Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 39: The chaos brought by the antiserum

At last, Suzumiya Haruna left the shrine at Feng Yu Chen’s persuasion and joined their group. Her addition to Feng Yu Chen’s force strengthened them even more. Those normal japanese survivors became speechless when they saw Suzumiya Haruna’s ability to command zombies. They even hailed her as the messenger of the gods.

In a troubled world, normal citizens worship and respect those that hold legendary power.

Suzumiya Haruna’s existence also helped Feng Yu Chen a lot. It’s mostly psychological though,  having a miko at his side he feels like his group would be alright and so he attains a sense of peace so that he wouldn’t have weird thoughts and can go about his business.

“Haruna, what was your occupation before?”

Feng Yu Chen started an idle chat with Haruna when they are free.

Haruna said.

“Being a miko, Orphaned since young and then adopted into a shrine in Tokyo, taught characters and miko curriculum by Kagami jii-san. The festival dances are also performed by this one you know? Isn’t that incredible but then after Kagami jii-san died(Tl:镜爷爷), this one stayed at the shrine. One day, this one happened upon a phone, this one can still recognize a phone when she sees one…

And then one got sent here, I think it’s the will of kami-sama telling this one to come subdue the Demons (Zombies) of this world. Yes, that must be it.”

Feng Yu Chen can’t help sighing after hearing Haruna’s sad background. So this lass didn’t go to school and got shut inside a shrine, learning about the rites and ritual of being a Miko. She’s completely ignorant of this mortal world, Feng Yu Chen can’t bring himself to hate this kind of person. On the contrary, he had the urge to hug and cherish her.

“Where did you get the power to command them (Zombies), how did you learn it?”

Feng Yu Chen can’t help asking. this is the part he wants to know the most, if he could unravel the secret of how Suzumiya Haruna can command zombies then it would be very helpful to him.

Her power over the zombies is already encroaching the territory of myths. Her abilities is qualitatively different from Feng Yu Chen & co’s weapons and martial arts. Hypothetically speaking, if Suzumiya Haruna had stronger powers then Feng Yu Chen might not even be able to touch her. He’s not afraid if she used zombies against him but if those zombies were to increase drastically in number then she would not be someone he can deal with easily.

“You mean the power to command the demons? This one doesn’t know, it just happened when one thought about controlling the demons, the demons got controlled. One thinks about it and the demons do it, it’s nothing big isn’t it? All mikos should possess this kind of ability.”

Suzumiya Haruna said.


Her answer rendered him speechless. Think and it shall be done, if only it were that simple then everyone would be able to use it. Also, being a miko shouldn’t bear any weight on her ability to command zombies. Feng Yu Chen & co had been to various shrines and found the mikos inside them had already turned into zombies. Clearly, being a miko or not is irrelevant.

But Feng Yu Chen decided not to continue asking her. Suzumiya Haruna seems like a ditzy loli, she doesn’t have the analytical ability to dig deeper into things.


After one month….

Feng Yu Chen & co built a base in a small village, they used a few days to clear out the zombies and burn them all. Then, they organized and cleaned the farms. And so, they have their temporary base.

Feng Yu Chen’s forces has grown to more than 50 persons, 30 or so are combat personnel and the rest are those unsuited for battle like woman and children.

“Senpai, the data on our members has been gathered and everyone had been given a job based on their abilities.”

Takagi Saya said.

“The fields has also been cleaned although some parts of them had been damaged, but the majority of the land can still be used. Summer will be upon us soon at which point we will have a bunch of yields to collect. Furthermore, there are a few mills and grindstone in the village that can be used after a bit of cleanup…”

Zi Yue Ling said.

“The rooms and food preparation has been completed, everyone had already been registered and are now in their respective dorms. The ration and food are all stored away and are sufficient for the near future….”

Nakaoka Asami said.

“The medical supplies and tools are prepared as well. A minor part of them can be used so we can deal with any sudden outbreak of disease but if it’s a disease requiring surgery then no guarantees can be given on its treatment. However, colds and fever can be treated with our present state of medical supplies…”

Marikawa Shizuka said.

“No sightings of zombies in the eastern front…”

Reported Takashi.

“No sightings of zombies in the western end…”

Reported Minami rika.

“No demons in the northern end…”

Reported Suzumiya Haruna.

“No sightings of zombies in the southern end…”

Reported Hirano Kohta.


One by one they reported to Feng Yu Chen. At the moment, their organization’s abilities are sufficient.

whoop whirl whoop

A helicopter descended from the sky and a grim looking Miyamoto Tadashi walked out from the chopper.

“I’ve finally found you guys, so you guys built a base huh…”

As Tadashi made his way into the village, he found that the village had already been cleared of zombies and everyone is busy with their task and he can’t help exclaiming.

So this is what a place of hope looks like.


Rei rushed over and hugged Tadashi.

“Hmm you have lost weight, but you’re more matured now. Please wait for a bit, I have something to discuss with Feng alright? My sweetie…”

Tadashi patted Rei’s shoulders.

Feng Yu Chen cut straight to the point and said.

“Nn, well let’s discuss indoors, Minami and Saya please come in as well…”


Tadashi followed Feng Yu Chen into his temporary command center.

“Argh, after taking the sample and leaving, I’ve cooperated with the military at Hokkaido and we ran a few experiment, the experiment is a success in that it managed to stop the zombie virus from causing any further syndromes but in the following development of a vaccine, an issue came up. The last result we got was that the blood is a one time usage item. Any cloned vaccine developed using biotech is unusable meaning to say the blood sample you gave us can’t be replicated and can only be used one time….”

Tadashi talked about their situation, he looked upset but it’s not directed at Feng Yu Chen.

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