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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 27: Justice & wisdom

After cleaning up the zombies, Feng Yu Chen and Takashi entered the supermarket. Nobody dared to speak, the battle just now showed them what might makes right means.

“The food here is for everybody, you guys can’t take it as you like!”

The female cop angrily said while blocking Saeko and obstructing her ration collection effort.

Feng Yu Chen turned and walked towards her.

“Miss cop, this is a big supermarket and there are plenty of food to go around, why can’t you let me take just a bit? Plus these food would degrade and become inedible since there are no electricity to support freezer storage. So you’re telling me you won’t let us have them even if they are rotten, what a vicious heart you have!”

“No.. It’s no-, it’s not like that, it’s just that everybody is waiting for help here and the food can only be distributed in appropriate portions, why not you guys stay here for a few days, very soon… very soon help would be here for us.”

Flustered female cop waved her hands in denial as she said so.

“Very soon? How soon is this “help” going to arrive? 1 day? 2 day? 1 week? 2 week? You want us to wait for death here along with you people?”

He sneered and then pointed towards the outside of the supermarket.

“The outside world has become abnormal and soon a ton of zombies will congregate here, at that point even if one wanted to eescape it would be impossible, we simply have no time here to play wait-for-rescue-from-the-cops game with you!”

“How can that be, senpai will definitely bring a rescue squad to save us, have faith, senpai is very capable, her capabilities as a cop is better than me.”

The female cop earnestly said.

Feng Yu Chen shook his head before continuing.

“Even so, we won’t wait for any help, this world is turning apocalyptic, if one wants to live then it must be through one’s own endeavor, I admit this is blunt but a fact is a fact.”

Feng Yu Chen has some idea who this female cop is, she’s one of the characters inside High school of the dead manga. She didn’t make an appearance during the anime because the anime got censored. And because of that there wasn’t even a second season of the anime wasn’t shown. And the author decided to just retcon her out of existence.

The female cops’ name is Nakaoka Asami. Her sense of justice is very high and she doesn’t judge the hour and size up the situation. She’s a bit weak herself and seems to have died inside the manga. When the author wrote her out of story, he stopped with the manga soon afterwards. Even the author didn’t like this character and decided it was best for everyone if she reincarnated.

But who cares about all that stuff, Feng Yu Chen has no intention to keep playing cops with this female cop.

“Miss female cop! Someone has fallen over there, it’s an old man…”

Some dude sprint to her.

“Where is the guy, bring me to him…”

And off she went.

“I will go take a look as well since I’m a school nurse…” (Tl: raw used doctor/ physician but if I’m not wrong physician and school nurse have different educational backgrounds and can’t be lumped together)

And off Marikawa Shizuka went as well.


A bit later, Shizuka ran over and reported her findings.

“To save the old man, the serum at the nearest clinic must be obtained…”

“I will go.”

Takashi didn’t even wait for her to finish and declared his intention. What a hot blooded guy.

“I will go as well…”

Hirano Kohta said.

And then young man with glasses approached before continuing.

“I am going as well. I need to get stronger and this will be my first step. It’s now or never.”

In an instant, the serum retrieving party has been formed. It is consisted of Asami (female cop), Takashi, Kohta and glasses dude.

Feng Yu Chen isn’t going. He isn’t in the mood to do anything of the sort, now’s not the time to be acting like a saint. Plus, he’s not in the mood to help an old man from little Japan. (Tl: i wish chinese authors especially those amateurs to keep their racial sentiments or political sentiments to themselves. See, the thing about this kind of negative bias towards japanese goes back to what happened during previous wars China had with Japan. It didn’t help that Japan never fully apologized for the atrocities they did, even going as far as to set up shrines for war heroes. Of course what is hero, when there’s two sides to a war.)

“You people go ahead, I will just take a rest here. It has been a tiring trip and I need some rest.”

Feng Yu Chen waved his hands while saying so.

Takashi nodded before continuing.

“Very well, Senpai can rest at ease and leave it to us, we also need to learn to become a man who can take charge.”

“Hehe, with my support fires, there won’t be any problem…”

Kohta said.


And so time passed for a bit before Takashi & co returned. The look on their face isn’t that good, and a quick look over their party would reveal that the glass man is now missing from their ranks.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t find the serum?”

Shizuka said in a panicked way.

“The old man can’t hold on much longer…”

“We have it, here Marikawa sensei, take it to the old man…”

Takashi said with a forced smile as he passed the serum over to Shizuka.

Shizuka didn’t pick up the weird behaviour Takashi & co are exhibiting and quickly hurried away with the serum.

“What’s the matter? The glasses guy isn’t coming back? Could he be lost?”

Feng Yu Chen grinned. He could more or less guess what happened to the glasses guy.

“He…. he… got bit by zombies…”

Takashi tried to avoid meetin ghis eyes when he said this.

With a cold hmph he turned to Asami.

“This is what you wanted, to save the life of an old man, but look what happened, a young man got done in. This isn’t the peaceful world you still hold inside your mind. Glasses guy for old man, and soon one of would die to save another person, but even so will you people still toughen up and save people? You overestimate yourselves, your powers aren’t enough to save everyone!!”

“You! How can you say something like that, can you really watch an old man die like that? You’re too cold blooded!”

Asami screamed at Feng Yu Chen with much displeasure.

“Hehe, be that as it may, this world is the one making people cold and unfeeling, the kind ones will all die. You tell me, is there any point for their kindness? Even after this event, you still won’t question whether or not your actions are correct? Sure, a sense of justice is still needed, but being just and stupid will only bring death. There is a choice between survival and justice, choose between the two and not both, die for justice or live for your own sake?”

Feng Yu Chen said in a cold manner.

“But… didn’t senpai save Alice, and fought against the zombies… why now do you…”

Takashi can’t grapple with what he is trying to say.

When Feng Yu Chen heard him, he pointed at his head with a finger.

“That decision was made after the exit strategies are laid out. My point is that justice isn’t a fancy word you throw around and shove down other people’s throat. It is an afterthought after wisdom, it is thinking what would be for the greater good. Relying on sheer luck to make it through? I bet the glasses dude died because you people were too reckless right?” (Tl: says the guy charging into zombie crowd multiple times with little to no protection prior to obtaining resistance to virus)

“It’s true that we got surrounded by zombies because we neglected to consider out exit paths…”

Kohta whimpered.

“Reflect on that, it might be glorious to have an intrepid sense of justice but without the aid of wisdom, this justice will die later down the road…”

“Well, if you’re that mature why didn’t you come with?”

Asami said with red eyes.

“Go together with you people? Are you pushing the blame onto me? Don’t you cops consider entries and exit paths before operations? Is your brain full of nothing but glue? How did you become a cop?”

Feng Yu Chen mocked her.


Asami at a loss for words, her face flushed red in shame and frustration.

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