Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 42: Zombie annihilator

1 year later.

Feng Yu Chen stood atop a tall building and he took in the scenery of the city spreading out in front of him.

“Beautiful isn’t it?”

Saeko said while standing beside him.

“Yes, it is. This is what we had been toiling day and night for, our new era, a nation of survivors built in a place where zombies are roaming the earth.”

He stretched his hands and closed his eyes while breathing in the fresh air around him.

Saeko looked fondly at the scenery before her.

“Are we… leaving soon?”

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

“Yes, we are going to depart soon. A new order had been rebuilt and we are now making progress towards peace. Our mission here is done, but we still have more waiting for us so we can’t just stay here forever.”

Saeko nodded before hugging Feng Yu Chen from behind him.

“Well then, take me with you, since we are now an item, I can’t separate from you…”

“Nn, so it’s finally time to go back. The antiserum had already started being spread all over the world. Let Marikawa and Takagi handle that thing. It is high time the world recovered from its horrors.”

Feng Yu Chen said.

About half a year ago, the number of zombies Feng Yu Chen killed finally reached 10,000 and he obtained the title [Zombie Annihilator].

[Zombie Annihilator]: Str +50, 100% damage increase against undead lifeforms, cellular immunity against zombie virus.

His conjecture was correct. [Zombie dominator] only granted his blood immunity against zombie virus, the antibodies only existed within his blood and any cloned antiserum won’t have the correct antibodies. Now that his cells themselves are immune against zombie virus, this meant that his cells themselves had genes that can synthesize the antibodies to achieve the effect of immunity against zombie virus. If they were to be cloned, they would still retain this trait.

With [Zombie Annihilator], he didn’t choose to leave immediately maybe because he’s in love with his position of power. That is correct, Feng Yu Chen’s team had grown from a few to thousands of members. He has dozens of bases at his command, the leader leading them.

Enjoying his position of power for about half a year, he finally decided to leave because he got tired of it all. Will he stay stagnant here in this world? Impossible, he still has so many things to do, how can he let everything end here?

The bell rung signifying the approach of dawn.

Feng Yu Chen, Busujima Saeko, Zi Yue Ling, Suzumiya Haruna and a few dozens other players all sat in a meeting room.

“Good, it is time we return. It might be a bit of a short notice but we should leave soon. You guys might have lovers or comrades but keep in mind that we are not of this world. We have to leave sooner or later. I have a feeling that if we keep staying in this world, System will forcefully evict us and make us return, possibly with punishment waiting for us, worst case scenario, death…”

Zi Yue Ling nodded before continuing.

“Yu Chen is saying this for your own good. We won’t stop anyone from staying here, do as you would like. Today is only a parting meeting. All I want to say is that no matter what identity or status you might have in the outside world. Don’t pick troubles, who here has not killed anyone? At the very least, we should not tell other people that we are Infinity players.”

“Alright, let’s begin. Determine for yourselves whether to stay or leave. Upon arriving in the real world, however, I advise everyone not to do anything stupid. If you did, make sure you won’t drag me down with you. You guys of all people should know what I do to those kinds of people!!”

Feng Yu Chen plainly said so.

Everyone regarded him with respect. They would not mess with this god of slaughter even if one were to beat them to death. He had already killed no less than 20 players. Anyone who crossed him will get exterminated.

Feng Yu Chen then told Zi Yue Ling and Suzumiya Haruna.

“After exiting this world, Zi Yue Ling will receive Haruna into China. She doesn’t have any relatives in Japan anyway so we will be operating as a small group after this.”

“Nn, very well…”

Zi Yue Ling nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, Sister Zi Yue Ling needs to come for me quickly got that…”

Suzumiya Haruna excitedly chirped.

“Good, now let’s leave…”

Feng Yu Chen said.


The door opened, Takashi & co walked into the room.

“Seriously, here I was feeling like something’s off…”

Takagi Saya said.

“We already heard everything. I don’t care what you say we are going to send you away.”

“That’s right, after contributing so much, to leave silently like this, how rude…”

Takashi said.

Minami Rika lit herself a cigar.

“Seriously, with such a stud leaving, I wanted to probe the question of life with you. How about staying a night and let me show you a good time?”

Marikawa Shizuka nudged Minami Rika.

“That’s enough, stop teasing Little Feng. Saeko will suffice in accompanying him…”

“That’s right, when they first met, the two senpais looked really good with each other…”

Miyamoto Rei said.

“Uu, Alice will keep you in mind, Onii-chan…”

Alice wiped away the tears at the corners of her eyes.

“I wish you all the best. I can’t beat Saeko after all. But this is enough, I already something I will protect at all cost…”

Nakaomi Asami walked out from the back with a baby in her hands.


As expected, encounters come but once in an eternity, the eastern wind dissipates leaving a trail of fallen flowers… (Tl 相见时难别亦难, 东风无力百花残 a short extract from a love poem about separation of a male and female, the first verse literally means chances of meeting are very hard to get and the second verse seeks to emphasize the poignant nature of separation)

Separations had never stopped being sad since ancient times…


Feng Yu Chen can only steel himself up and leave.

“Ding, confirming return to the real world, completion of basic mission in <<High School of the Dead>>. As per the reward of the number 1 ranker, please choose a character in <<High School of the Dead>> to exit this world…”

“Busujima Saeko…”

“Confirmed Busujima Saeko as the character to take out of <<High School of the Dead>>. Initiating return to the real world in 1, 2, 3…”

“Ding, System shop has been unlocked. excluding the amount of required zombie headcount, ID 007 had killed 28904 zombies. Given that 100 zombies = 1 Yuan Bao Bi (Tl: hereafter referred to as YBB), 007 has obtained 289 YBB.”

“Second mission begins after 1 week, please take note of this…”

With a dizzying sensation, he appeared in a dark alley with Saeko beside him. This location should be where he had picked up the Iphone5 from before. It’s a path he must through if he wants to go back from school to home. By the way, Feng Yu Chen is a student at HD city First Middle school, he’s not a dormitory student and as such he is a student who stays at his home after school.

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