why did they think this production was okay?…”

Saeko blushed at the scenes of them being played on the screen, even if this is fanservice it’s a bit of an overkill…

“Granted, this anime targets a primarily mature male audience, of course it has to put in some fan service otherwise it wouldn’t be one of the classics. Hakuna your tatas, don’t throw too much tsukkomi.”

Feng Yu Chen grinned wryly.



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