Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 33: Strengthened resolve

After eating, Feng Yu Chen & co decided to rest up. The necessary sentries has also been set up because nobody knows exactly when zombies might congregate.

The place they are staying at is quite big, big enough that they can all take one room each and there would still be rooms to spare. (Tl: raw used courtyard, but since they clearly aren’t sleeping out there i used place instead)

Feng Yu Chen and Saeko is on sentry duties for the first half of the night. Kiriko also joined the sentry duty on her own volition.

“Come, the roof offers a better view of the area. Plus, now that the stars are out after a rain, tomorrow should be a great day. Well, not that the weather would concern us very much given our predicament.”

Feng Yu Chen said after climbing up on top of the roof and offering his hand to Saeko.

She grabbed his hand and jumped up to the roof.

“What’s the matter? So free you suddenly got into the mood of star gazing?”

Saeko said combing her beautiful hair and sitting by his side.

“It’s not that I have the mood, it’s more towards the fact that while we are embroiled in our circumstances we seem to have forgotten how to appreciate the beautiful night sky. A reasonable mindset given that there’s probably no more beautiful sceneries left, the dust tends to pile up in the heart at times like this you see.”

Saeko nodded.

“Nn, you might be right, I would silently gaze at scenery before but I don’t have that kind of feeling now. It just feels like everything changed so fast and I was only thinking about surviving, thinking about living another day. And so I fought non-stop, well some of it might be unbridled lust for carnage but the peace i once had is gone now.”

“Saeko, if, and emphasis on the if, I managed to save this world, when the time come that I have to leave this world, will you follow me?”

Feng Yu Chen suddenly said this while maintaining eye contact with her.

“You serious?”

Saeko asked like she had some idea where this came from.

Feng Yu Chen affirmed with a nod before continuing.

“Yes, I am serious what did you think I was being, and what’s your answer?”

Saeko beamed.

“We are lovers now, you have to take responsibility you know? Besides, where am I going to find another one who is as compatible with me as you? No matter what you do, I will always follow you. Of course, only if you take responsibility. No matter if we are talking about physical, psychological or spiritual, the moment you step into my life, I knew clearly that I am not alone anymore, so you know…”

“So you guessed that I am going to leave?”

Feng Yu Chen muttered.

“Women are good at understanding what’s going through men’s heart. Exactly because of our love that we understand what our men is thinking about. I knew your setting as the saviour of the world isn’t normal. And that ridiculous speed at which your strength grow, that can’t be explained by any means. Of course an excellent woman will never doubt her man that’s why I am always following, no matter where you go that will not change.”

She said in a serious tone.

He nods while being filled with a sense of gratification. He placed his arm around her shoulders before saying.

“Well then, I guess I can fight without much reserve now. Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere before saving this world. Even if I did, I am definitely taking you with me, this is a man’s promise, a woman can’t reject this ya know.”

“Hehe, that true? Then I am not going to object. As an excellent woman I am very obedient. Ne, it’s getting a bit cold, please hold me tighter…”

Saeko smiled as she said so.


He nodded and put more strength into his arms and lowered his head, inching towards Saeko’s lips…

Saeko closed her eyes slightly with no signs of refusing him as she propped up her chin.


Feng Yu Chen got a taste of that tender scarlet of hers that looks like a jewel. Enjoying the fragrance bit by bit, isn’t that faint fragrance of hers what he is searching for all this time? He might really have fallen head over heels for this woman here.


A sound came from somewhere. Asami held her mouth as she saw the two making out on top of the roof. Now she realized it was all in her head, it’s just a misunderstanding on her part. He likes Saeko the better girl after all. She’s stronger, more beautiful, more graceful that she is and she can’t compete with her in any way at all…

“Wu, somebody’s coming…”

Saeko tried pushing him away with those small hands of hers on top of his chest.

“It’s okay, probably just Takashi or Hiirano out to take a leak, those two aren’t so tactless as to bother us…”

Feng Yu Chen didn’t let go, he got more aggressive and placed his hand upon those soft peak of hers.

“Mhh… ahh..”

Saeko felt waves of stimulation assaulting her. Who is watching her down there? This feels to rushed, seriously this guy need to slow down.

drip drip

The tears started rolling down Asami’s eyes as she squatted down while still covering her mouth. The two don’t even care if she’s right there. Or is it that she wasn’t even inside his heart, and this was all as she thought, just her getting carried away with her own wishful thinking?

Kiriko, a bit further away, shook her head when she saw Asami silently crying. She can see that Asami naturally liked a strong fellow like Feng Yu Chen. The kind of girl Saeko is: strong, high class, cold, graceful. Men would feel invigorated and cheerful at the prospect of conquering such a woman.

Males are attracted to females. But there isn’t many woman that a man can rely on. Clearly Asami isn’t one of them as well since she’s just worlds apart compared to Saeko. The moment Kiriko laid eyes on Saeko, she knew she’s as good as they come, a woman that a man wants to conquer the most.

Should I give up just like this?

Asami wondered, down and out as she made her way back to her room. It’s clear that Feng Yu Chen is there to stay in her mind. The one that stood in front of her, the one that ran like a swift wind while holding her in his arms, the one that won’t abandon her even when she has already given up on herself. As expected, it’s impossible to forget him, yes…

Then she has to work hard, work hard enough to become the woman he loves, strive harder to improve herself towards perfection. It’s funny how brilliant a person can be after setting a goal and committing to it. Right now, Asami has this heart become stronger. Transforming herself into an excellent woman he likes. That’s right, she died once, what’s there to fear?

Nothing. Damn straight, nothing much, she has nothing to lose then why not just fight until the bitter end to become a remarkable woman that can pair up with him. That’s because there’s no surrenders in love!

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