Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 28: Blood test (pt1)

The second morning, Feng Yu Chen& co woke up early. The reason being a big group of zombie has gathered.

“Alright, time to move out, gang. It will still be Saeko and me as the vanguards, Takashi and Miyamoto as the guards and Hirano as the spotter. The others will quickly enter the humvee and the closest place would be Main eastern bureau’s police department right? Head there, I think Miyamoto Rei’s father should be there right?” (Tl: chuang主东署的警局 in the raws, not sure how to translate the first character as it is only the phonetics/pin yin.)


Everyone nodded and made their preparations. They don’t want to stay here any longer even if just one more night since the danger Takashi and Rei’s parents will face might increase even more.

“Then… then I will help you guys leave the area, that’s the most I can do. I still many people in the supermarket needing my protection…”

Asami stood out while biting her lips.

“Nn, well thanks for that. Actually…”

Feng Yu Chen smiled and nodded. He wanted to say staying here will not help but he fears it will only fall on her deaf ears.

And so, Feng Yu Chen and Saeko rushed up to the zombies blocking the supermarket’s entrance and made short work of them, clearing a path for Takashi and the others.

“Ah… senpai… you!!! You turned into one of them? Just how?”

She screamed in horror when she saw a zombie wobbling over. The zombie wore the same uniform as Asami…

In an instant, Asami’s beliefs started falling apart. Even senpai has failed, how can she do anything?

The appearance of this zombie also made the situation inside the supermarket stir…

“Isn’t that.. the female cop that made a solemn vow to come back with a rescue team, what the hell?”

“There is no more hope of getting rescued now…”

“Time to run…”

“Are we going to die?”

“Screw this, why not just fight like those students…”

“Impossible, those zombies aren’t opponents we can handle…”


The supermarket fell into chaos. Some wanted to stay inside and wait for their deaths while some wanted to go out and fight those walkers. Some wanted to suicide and jump off the building. Anyway, the peace before is all but lost now, the noise within the supermarket only served to draw in more zombies.

“What should I do/”

Asami at a lossof what to do, fell down to the floor after losing strength in her body as she stared at the ground with wide eyes…

“Alright, everyone, hop on, time to go…”

Shizuka has already started the humvee and shouted to Feng Yu Chen & co to get on.


Everyone headed towards the humvee but Feng Yu Chen didn’t come running over. He is blocking other zombies from making their way towards Asami and slaying any that approached her.


Takashi and other don’t know what to make of this situation. A lot of zombies has already gathered near the vicinity if they don’t leave now they may never leave.

“You guys go first. As expected, I can’t just let this girl die. We will rendezvous at the police department. Don’t worry, I am an immortal roach!”

He gave a thumbs up to them after chopping down two zombies.


Saeko and the gang went silent for a bit before nodding. They can only believe in his words.


“Why… why save me, you don’t want to save people is it not? You’re cold blood aren’t you? Abandoning others to save your own hide? Weren’t you rational?”

Asami can’t make head or tails of this great figure protecting her from the front.

“Hehe, don’t think too bad of me, if I just watch a beatiful girl die in front of me, the impact is not something I would enjoy…”

He turned around with a grin before continuing.

“Alright, we are moving out, follow closely in my steps, if you get bit, I will kill you…”

It’s not a change of heart that he wanted to save her. It’s because he wants to test the power of his blood and validate its ability to neutralize zombie virus. Soon, he will let Asami “accidentally” get bitten and then “by chance” he will let her drink his blood to see if it works.

And then they would “surprisingly” find the blood being able to neutralize zombie virus. In this manner, when they tell Takashi and the others, he will become the “messiah’ and everything will be under his control…

He’s in this to complete the mission of <<High school of the dead>>, everything is done base on this sole objective. He’s a rational man, he will never have anything like hot blooded sense of justice!


Asami felt moved looking at the shadow of his great figure. The man before her took on a drastic change, she feels like this person’s back is warm and safe.

“Alright, we’re leaving, make sure not to fall behind, I don’t have any time to spare in protecting you when I’m busy fighting…”

He said while extending one hand to lift Asami up.


She nodded. In an instant, she obtained the courage to live on, the warmth emitting from his hand and his firm hold on her small hands made her feel very secured.

“The battle has just begun!”

He let go of her hands and charged away, turning into a cold blade that cuts down the zombie flock that gathers.

Soon, Feng Yu Chen and Asami got away frrom the supermarket and headed towards the police department. On the way, a wild zombie appeared and its target is Asami!

His eyes brightened and he pretended not see the zombie which led to Asami being tackled by said zombie.



A crisp sound fell and along with it a shriek. Asami has been bitten…

“Son of a bitch!!!”

Feng Yu Chen put on a mad front and kicked the zombie away and chopped it in half. He hugged Asami while sobbing.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, It was all because i wasn’t paying attention…”

Asami turned her head to look at him. She grinned before continuing.

“It’s fine… it’s fine. That’s enough. I must say, this is the first time any guy has ever protected me like this. Being with you gives me such a secured feeling, our short acquaintance has been a most blissful one, I’m satisfied with this. You have done well. Ne, can I ask you to finish me off? I don’t want to turn into one of them. As expected, i was a liability dragging you down, very sorry for that. Ne, please kill me and reunite with your comrades…”


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