Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 45: Guilty Crown


“Entering Guilty Crown, please choose a faction to join.”

Funeral Parlor: Killing GHQ affiliated members will result in 1YBB reward, killing a player belonging to GHQ faction will result in 100YBB reward.

GHQ: Killing Funeral Parlor members will result in 1YBB reward, killing a player belonging to Funeral Parlor will result in 100YBB reward.

Neutral: Killing GHQ or Funeral Parlor members will result in 1YBB reward, killing GHQ or Funeral Parlor affiliated players will result in 100YBB reward.

Choose wisely…

In the night 4 days later, Feng Yu Chen received a notification from Infinity System.

It is as Feng Yu Chen predicted, a relatively easy world without magic, Guilty Crown.

Feng Yu Chen chose to join Funeral Parlor, he had a character insertion card. He is going to kill off the main character, Ouma Shu and change the annoying future he will bring about.


User 007 has chosen to join Funeral Parlor.


Initiating transfer, age-adjusted transfer location set at Tennoz High, materializing the characters, implementing language modules, transfer beginning shortly…

In an instant, the scene in front of him became dark and he felt a heavy sense of dizziness and loss of weight. The sensation is very brief and the next thing he knew, the sound of people talking entered his ears.

Feng Yu Chen slowly opened his eyes and he examined his attire. White shirt, black coat, black tie, black pants, and a pair of canvas shoes. All in all, it looked like a pretty simple school uniform, so this is what the system meant by age-adjusted transfer.

A short moment later, a huge torrent of information entered his mind, he was informed of the changes that had occurred to his body and his identity as a year 3 high school student at Tennoz High, his identity was pretty normal.

“Phew… Oh, you’re here. I thought something happened because I lost all sense of control for a moment. Is this the new world?”

Busujima Saeko said while slightly heaving.

Feng Yu Chen looked around and found Busujima Saeko standing next to him with a red coat, red tie, blue short skirt, black stockings paired with a pair of brown shoes. It appears she was assigned a similar identity given her age of 18, that would make them both classmates in this case.

“You’re a Tennoz High year 3 student as well?”

Feng Yu Chen asked her.

“Yes, that is the case. I am also a member of the kendo club apparently.”

Busujima Saeko said.

Feng Yu Chen nodded and continued.

“Let’s continue with the class and then establish contact with Zi Yue Ling and Haruna. I believe Haruna should be studying at this school as well, given her age of 16, she’s probably a year one high school student. I am just a bit worried that she would cause a scene because she hadn’t been to class since forever.”

“Haruna huh?”

Busujima Saeko mumbled and then she laughed.

“Haha, you might be right but that girl is a very cute girl, she probably won’t make enemies so soon. I think she would able to deal with her problems quite easily, no?”

Feng Yu Chen replied in a slightly frustrated manner.

“That girl doesn’t even know how to use System Phone, it’s going to be a pain in the ass looking for her, that silly girl!”

“It’s fine, she will be fine on her own for a bit, let’s get  to class and avoid drawing attention, we need to keep up an average appearance…”

Busujima Saeko said.

Feng Yu Chen nodded and he walked into the school building based on his memory of watching the show and they arrived at the year 3 class they belonged to. Although the class had begun, Feng Yu Chen didn’t pay any attention to the class, he pulled out his phone and shot Zi Yue Ling a quick message.

“Where are you?” – Feng Yu Chen

“Boss, I am in a laboratory of some sort, it seems to belong to some organization known as GHQ? It is led by some old fart named Keido Shuichiro.” – Zi Yue Ling

“You prick, why are you on the opposite side?” – Feng Yu Chen

“Boss, when did you go mainstream and support the heroes? I thought you were purely motivated by benefits and profit? Even if it is the antagonistic side, as long as you make a ton of profit at the end of the day anything goes right?” – Zi Yue Ling

“Haha, true. In a way, that makes us enemies. I haven’t officially entered Funeral Parlor yet but since I already chose to join this faction, you need to watch your ass if you know what I mean…” Feng Yu Chen

“Oh, you. Boss, I thought for sure you were going to join the antagonistic side. Well, not that it matters, it looks like I get to play spy this time around.” – Zi Yue Ling

