Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 36: Decision: Stay

Feng Yu Chen has already decided to stay and his team chose to follow him as well.

Assessing the situation, Minami Rika put on her sunglasses before saying,

“Ok, no problem. Officer Miyamoto, please take the bag of blood and make haste over to the JMSDF. That’s the hope of mankind resting in your hands, you better take good care of it.”

Tadashi frowned.

“Isn’t…. this isn’t the best course of action right? I think it’s better we bring the person himself back!”

Feng Yu Chen gave a cold hmph.

“First off, where I go is none of your business. I am a Chinese, I am not a Japanese. You people have no authority to restrict me. Second, I have already donated my blood as sample. Surely you know what to do with it? There should be robust medical facilities located in Kyushu and Hokkaido.

The military has probably started looking into the virus as a research. With my blood, you should be able to come up with a vaccine. Finally, don’t forget that there’s a lot of people the JSDF can’t rescue, we are the last hope to people like them!”

Tadashi nodded helplessly after hearing his explanation.

“Fine, I certainly can’t force you, and since you’re originally a foreigner to begin with, it is not our place to restrict you.”

“Things should be OK like this.”

Rika nodded and then slapped Feng Yu Chen’s shoulder.

“Come help us move some guns. I am staying to fight as well, it’s my duty to protect Tokonosu town and thus I have the obligation to evacuate any and all survivors.”

Feng Yu Chen nodded before waving to Takashi and Kohta.

“Yeah sure. Hirano, Takashi let’s go help out…”

The two dudes nodded and followed after Feng Yu Chen and rika. They came to one helicopter and started moving ammunition and guns. Most likely, this is the last time they will get any new supplies. Obviously, the JSDF will abandon this place after this. By that point, they will have to rely on themselves.

“Truth be said, I am quite impressed by you. You had a choice, with your importance, you could have had anything you want: food, water, women, everything would have been prepared for you. But you chose to stay here and keep the fight going, now you’re going to have a bad time sleeping and eating. My question is: why did you choose this route, compared to freedom, surviving is a much more important objective isn’t it? Why stay?”

Rika questioned him.

Feng Yu Chen passed the gun in his hand over to Takashi before replying.

“You want the truth or do you want to hear the bullshit version.”

“What did you meant by truth and what did you meant by bullshit?”

Rika continued. Because she had the sunglasses on, it’s a bit hard to notice her eyes.

Feng Yu Chen replied.

“The truth is, I like fighting, I think I have a bit of bloodthirstiness in me. I don’t like being restricted. Compared to a safe place, I would rather be out there killing zombies. The bullshit would be that I want to be a messiah and save everyone.”

“Heh, that’s interesting. I think my time here won’t be too lonely, I’ve found myself quite an interesting man. You have attitude, but I like it. You should know something about me, I don’t like wimps…”

Rika said.

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

“My impression of you isn’t bad as well. I can’t express how much distaste I have for serious cops. There might be a little bit of benefit in obeying the law and doing everything by the book. But if one doesn’t venture out there and try something then there can’t possibly be a good future waiting. Humans can continually make advances because they had the spirit of adventure and an indomitable will!”

“Hahaha! Excellent! I like you, you little punk… that spunk of yours!”

Rika slapped his shoulder hard as she laughed. Perhaps this guy right here is the real hope of mankind. It seems not just any dude can be chosen as the savior. A savior is not one who seeks protection from others like a wimp, a true savior is one who can face everything with courage and determination. When everyone backs down, the savior will choose that thorny path no one dares tread. Every road today is made by pioneers who paved the road bit by bit. Since one can’t see the light of a future path, then just build one using one’s own two hands!

Takashi saw Feng Yu Chen and Rika having a blast over there and he decided on something. As expected, he should stay, looks like mom will have to be entrusted to Uncle Miyamoto.

However someone made this decision earlier than him!

Tadashi saw his own daughters resolute expression and reached out to place his hand on her shoulder.

“Have you decided? You won’t regret it even if it’s a hopeless road?”

Miyamoto nodded.

“Nn, I have made up my mind. Even if it’s a dark path, but it is only with them do I find hope, only with them do I know I am living for the sake of another. Sorry, dad, mom…”

“Haha, no problem. Look onwards to your satisfaction. This world belongs to you youngsters for you guys to pave your own paths. As a father, I am very proud of you, I am proud of such a brave daughter. Finish the task you set your eyes on and… no matter what, survive!”

Tadashi said.

“Nn, I will, I will…”

Rei hugged her father as she cried.

“Alright, we should get going. Rei, bring along Takashi the next time you come and see us. I think Takashi’s a pretty great catch. Oh yes, which base have you guys reached…”

Kiriko smirked.

Rei turned red as she looked at her mom, completely at a loss of words. Seriously, can she be any more unsubtle?

At this time, Takashi ran over, panting and sweating he said to Tadashi.

“Uncle, I will be leaving my mom with you. After all, i think staying would be better…”

Tadashi nodded and placed Rei’s small hands in Takashi’s before saying in a serious tone.

“Well then, I will be leaving Rei in your hands. If she gets hurt even just a little, you won’t be able to escape… I will take good care of your mother since we are practically a family now. Hahaha….”

“Oh jeez…”

Takashi blushed. The cat’s out of the bag now, looks like the boy had some feelings for Rei. Plus, they are childhood friends and they promised something back then as well…

“No objection, then that’s a yes. Hehe, we are going now, be loving to each other now ya hear? Give us more surprises next time…”

Kiriko and Tadashi left without turning their head back, but the corner of their eyes were definitely wet.

Tadashi embraced his wife before whispering.

“If you want to cry then cry, but I think they will be very happy….”

“Uu…. wa….”

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