Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 43: At last, home sweet home.

“We’ve finally returned…”

Feng Yu Chen felt like his trip into <<Highschool of the dead>> is only a transient one. His clothes remained unchanged.

“Is this your world? Not that different from mine. It appears to be of the same technological level as mine, I mean there’s electricity and etc.”

Still a bit busy from the transfer, Saeko rubbed her head while taking in the scenery around her. He supported her while voicing his concern.

“You alright? This is our world and yes it’s almost the same as yours, except there are no zombies around. It’s a relatively peaceful world. But, I still think the world with you in it is the prettiest. No matter which world it is, if you’re there I will like it.”


Saeko blushed, she can’t help being assured and moved by what he said.

“Alright, let’s head back. Oh, but I will have to impose on you a bit though. As you might have guessed, there are no registers containing your information in this world. You don’t exist on census registers and with your looks, it’s safe to say you would stand out in this world.

Rather than saying she would stand out, it would be too much of an understatement. You just look so… out of this world. Your purplish hair is something one would never observe in this world. Unless of course, one was to dye them that way. Your sapphire blue eyes are too unreal. All in all, it would be hard to find someone like you in this world. Your beauty is what we call a 2D beauty materialized in a 3D plane. Your beauty that can only exist in the 2D world is something 3D girls can never compete with.

This might be something you aren’t aware of but you are actually just a character in a fantasy anime. If the other male otakus were to see you they would all go mad. I know it, this is the situation we are in…”

Feng Yu Chen did his best to explain but he isn’t sure just how much Saeko actually understood.

“I see, so you’re saying I can’t show my face? No problem. I will return your line back at you, I won’t feel lonely whenever you’re with me. I am happy as long as you’re there with me.”

Saeko smiled back at him.

Feng Yu Chen, touched, gave her the tightest hug he could muster.

“Nn, it’s okay. I will locate a place for rent and we will live in a world that belongs only to the two of us. However, you’re gonna have to live with me at my house. It’s going to be a slight pain in the ass since my parents don’t know you so you can only come and go from my balcony…”

“Not an issue. It’s an obstacle that can be overcome. Let’s go…”

Saeko linked up her arm with his and they walked onwards together.

Arriving at Feng Yu Chen’s housing unit, Feng Yu Chen and Saeko stopped.

“The good news is that my house is at the second floor, it’s not too high. With your abilities, I imagine it’s very easy to reach my balcony. I will crack open a window and you can climb into my room from the balcony outside my room…”

Feng Yu Chen said.

“Okay, no problem. I will wait for you down here…”

Saeko nodded.

Feng Yu Chen walked into his housing unit and opened the door before entering.

“Mom, I’m home…”

Feng Yu Chen said.

“Nn, welcome home, come and eat…”

A beautiful housewive in apron walked out from the kitchen.

Feng Yu Chen nodded and replied.

“Nn, alright. Mom, I am just gonna put my bag away in my room and then change my attire. What’s are we having today?”

“I’ve fried us up some sweet and sour fish. Your father just got a promotion so we are going to do a little celebration of our own. He went down to buy some drinks…”

Pretty housewife replied.

“Nn, is that so? That’s great…”

Feng Yu Chen returned her mother’s smile. He entered his room and opened up the window to his balcony and waved at Saeko.

Saeko nodded and using footholds around the building, she leaped up and entered the room easily through the balcony.

If other individuals saw it they would probably applaud her skills. Her mastery over her own body is quite impeccable.

Feng Yu Chen can do the same feat albeit with less agility, and he also has to expend a bit more energy compared to Saeko.

“I will rest in your room, you go and eat…”

Saeko said.

Feng Yu Chen nodded and looked rather apologetical.

“I will bring something for you to eat, I am so sorry for this…”

“Think nothing of it, go now…”

Saeko pat his shoulder.

“It’s not like I don’t know what kind of situation we are in.”


Feng Yu Chen nodded and left his room.

♦ ♦ ♦

“Chen chen, how’s your study. The standardized tests are coming, you better study up.”

“Noted, Mom. Don’t worry, I can enroll in tier 2 at least…” (Tl: Universities in China are divided into roughly 4 tiers, at the risk of oversimplification just treat the tiers as first-rate <ivy leagues>, second-rate and so forth. More detail)

Feng Yu Chen grinned.

Feng Yu Chen’s father, Feng Zheng Tian sighed.

“You brat, you should’ve joined the national team and when you finally get to train your mixed martial arts to perfection, a trophy would have been nice no?”

Feng Yu Chen helplessly replied.

“Dad please, MMA is just for fun. Plus, the long-term career isn’t that good looking. After all is said and done, at the most, I would just become a trainer. Plus, it’s too restrictive. I don’t like it. I wouldn’t want to end up like you who had spent a big portion of his life in the national team and…”


Feng Zheng Tian did not like what he is hearing, he slammed his chopsticks on the table before continuing.

“What’s wrong with being in the national team? It’s honor, what do you know of honor. Let’s see you enroll yourself in one of the tier 1 universities and maybe I will let you do what you want. What can you do with a degree from some second-rate universities? The food of the iron bowl if you stayed with the national team would be much more realistic…”

“Calm down, you’re scaring ma boy. Mixed martial arts always gives him bruises and injuries. I can’t bear to see him do stuff like that. I think it would be better if he chose something that entailed less risk…”

Wang Yue Ling appears to be in favor of Feng Yu Chen not joining the national team.

“Haiz, you spoil our son too much…”

Feng Zheng Tian shook his head and continued eating.

Feng Yu Chen grabbed a big bowl of rice, some dishes and said.

“Mom, dad, you guys eat up. I am going to study in my room. First-rate university it is, I am gonna study hard now…”

“Look at what you did, next time don’t talk about the national team and whatnot in front of the kid, you’re just going to scare him away again… I don’t care about stuff like glory, I just want to see my child live a healthy life…”

Wang Yue Ling rolled her eyes at him. And then she dropped her finisher.

“You’re sleeping in the study tonight…”

Feng Zheng Tian was rendered speechless. He turned soft and mewled.

“My darling Ling, let’s not fight okay? You know how cold the study is? Come on now, I promise not to bring up the national team anymore…”

“You never learn do you.”

Wang Yue Ling rolled her eyes again.

“If there’s a next time, I am going to be mad. Seriously, he already got hurt quite a few times before doing that MMA of his. It will probably still be so in the future, I don’t want this for him, it’s better if he picks a normal job instead…”


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