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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 26: Supermarket supply station

With the [Zombie ruler] title, Feng Yu Chen could finally relax a bit as the threat of the zombies are now significantly lesser.

He is throwing around an idea in his head. With the Z virus antibodies, he could make an organization with him at the center. That’s right, in a world filled with chaos without any peace or national organization, how big your fists are, matters. The strong will rule.

With his immense power and now the antibodies to that can resist the virus, he towers over everyone in this world.

If that is so then wouldn’t it be dandy to build a kingdom all his own then? At least then it would be more satisfying after he leaves this place.

Along the way, Feng Yu Chen & co gathered some ammos and guns from the police stations they came upon. Soon, they reached a supermarket. They stopped because they discovered that they are still humans here, a group actually, with survivors young and old.

There’s even a lady cop, although she doesn’t look very reliable.

When they saw the humvee, the survivors came out.

The policewoman hollered with her hands in the air.

“Are you guys the rescue team requested by my superior? Great, now everyone is saved…”

Feng Yu Chen & co didn’t answer her as they jumped out of the humvee.

“Sorry, we are not the rescue team, we are also survivors just like you.”

He coldly said.

“How can that be? Then where did you guys get that military H1 Humvee and where did you guys get the guns? Who are you people!”

The policewoman is starting to get anxious as she pointed out the inconsistencies. Sweat drops are forming on her head as she looked at them in high tension.

“Aa… these are stuff I ur, borrowed from a friend of mine, she’s a cop as well. Honestly though we are just borrowing it…” (Shizuka)

“This won’t do, you guys are not authorized to use these firearms, as the Tokonosu Hiagnoshi Police station’s traffic department police, I am ordering you to hand over the weapons, students aren’t allowed to carry around something like this in their hands…”

Feng Yu Chen walked over to her with an unperturbed stride.

“You… what are you planning, don’t do anything rash or I will open fire!”

Policewoman took out her handgun and pointed it at him albeit shaking like a lamb.

“Oh, when are police able to utilize hostile force against civilians?”

He smirked. Arriving at her side, he patted her shoulder.

“Your posture is too stiff, and what are you afraid of anyway? Looking the way you are right now, you aren’t intimidating in the slightest, say, you are a cadet aren’t you?”


The policewoman backpedaled being a bit frightened.

“Forget about it, we will put our weapons away. We are just here to stock up on some food and clothes as well as other sundries, we won’t be bothering you or anything.”

“Senpai, there are Zs nearby, should we do some cleanup?”

Takashi pointed at their surrounding.

When Feng Yu Chen uttered zombies, everybody knew what it meant.

“Nn, Marikawa sensei, Saeko, Zhi Yue, miyamoto, alice, you girls head inside and rest, Takashi and I will be on Z extermination duty, Kohta keep an eye on the surrounding area to see if there are any visible traits.”

He gave out the orders.


Everyone nodded. As the temporary leader of this small group and after so many battles, everyone can work together and are disciplined to an extent much like an organized combat force.

“You guys better not go… those Zs are pretty strong, a lot of people died…”

The policewoman, still not convinced that students like them could fight against the Zs advised them against the idea that only the army could deal with.

That sure as hell didn’t last long though. Her jaw dropped when she saw what happened next. The people inside the supermarket also can’t believe what they’re seeing.

Takashi and Feng Yu Chen decimated the Zs withhaste, no fear or hesitation.

He threw the Xuan Yang sword and popped a bunch of Z heads. He then did a backflip and sent a zombie flying away as he deftly landed before pickup his sword and continuing his massacre.

Takashi is also being pretty rigorous as well. Much like Feng Yu Chen before, he can’t seem to grasp the concept of using just enough force and keep over killing. This is despite the interim training he and Rei received from Saeko. His stamina is simply astounding, even after prolonged combat he’s still so lively, is this perhaps the bug attribute characteristic of main characters in animes?

The survivors of the mall can’t deal with their fight. The hell is this? Humans killing zombies? Isn’t that the other way around? It used to be that, zombies chase down humans but how did it become like this…

“As expected, one needs to fight for the chance to live not wait for some help to arrive. Look at these students, they clearly understand how things work now. If you want to live, then fight, fight with the resolve to die and seize that chance!”

A young male survivor said while pushing up the bridge of his glasses.

“That’s impossible! How can we beat them, the policewoman said so, her superior will go and get help, so help will be coming really soon!”

A female said while backing away. Fighting with the zombies? what absurdity, can’t the government protect the civilians?

“That’s right, the police and the JSDF will be here to clean up the Zs, as long as we wait patiently then we will soon be getting out of here….”

“Nn, there is a rescue team, we are definitely going to be saved, the supermarket has a lot of food so we can play the waiting game…”

“Just need to make sure the door stays closed to stop those Zs from coming in.”


And on and on the survivors taking refuge in the supermarket went, quite clearly they aren’t going to give them a helping hand in this fight. They wanted to keep praying and hoping that a rescue team would come and escort them away from here.

The young male with glasses snorted at them. Bunch of delirious fools, in this chaotic world, just waiting for help and not fighting isn’t going to work. They can’t survive in the long term, because even if they did get saved they would only be dead weight to their group or they would get bit by zombies and then die.

This world went to hell the moment zombies started treading the earth. Fuck peace, everyone fights for their piece of the pie to live!!

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