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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 32: The light of hope of a new dawn pt2

“This is our senpai, Feng Yu Chen. And this is Busujima Saeko. Hiirano Kohta, Takakgi Saya and this is the school nurse, Marikawa Shizuka. Alice and Zeke (Author note: Alice’s puppy), this is Miss zi yue ling, all being survivors and comrades we found on the way. Over here is Miss Asami the patrol woman we met accidentally…. everyone, meet my mother, Miyamoto Kiriko.”

Miyamato Rei introduced everyone.


Kiriko ascertained Feng Yu Chen’s identity. It seems he’s the leader of this group that’s probably why Rei introduced him first.

“Alright, we have found Rei’s mother. Let’s find some place where we can rest and eat, we will head to 3rd Elementary school.”

Third elementary? Why are we going there? Is it secured over there?”

Kiriko asked in puzzlement.

Takagi Saya nodded.

“It’s safe, we saw the latest news on J-Alert during our time at East police station. According to it, a rescue team will come to Third Elementary the day after tomorrow to evacuate any survivors there.”

“East Police station, isn’t that where Tadashi (Author note: Miyamoto Tadashi, Miyamoto Rei’s father) is working at? Rei, how’s your father?”

Kiriko said excitedly.

Rei responded to her in a concerned manner.

“Dad left a message directing us to Third Elementary, but what happened to him afterwards is an unknown.”

“Hmm, okay then. I can relax if it’s Tadashi, he’s very good and wouldn’t die under normal circumstances. Even if he did die it would only because he’s saving someone important to him! So relax.”

Kiriko consoled Rei with a hug and smile.

“Here’s the plan, Marikawa sensei, you will lead everyone to over there on the streets, there seems to be some kind of big courtyard over there. Since the zombies around that area isn’t a big deal, Saeko and I will be distracting them because sound of machines will attract them. After that we will circle around rejoin you guys.”

Feng Yu Cheng said.

“Alright, everyone get on the car…”

Marikawa Suzuka urged everyone on board.

“Wait, there’s quite a few neighbours around here, shouldn’t we escape together with them….”

Kiriko said.

He glanced at the gun barrel poking out of the courtyard before saying.

“Forget them, don’t you see them pointing their guns at us? It’s clear they don’t trust us. I think they would like it more if we leave. At a time when their self preservation is driven to an absolute high by the circumstances that now surrounds us,they won’t believe us no matter what we said.”

Kiriko looked at the dark gun barrel pointed at them before she helplessly nodded.

“Fine, they can’t blame us, it’s their fault for being so selfish. I go tthem food and they won’t let me go back inside. Seriously, screw them, let’s go…”

“We need those that truly wants to survive as our comrade, who needs those pansy ass in our team?”

Feng Yu Chensneered and then charged at the zombies as the vanguard.

Saeko nodded with grim eyes and then she followed in Feng Yu Chen’s step. One on the left and one on the right, the enemies never stood a chance and the zombies got annihilated.


Kiriko remarked when she saw the two’s performance. No wonder they made it this far, with these two powerhouses it would be understandable.

“Get on the vehicle, with the senpai-s here there’s nothing to fear!”

Rei chirped full of hope.

“Nothing to fear? What do you mean by that?”

Kiriko frowned.

“Because senpai is the world saviour! You know why’s that, mother? We discovered that senpai’s blood is immune to zombie virus. In other words, his blood contains within them the antibodies to the virus. Asami got bit and accidentally drank some of senpai’s blood. The result was that the virus got eliminated. It has been a few hours already and everything’s still fine.”

Rei excitedly told her.

The others also had hope filled expression on their face as well.

“Impossible! Is that really true??”

Kiriko understood the implication of this matter. If it’s like this then the virus can be dealt with!

“It’s true…”

Takashi & co said at the same time.

Kiriko got animated but a concern immediately came up.

“Then wouldn’t that make him very important, why is he fighting on the front line, what if something happens to him and…. wouldn’t that be the end of hope?”

“Don’t worry mom, the two of them are very strong. On the way here, senpai has slain quite a number of the zombies. Furthermore, we have complete trust in their abilities!”

Rei confidently said.

Feng Yu Chen is like an omnipotent one to Rei and the others.

“Well, I’m at ease then. There really is such a thing as a messiah. I thought this world is at a point of despair, who would have thought that hope would show itself in front of me.”

Kiriko sighed.

“There’s a reason to keep on fighting now, no more worries, just need to keep fighting and rescuing.”

Takashi nodded.

Opportunity is when preparedness meets chance. Such a phrase floated up Zi Yue Ling’s mind. It seems her attitude before were too weak, thinking only of escaping this world whereas Feng Yu Chen focused more on how to live as he please in this world. That is the difference between them. Is that the reason why he is the zombie ruler, the ruler in this world of zombies?

She reckons that after fulfilling the basic requirement of killing 100 zombies, she might as well opt to stay in this world and at least get the zombie hunter title. Since she is already swept up in this game then there’s nothing much she can do to avoid incidents like this, the only thing she could do now is play the game with all she has.


Feng Yu Chen and Saeko lured the zombie mob, circled around and came to their agreed place.

“Hurry and enter, the food has been prepared….”

Zi Yue Ling tossed over two pairs of slippers for the two.

“It seems the owner of this place is of a decent status. Everything around here is quite fancy. After dealing with some zombies this place should be safe for the time being, it seems we will have a good rest tonight at long last.”

Feng Yu Chen nodded and came to the living room. Seeing as everyone hasn’t moved their chopsticks, he reckoned it’s because they were waiting for the two of them. Quickly he sat on cushion and urged everyone on.

“Let’s eat, isn’t this meal made from lighted fire?”

“Nn, we can only do that. There was no electricity but there were some food stored away so I lit some fire and made some dishes. At least it’s much better than eating jerkies.”

Zi Yue Ling said.

“Miss Zi Yue Ling is pretty good with cooking isn’t she, it’s very fragrant…”

Kiriko clapped her hands together as she praised her.

“I’m digging in…”

“Alice will be digging in as well…”

Takashi and the others expressed their gratitude as well. Moving his chopsticks, he recalled seeing these kind of scenes often in animes, the expression of “itadakimasu” before eating a meal…

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