Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 30: Fragrant wrap

Asami hurriedly gave Feng Yu Chen support when she saw him falling down.

“You lost too much blood, if we don’t stop it now you might die.”

He nodded before continuing.

“The houses to either side of us should have emergency first aid kits in them let’s go search them. If you fire your arms then it’s going to attract more zombies.”

Asami worryingly replied.

“But your body is in a weakened state, can you fight the zombies in that kind of state? Let me help, I might have no experience using swords but if it’s for your sake I think I can become even stronger!”

Feng Yu Chen shook his head while drawing back a corner of his mouth.

“The wound is on my left arm and I’m only using my right arm. If I avoid using my left arm then it would be fine. Plus, if you’re bitten by a zombie I would have to cut myself and use the blood to save you. It would be troubling so just stay behind me, isn’t it usually times like these that woman have to rely on the man for protection?”

“You are really so…, I’m just worried about you that’s all…”

Asami pouted but she’s feeling pretty sweet inside. So this is what it feels like to be in love?

“Alright, when we enter, I will kill the zombies and you are in charge of finding the first aid kit…”

Without another word, he steeled up and pushed open the main door of a residential home. He cut down two  rushing zombies with the sword in his right arm before entering the room. He proceeded to slay more zombies, mixed among them is some old people, children and woman. Seems like the whole family turned.

“I found it, come quickly I’ve found it…”

Asami found one first aid kit in the bedside cabinet of one bedroom. Every item needed to apply emergency treatment is in there.

Nodding, he clenched his teeth and lied down on the bed. Seriously, he lost too much blood and strength as a result of blood loss, add to that another battle, it’s not bad that he can hold on till now.


Asami too out some alcohol and disinefected the wound on his arm while wiping away the blood around it and then she took some hemostatics and applied it to the wound….


He inhaled deeply. Holy crap did it hurt now, he forgot about the pain when he was too busy thinking about the blood experiment.

“Sorry, sorry, my hands are too rough, other people could do it in a gentler manner…”

Asami deprecated herself when she saw him frowning. She lightened her strength and after she’s done with the medicines, she wrapped his wound with bandages.

Eventually, she bandaged up his wounds.

“Hey, you are not very self aware are you?”

He said as he looked at the Asami who’s lying on top of him and then looking at the blood on her shoulder. He take it that even though the zombie virus has bee neutralized the bite wound is still there and it has been bleeding non stop. This girl clearly isn’t aware of this since she’s too focused on him.

He’s feeling a bit conflicted now. He isn’t particularly into Asami type of girls and he used some Academy awards level of acting skills to make her become his test subject. But now the person in question is honestly worrying more about his well being than her own, at this point how can any guy not be moved?

“Lie your ass down, i am going to patch you up. Seriously, can’t you look out more for youself? Silly woman!”

He said in an agitated manner, but hidden within those agitation was some trace of worry. Not faked, those were real, he’s genuinely concerned about Asami.

A girl that would put herself on the line, how can one hate her?

“I am just worried about you and you have the bigger wound so it would be better to apply treatment to you first…”

She poked her index fingers together while muttering so. She felt a bit happy about the worry and care he has shown behind that angry facade of his.

Just when he is about to bandage her, he noticed a very awkward matter. The wound is on her shoulder so if he wants to bandage it up then she would have to remove her clothing, her outer coat and her inner shirt would have to go otherwise he can’t bandage her…

Asami knew what’s going on when she saw his awkward appearance. She blushed and continued.

“It’s alright, if it’s you, you can do anything. I don’t hate you or anything.”


He gulped. Crap, she have her heart because of that theatrics just now. Fine, he didn’t know it would turn out like that but come to think of it, it makes sense. A male giving his all must be really moving for a vast majority of girls, it would follow that there’s a chance for this kind of things to happen.

“Hurry up, if you don’t patch me up I might die…”

Asami pulled his hand over to her soft chest before purring.

“I don’t have strength in my body at the moment so you will have to help me strip down. Don’t worry, I mean it when I say I don’t hate you. Actually I… I like you! If it’s a matter between lovers then it will be okay!”

Sweat flowed out and down his head as he opened her jacket with his trembling hands. He saw a white shirt underneath and what appears to be a pink brassiere underneath the shirt. He didn’t notice it before but her breasts are quite something…

He felt something hot boiling but he’s not the type of lowly male who would bone any chick he sees. At least bandage her up and then proceed from there.

“If you will excuse me…”

Feng Yu Chen bit his lip and then unbuttoned her shirt. That soft pinkish skin and that  satiny lumps of fair destruction appeared while jiggling.

flushed red she also felt soft at his knees when he took in that countenance of his. His face only became more and more attractive. Despite the misunderstanding before, she knows he’s a good guy at heart and a very reliable man. Her heart started going pitter patter, how wonderful…

“Hey, stop looking at me for god sake, I can’t muster the mental strength to clean your wound at this rate…”

He threw her the whites of his eye when he saw her baing all bashful in front of him. He almost dropped the alcohol soaked cotton in his hand as a result of her actions.

“Nn, understood…”

She turned her head away after nodding with a blushing face. Her tiny hand still kept its clutch on his sleeves, it feels very safe doing so. If he’s here then there’s nothing she needs to be afraid of.

Without her constant gaze, he could finally get to work after calming down. He dressed her wound up. However, constantly touching that soft skin of hers and feeling the mellowness of it made him stir inside. What a fragrant wrap this is…


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