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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 38: Necromancer girl

Feng Yu Chen & co was sorting out the details of base establishment when Takashi and Hirano emerged from the forest apparently retreating out of it with grave expressions.

“Senpai, there’s a shrine within this forest and there is a miko there using zombies to chase us away. She’s not letting us get close to the shrine, we are out of ideas on how to get her out of there.”

Takashi said while heaving.

Feng Yu Chen is a bit confused as he said.

“Hold on, Takashi listen to what you’re saying, commanding the undead? A miko? Are you for real here or are you just pulling a joke with us? How can anyone command the zombies?”

“It’s real senpai, if you don’t believe me you can ask Kohta…”

Takashi sternly replied.

Feng Yu Chen turned to Hirano Kohta.

Kohta responded in a serious manner as well.

“It might seem a bit outrageous but she’s certainly commanding the zombies. Mikos can be very mysterious at times so she probably has some special power…”

Feng Yu Chen curled his lips.

Fine, be calm. Since something like Infinite System exists, a Miko with sepcial ability shouldn’t be that surprising, I wonder what this zombie commanding girl is like?”

“Very well, we will go to the shrine and look around. If this Miko joined us it would a very fine addition to our combat assets. Minami and the others will stay on lookout, Saeko, Asami, Takashi, Kohta, us five will be going there…”


Everyone nodded.

Feng Yu Chen, led by Takashi slowly made their way to the foot of the mountain where the shrine resides. Japanese shrines tend to be built atop mountains, the more the steps leading to it the more mystical the place is said to be. This particular shrine they are investigating really does have a lot of steps. It’s also surrounded by a lot of trees. the whole place looked very quiet, it certainly does feel like a slightly mysterious place that’s for sure.

When Feng Yu Chen & co climbed up to the shrine they found a girl draped in Miko traditional clothing sitting beneath eaves of the shrine while eating her meal. Around her stood many zombies, these zombies didn’t looked like they had any intention of attacking the Miko.

The miko instantly went into alert mode when she heard them approaching. She panicked and pointed her finger at them.

“You guys best leave, you should all leave now. This place has been overtaken by demons, it’s not somewhere you should approach….”


Feng Yu Chen couldn’t comprehend what the girl is saying. However, Feng Yu Chen is sure that the miko before his eyes is one of the Infinity Players, player 012, Suzumiya Haruna. She’s not hiding her name so Feng Yu Chen could check her identity. As a player that can command zombies, this player is pretty good. If she uses her power in the correct manner, she would be stronger than Feng Yu Chen.

“Hello, my name’s Feng Yu Chen and this here are my friends, Busujima Saeko, Komuro Takashi, Hirano Kohta, Nakaoka Asami. We come bearing no ill intention. I don’t know what you meant by demons but if you’re referring to the zombies as the demons then let me tell you one thing. The world is now filled with these demons and we are the ones fighting them everyday.”

Feng Yu Chen explained.

“The whole world has been overran by demons? How can that be? This one thought it was a punishment from the gods that turned everyone in this shrine into demons and this one’s duty here is to manage them so they don’t go around and cause trouble for everybody…” (Tl: she’s referring to herself in 3rd person)


Feng Yu Chen & co were stupefied.

This girl… she’s overthinking it…

Feng Yu Chen has read quite an amount of anime so he know that Mikos are something of a messenger of the gods that conveys the wills of the gods. Something like a chief priest or prophet. A miko also holds the duty to get rid of calamities. Managing demons is one their duties, think Kikyo of Inuyasha or Hakurei Reimu from Touhou.

Well shit, does this Suzumiya Haruna really thinks she had been given a job by the god to manage these demons (zombies) so they don’t cause calamities? Damn, and she even managed to successfully control them as well. What a pain in the ass setting. Is this girl really an individual of the 21st century? Are you kidding me? Managing demons? You should really wake up here…

It’s not only Feng Yu Chen, the others were throwing retorts as well. This girl is just full of it, if they don’t tsukkomi they will feel upset. The girl before them clearly has transcended normal human’s thought process.

“Ok fine, Miss miko why don’t you come and subdue the demons (zombies) with us by descending the mountain since you obviously have the ability to command demons (zombies). Use those abilities to make the demons fight their own kind, in that way, the world can be saved. The gods probably didn’t want you to idly eat rice here like a fool instead they wanted you to go out and subdue some demons (zombies).”

Feng Yu Chen said in a way that Suzumiya Haruna could understand.

Suzumiya Haruna thought about what he said and passionately nodded before standing up from the tatami mat and clapping her hands together while praying towards the sky.

“Haruna has received your will and will absolutely subdue the demons (zombies) and return the world to a peaceful state!”


You really believed it!!

Feng Yu Chen & co wanted to tsukkomi again. This lass definitely has some screws loose in her head.

“I think I believe our countries Miko legends now…”

Kohta said.

Takashi who looked like he was shocked as well concurred.

“Yeap, I think I believe it as well. I think I’ve met a bona fide Miko-sama…”

Feng Yu Chen told Suzumiya Haruna.

“Miko-san, er, I think you should let the demons (zombies) kill each other first. They won’t stand up anymore after having their brains destroyed, in this manner you will be sending them on their proper way towards reincarnation…”

Feng Yu Chen wanted to see Suzumiya Haruna ability to command the zombies!

Suzumiya Haruna nodded.

“Very well…”

Everyone jaw dropped when Suzumiya Haruna eyes’ turned purple and an intense power erupted from her body.

“Rawr…. hisss … gaaaooo….”

And the zombies killed each other by sticking their sharp claws into each other’s brains..

In a swift moment, some dozens of zombies laid dead on the floor….


Suzumiya Haruna exhaled a a light breath after finishing that. She sat on the ground looking tired before continuing.

“Uu, a bit tiring. As expected, one should eat more stuff for energy….”

Suzumiya Haruna looked like this was but a walk in the park but Feng Yu Chen & co were shocked!! This kind of power is too terrifying, is this something a normal person can do?!!!

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