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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 25: Zombie ruler title

When Feng Yu Chen & co came out of the estate on their humvee they immediately encountered zombies. Shizuka suggested they run over their undead asses but he put a stop to her.

“No, there’s not many zombies here we can deal with them easy, on the other hand our humvee is our only transportation if we lose this then it would be very disadvantageous to us, even more so when this car is amphibious.”

“Certainly if we keep ramming the undead with our vehicle then sooner or later the car will fall into disrepair and unoperational. EMP event pretty much wiped out all alternative transportation candidates, as it is now we only have this vehicle at our disposal. It’s value to us is very significant to say the least!”

Zi Yue Ling supported him.

Saya pushed her glasses while frowning.

“Do recall that we don’t have much ammo on hand, battles after battle we fight the ammo cost has accumulated, we have resupplied at the estate but do you really expect this stash to last?”

Feng Yu Chen and Saya exchanged stare before he calmly pointed out.

“Conserve ammo during zombie dispatch, Saeko and I don’t really need much artillery support. If the zombies are little in number then we will deal with them by CQC, even if in the case that long range support is needed we would only need to run over the fuckers.

Also if there’s a police station, we can resupply there, basically there’s not much room for analysis paralysis. We will run out of ammo and food supplies, that’s a certainty. Now we just need to worry about whether or not the rescue team would arrive, if not then I guess we just have to make ends meet by ourselves.”

Worst case scenario, if and this is only an if, we can’t find their relatives at Rei and Takashi’s residence and no help is coming for us then we can only establish a base and bunker down while foraging for food and water, praying that other parties will come and rescue us.”

Takashi nodded.

“Say no more, we understand it very well too. Also, you and Saeko don’t have to fight on your own, Rei and I are close quarter forces as well. We aren’t as skilled but I dare say we are both pretty strong. This world has gone to hell and since everyone has made the resolve then no matter what we have to stand by each other and fight to the bitter end is it not?”

“Yeah, well then let’s start the battle. Don’t get bit by zombies now, me, Saeko, Takashi as the front line fighter, Kohta and Zi Yue Ling shoot from afar, 1 person will be responsible as a scout to prevent ambushes by zombies. Capiche? Let’s make this snappy!”

He dashed out without further ado, with his blade dancing he rushed at the hostiles. This time however he is using roughly half of his available power, after brief tutorials by Saeko he has learnt to reserve some strength, he used to go maximum effort on enemies. But a truly skillful fighter uses no more strength than need be.

“How much force to apply is more an art than science, never use every ounce of power you could muster, always have an exit strategy, even against the weakest of lambs one needs to take precaution.

One’s mental fortitude is another important factor, in a brief exchange between skilled practitioners, one could tell who’s the loser and who’s the winner. It’s wrong to say that the loser missed the most optimal opportunity, rather it’s the weakness of his mental fortitude showing. During battles always focus your mind, it might be tiring at first but it’s worth it during long fights where its advantage of conserving stamina might just save lives. Also it increases power.

The speed of your sword draw must be swift, precise and lethal, imagine in your mind cutting through the weak point on your foe, one slash one kill. Never cut the enemy at the joint or bone, even the strongest sword will deteriorate under bad usage. If you’re going for the bones make sure the slash is diagonal to bone surface, never change the trajectory of your slashes or it could be easy to be nullify. Your speed must be quick, ideally as quick as a flash of light!

The above 3 type of training, it will pay off in the long run. You will one day arrive at a stage akin to advanced stages in battojutsu and iaijutsu, fast, faster, faster, so fast that one’s eyes can’t keep up with it, only through feeling it by body and mind!”

Saeko gave him lessons while in battle.

Keeping her words in his heart, this is him who understands that in order to survive Infinite System’s tribulations he must get stronger, kendo is one skill he must hone, he had a feeling that Xuan Yuan sword which is now dancing with him in his hand will be his dance partner for life!


After a few waves he made significant improvement in techniques, it seems real battles are really the most effective training field.

“Ding, whacked 1000 zombies, [zombie hunter] has evolved into [zombie ruler] (permanent).”

[Zombie ruler] : strength +20, +50% dmg against undead, blood is now immune against zombie virus.

“Ding, strength 37, #007 has risen to black iron grade upper tier.”

After immersing himself in fights the line suddenly appeared in his mind. Raising the corner of his lips, the implication of virus immunity? It looks like this world isn’t doomed just yet, if they take samples of his blood and extracted its information one could mass produce serums and eradicate zombie virus once and for all.

He hypothesized that this serum can only be applied for those who have yet to turn into a zombie, if they turned then it’s pointless to apply it on the zombie, it would only kill it.

Observing that his strength has increased by 10 again, his interest in this Infinite power grows even more, [zombie ruler], it rules that’s for sure. Perhaps there’s a hidden mission during this whole affair, that is, saving the world. It’s safe to assume the difficulty is ridiculously high, but it’s up to him to decide whether to do it or not!

Zi Yue Ling also noticed the change on the ranking. She wonders how awesome the title is, from his happy look the effects must be quite nice.

If the girl knew she would probably be surprised at the absurdity of it. Immunity to zombie virus, enough said.

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