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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 35: Minami Rika

In the following two days, Feng Yu Chen and the others stayed and rested at Third Elementary.

After finding out that Feng Yu Chen has zombie virus antibodies in them, Miyamoto Rei’s father, Tadashi, quickly came and see him. He’s the leader of the survivors here at Third Elementary. Every cop here also listened to his orders.

“Hello, Feng. I heard your blood had properties that made you immune to the zombie virus. This is great, be at ease, the self defense team are making their way over as we speak. We will keep you safe for sure.”

Tadashi then put on a more formal air and continued,

“From now on, we will keep you safe by every means possible…”

Feng Yu Chen saw his looks and understood his status changed into ‘Top priority protection target’, along with this change in status, it also meant that he would lose a lot of freedom and mobility.

“I think Miyamoto-san is misunderstanding something here. I am not as weak as you think. If you want to keep me confined, I might just do something really bat shit crazy.”

He said in a grave tone.

Tadashi hurriedly waved his hands.

“No no no, I think you’re the one with misunderstanding here. It’s not a confinement, it’s not. When I said protection I meant that you will be able to freely move around in the safe areas designated by us. Other than that, you can do whatever the hell you want. Delicious food, clean water, anything you want we will do our best to satisfy you. Because you’re the hope of this world, the only hope…”

Takagi Saya pushed up her glasses before continuing,

“How’s this any different from being locked up? You are trying to control his movement because you’re afraid of losing your so called hope. If it’s like this, I don’t see any freedom to speak of!”

The group led by Feng Yu Chen are now at a stalemate with Tadashi’s faction. Everyone became really silent.

woop woop woop

A sudden sound came from above and everyone looked up. They saw a bunch of helicopters descending from the sky.

“It’s the JMSDF’s helicopters..”

“We’re saved…”

“We’re saved….”

The survivors all came out running and waved their hands.

The choppers descended and JSDF members walked out.

“Who’s the commander here?!”

A smoking hot lady with sunglasses said. She had standard issued special ops uniform (Tl: special cop uniform 特警服), beautiful tanned skin,  rosy red lips as exquisite as they come, no doubt a fine woman.

“I am, my name’s Miyamoto Tadashi, a cop at East police station. I am serving as temporary commander here, I am very thankful for that help has been sent here!”

Miyamoto Tadashi stepped forward and said.

“Nn, arrange the passengers for boarding and make it quick. The hurricane is closing in. We don’t have time to rescue more people. This is the place with the most people in the main city, that’s why a lot of rescue forces have been sent here. Now hurry, there’s only going to be one rescue operation, your duty is to choose who gets to be on board, there are probably going to be some people who are not going to be able to leave…”

The female cop said.

“What! A hurricane at this kind of time? Urgh, fucking hell. However, there is one person who can potentially save the whole world, a messiah if you will. His blood turns out to have antibodies making him immune to zombie virus. It just so happens that one woman who was bit, survived due to drinking his blood!”

Tadashi said.

“Is what you’re saying true?!”

The woman with sunglasses grabbed Tadashi by the collar and questioned him.

“Can you confirm it?”

“That is a given, the female I mentioned is a patrol cop. My wife who applied treatment for her wound can confirm that those wounds are indeed bite wounds from a zombie. This is as reliable an evidence as we can get. Also, as part of the police force, she will not spread lies indiscriminately. So please, you have to make sure he survives!”

Tadashi said in a serious tone.

The female cop (Minami Rika) understood the gravity of the situation and continued,

“Alright, let’s go see this messiah, looks like the advent of a hopeful day is upon us.”

When the female cop made her way over to Feng Yu Chen&co under Tadashi’s guidance, Marikawa Shizuka rushed out from Feng Yu Chen’s side and hugged Minami Rika as she cried out in a happy tone.

“Rika, you’re still alive. I’m so glad. You should know I took your vehicle and some of your guns…”

“Shizuka, you’re still alive. That’s great, never mind the car and guns as long as you’re still alive. Speaking of which, how did you made it here, I was worried about you…”

The female cop removed her sunglasses and smiled as she said that. She never thought she would meet her best friend here.

“Nn, I came here with Little Feng and the others, they are all really good you know…”

Shizuka pointed to Feng Yu Chen.

“Yeah, and this guy is also the messiah I mentioned before…”

Tadashi pushed up his glasses.


Female cop pushed herself out of Marikawa’s hug and walked in front of Feng Yu Chen before shooting him a serious question.

“I’ve heard that your blood has the abilities to neutralize zombie virus?”

Feng Yu Chen examined this gorgeous cop in front of her. Compared to Asami, this woman has more style and looked like she kicked some serious butts. So this is what an outstanding female cop look like. This should be Minami Rika of <<High school of the dead>>, Shizuka’s BFF. Member of the prefectural police first squadron and Special Assault Team (SAT) sniper, Head of patrols and a gunner ranked within this country’s top five.

So, it’s another excellent woman huh?

“Yeah, that’s right. Any problem?”

Feng Yu Chen bluntly said.

So she’s hell bent on taking me away huh?

“Your importance goes without saying, if you can accept our protection that would be for the best…”

Her words didn’t carry much resolve behind them. She could see from hsi eyes that he is not backing down and would be difficult to drag away by force.

“What if I said I’m staying. Your rescue team has their hands tied no and can’t save all these people for sure. I have made up my mind to stay here and save those people.”

Rika nodded before curling her lips.

“That’s fine, forcing people against their will isn’t something I’m good at. Give me a feasible proposal or I can’t help you with your wish.”

Saya stood out.

“The proposal has already been made. What you people want is senpai’s blood, if it’s blood then Senpai has already prepared a bag of it. It should be enough for the government to mass produce antiserum. And, Senpai will stay behind to cover for those that still needs rescuing at the same time giving up his quota so you people can pick just a few more survivors out to safety. 3 gains in 1 shot, how’s that? Acceptable enough?”

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