“You do that. When I need you I will call for you. I think you should be familiar with this anime? It’s quite simple, it’s not a zombie apocalypse this time, it’s a virus apocalypse by the aptly named Apocalypse virus.” – Feng Yu Chen

“Then what is your next move, boss?” – Zi Yue Ling

“Hehe, I am going to keep that a secret for now. I am just going to say, don’t be too surprised the next time yous ee me.” – Feng Yu Chen

“Come now, don’t tease me like that. I really want to know what you’re going to do next. How about this? You tell me what you are going to do and I will let you play with my body in any manner you like although I won’t let you reach fourth base with me.” Zi Yue Ling

“Shit… I know you’re fucking with me but why do I have this urge to go over there and service you until you can’t walk properly?” – Feng Yu Chen

“Hehe, you can try and I won’t stop you. If someone asks me who is the father I am going to say it’s you… snicker.” – Zi Yue Ling

“You little, fine forget about it. Just take care, more than half of the players in Highschool of the Dead died so the System is going to refill the ranks until it hits 100 player count. Among the new players, there are probably going to be annoying individuals, I don’t want to be left screwing other people over by myself.” – Feng Yu Chen

“Hehe, is that a confession that you’re a deviant?” – Zi Yue Ling

“Calm down, I am just telling you to watch out for those with high adaptability, you better stay on your toes, if you get screwed over I won’t let you cry on my shoulder…” – Feng Yu Chen

“Hehe, that is highly unlikely. I am quite capable myself. You’re just too hard to bring down. Oh yeah, look out for Haruna. I sent her a million messages and she hasn’t replied to them yet. Is she naturally air-headed?” – Zi Yue Ling.

“Alright, that will be all for now. You keep doing what you are doing, if there’s any change in plans, I will be contacting you.” – Feng Yu Chen.

“Okay, if you need any intel just ring me up. There are a lot of interesting stuff going on inside this lab, who would ever think that a normal lab researcher would actually be a spy? Hehe… sneaky laugh” – Zi Yue Ling.

“I am so done with you. Go ahead and play your little spy game…” Feng Yu Chen

“Wait where’s my parting kiss? Boss…” Zi Yue Ling

“How about I kiss your sister…” Feng Yu Chen

“I don’t have a sister, but I do have a cousin. She’s a loli though or is it that you’re into that kind of stuff? sneaky laugh.” – Zi Yue Ling

“You, fuck it, I am just going to enjoy the scenery.” – Feng Yu Chen

“So can I take your silence as an affirmation?” – Zi Yue Ling

Feng Yu Chen’s eyebrows jolted as he slid his phone back into his pocket. A few days in the real world and this is how cheeky she becomes. She can even tease him now, guess that’s what being partners entail.

“Student Feng, if you like looking melancholically out the window, why don’t you go down and take in the scenery…”

The teacher is practically fuming at the sight of him not paying attention in class since the start.

“You got it, teach. Oh man, they should give you an award for being so empathetic, I won’t bog down your time anymore. I am going out to enjoy the scenery. Oh jeez, the scenery is so beautiful maybe I should bring a sketching pad with me to sketch it all out…”

Feng Yu Chen stood up as he walked out of the classroom.


The teacher’s neck got red because of how infuriating his words are. The teacher’s finger couldn’t stop shaking as Feng Yu Chen replied.

“Maa, maa, teach, you need to take a chill pill or else you’re gonna get a heart attack…”

Feng Yu Chen said with tongue in cheek.

“You bastard! Get the hell out of my classroom by rolling!”

The teacher finally exploded. How dare this student mock him when he has clearly broken the rules, what an outrageous fellow.

“Oh, rolling is it? Teach, can ya demonstrate to me how to do that? They do say it is better to learn from the master, surely you must know how to do that more than I do. Now let me bask in the glorious sight of you rolling out the classroom. A sight that would no doubt charm any who see it and make people sing praises of it for eons to come.”

Feng Yu Chen winked at the teacher. He had wanted to try this out for a long time now, might as well give it a shot since it’s not the real world. And god damn does he feel good doing this.

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