Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 40: The seduction of the night

The antiserum can only be used once and the sample obtained cannot be replicated or reproduced in large quantities. That’s basically what Tadashi came here to say.

Feng Yu Chen is ruffled by this, it seems the System is restricting his ability. Everything is not as simple as it looks, if they can develop an antiserum that easily on a large scale then <> would lose its meaning. Plus, there’s another title above [Zombie Conqueror], the [Zombie annihilator], this should be the true title to rule them all.

To attain this title would require one to slay 10,000 zombies. Not as easy as it looks, Feng Yu Chen only has 2,000 kills under his belt leaving him with a little under 8,000 to go. This gives him without room to cry over spilt milk.

“What do you guys plan to do about it?”

Feng Yu Chen asked Tadashi.

Tadashi sighed before continuing.

“The people in the upper echelons think it would be best if you accept protection. If you still plan on fighting in that kind of state then the antiserum will only be available to important people to make sure they don’t turn into zombies…”

“That is impossible!”

Saya said.

“Senpai is our leader here, if he leaves then the morale would be affected a lot. Without Senpai’s protection, maybe even…”

Minami Rika nodded.

“All lives are equal. If the actions of the guys upstairs are merely of those who wants to cling on to life in fear of death, then they are already unqualified for their seats.”

Tadashi helplessly nodded before continuing.

“I understand what you guys are trying to say but I am here to negotiate. Recently, in addition to Japan, China, America and other countries knows of Feng Yu Chen’s importance. They are already debating like mad up there, I too the time here to discuss possible alternatives….”

Feng Yu Chen pinched his nose before continuing.

“You guys just want my blood. Every half a month I can provide some of my blood, but it won’t be more than what I require to sustain my bodily functions, surely you guys don’t want to kill the chicken to get the egg right? I don’t think you people would be foolish enough to resort to that kind of move.

That is to say, of the blood I provide every month, China would have to take their share since I am a Chinese and I have to oblige by my country. The rest of the extra blood can be distributed however the forces that be wants it to be. This way you can relax yeah? I only need to provide the blood for you guys to extract the antibodies. You guys don’t need the person specifically.”

Tadashi thought about and then he said.

“Okay, If it’s like this the guys from upstairs will compromise. I really must apologize, no one could have thought something like this could happen where the antiserum cannot be cloned….”

Takagi pushed up her glasses before continuing.

“I think it’s not because it can’t be cloned but because of other reason. Most likely it is because of senpai’s body constitution. His blood contains the antibodies and what you guys have been trying to do is clone his cells and not focusing on the antibodies itself. The reason why it doesn’t work is because I think that senpai’s body will produce the antibodies at intermittent time and after leaving senpai’s body, his blood will not produce the antibodies anymore.”

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

“That should be it, I think that’s most likely the situation. Alright, Mister Miyamoto, you can report back now. In a bit, I am going to get Marikawa the school nurse to take my blood. Come by once every half a month to get the blood, of course your part also has to give something in return, ammunition and guns, some medical supplies and also I want some wireless telephone, you guys should be able to fulfill these demands right?”

“Nn, no problem, we have those stuff. I’ve brought ammunition and guns with me this time just for you guys. If it’s anything that is within our power we would be able to deliver it.”

Tadashi said.

“Nn, well then I am going to get my blood drawn out, you wait here and chat with Rei, she missed you.”

Feng Yu Chen said.

“Alright, sorry for the trouble…”

Tadashi nodded.


After taking the blood and leaving the guns and ammos, Tadashi left their base and the base became peaceful once more. The new guns and ammo should bolster their defensive power.

Because he had blood drawn out of him, Feng Yu Chen didn’t join the night watch and thus he ate early and went to rest.

As the night went on, Asami walked down from her sentry point and switched duties with Rika. It’s her turn to rest now but when she entered the courtyard, her eyes can’t stop peering towards Feng Yu Chen’s room. Because of her increase in competence, Feng Yu Chen became closer with her and she became his right hand man. But she’s still beneath Busujima Saeko in terms of position, she has grown so much, at least she’s not the weak helpless woman from before.

Feng Yu Chen & co(Tl: author error here, he used Wu lin feng 武凌风他们) lived in the best house in the village, critical members all stayed in one place just in case. Asami’s abilities merited her a room to stay at here.

At this point, he wouldn’t reject me right…

Thinking along those lines, Asami came to Feng Yu Chen’s room and lightly opened the door, walked in and shut the door tight. She has made up her mind, she’s going to become his woman tonight…

She undid her lapel. the light reflecting off her silky white skin shined with a butter like gloss.Hersmall hands in front of her chest. This might be frivolous but she can’t stop herself anymore, if she doesn’t take the initiative, Feng Yu Chen would probably not get any closer to her because of Saeko’s existence. Feng Yu Chen would not do anything to destroy the relationship between him and Saeko even if Saeko doesn’t object, just in case she actually has some qualm, Feng Yu Chen would stop himself….

She had patiently waited for this day for so long…

With light steps, she came to his side and a blushing Asami snucked into Feng Yu Chen’s blanket….



Feng Yu Chen has cultivated a habit of high awareness. Even in his sleep he can instantly respond. when he felt someone getting close he instantly got up and pinned the invader to the ground…

But the warmth radiating from inside his hand made him flinch.

Asami… she’s, nude. What is she doing here?

“I want to be your woman, take me?”

Asami entranced, looked feverishly into Feng Yu Chen’s eyes.

“I can’t wait anymore, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about us. I will be very obedient, if you accept me, I will do anything…”


Truth be said, Feng Yu Chen had never tasted a woman before. When he’s with Saeko, he feels like eh should be focusing on building up the feelings, doing those kinds of things too early is not perfect. Asami’s state at the moment has completely made his blood boil….

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