Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 23: The start of conflict

“Stand up…”

There’s no sympathy in Saeko’s words.

“Argh, damn it…”

Feng Yu Chen got up from the ground feeling crabbed rather than hurt. His overwhelming strength is powerless against her bokken, he can’t properly utilize it and is feeling the suppressed.

Seriously, anime characters are too op, Saeko must be one of them high caliber swordmaster in <<high school of the dead>>, in a class all her own, if it’s mixed martial art there might still be room for discussion since he was the provincial city mixed martial art champion. But if it’s kenjutsu, erm…

His dignity as a man is on the line here, how can he keep losing in the hand of a woman!

He clenched his teeth and fought on, he has the basics down and it didn’t take long before he started incorporating techniques into practical battles, his kenjutsu skills are also improving, he could now qualify as a novice. One could see his angle and strength behind each swing is much more polished than before.

Despite that, he noticed that no matter how he improved he would still get his ass handed to him time and time again. While he’s increasing in proficiency she too is getting better. There’s no time for him to celebrate, that’s because he’s getting crushed under her the whole time…

“Just a bit of improvement and you’ve become lost in pride, lacking, very poor, you’re my man, this is not enough, come, quell me, in the roughest manner possible  conquer me, I expect a strong man to subdue me under him, come…”

She brushed him off just like she brush his attack off, leaning her body a bit the bokken in her hand went for a horizontal slash and again sending him out a distance…


Falling down on his butt his bokken fell to the side. That hurts, god, this woman is too hard to take. But, that’s the thrill of it, surely it would feel very good to tame a woman like this!

“Also, this isn’t your limit, why are you being so timid? If you’re only at this level then I would never let you come onto my bed, understand?”

She told him straight.




He smashed the floor to pieces with his fist before climbing back up with red eyes, grabbing the bokken he howled as he rushed her.


She soared into the air before smashing down her bokken squarely on his right shoulder.


In a split second it was over, his bokken fell to the ground and he pressed against his shoulder with his left hand. A large droplet of sweat flowed down. This girl can sure dish out the punishment, it’s lucky that he has a fit body reinforced by the system. Otherwise a normal person would have a dislocated joint or even shattered bones, splendid.

“Rashness is very deadly, the moment you lose your calm, although your attacks will certainly have more power behind them but you trade them for evasion, if you were calm you could have dodged that strike and put on an effective counterattack. My attacks are done using a bokken, had it been zombies you would be doomed. Now that you understand that our lesson for today is done, tomorrow we will continue, I hope by then you would have grown some more…”

She picked up the bokken.

He’s very frustrated to say the elast but he could only helplessly nod his head to her. Can’t help it, if she weren’t stern with him then his growth would be stunted.

“Drink some water…”

She picked up two cups of water and handed him one of them.

He nodded.

“Nn, thanks..”

“Ah ah, no need, we are a couple non? No need to be so reserved with each other. I was a bit heavy handed today, are you upset about that? I was trained like this by my father, but I wasn’t so slow like you…”

She chuckled.

A bit loss for word he continued.

“Don’t tell me you’re releasing the vent-up frustration on my body. Something like you’re upset with your father’s lessons and wanting to let me feel the pain you went through as well. If so then, I am so done with you…”

She grinned at him with rosy cheeks.

“There’s no way I would do something like that… but I do hope that you will improve more. From the first time that I met you when your power weren’t that great to now when you have seemingly doubled in strength. Be that as it is, your technique have seen no gains at all. It might be enough for small fries but when pitted against stronger foes then….”

He nodded before she could finish.

“Nn, I will do my best at training from now on, no matter what, I will get into your bed, haha…”


She rolled her eyes at this sleazy prick.

While the two are enjoying their afternoon together, a team of bodyguards in suits walked over. The one in the front is a middle aged man wearing white suit. He recognizes him as one of Takagi Souichiro’s aide.

He didn’t have any good impression of this right wing Japanese dude but since he’s still comrade with Takagi Saya he didn’t think much of it. He couldn’t care less either way, they’re going to leave this joint in a few days, and voila the dudes come to him on their own volition.

“Mister Feng, you’re coming with us…”

said white suit dude.

“What’s the deal? Can’t you see I’m having a date with my girlfriend here?”

He squinched his eyes at the two, it seems they aren’t here bearing gifts.

“Why the politeness, he’s a killer, let’s just catch him…”

“Yes, Murakami (Tl: dagger dude) died in his hand…”

“We can’t let him walk around like this, this guy is absolutely a criminal, if we let him do as he please he might even make moves on the young mistress..”


And so the team of bodyguards behind the white suit became noisy.

Saeko frowned.

“You guys must have made a mistake, he has been training with me these past two days in the dojo, and where’s your proof…”

“Proof? The victim’s knife is found in his room, now why is his knife there? Also, our investigation revealed that the cause of death is a tremendous force applied to his skull possibly by being stomped, now are they a lot of suspects here who could do that?” (Tl: Argh. The stupidity is strong in this one.)

The white suit took out a knife while explaining.


Feng Yu Chen did a drop kick on white suit. Hmph, going easy on Saeko is one thing going easy on other people, he’s not big enough a pussy to do that.

“The audacity of trespassing and ssearching my room, hehe, you guys sure have a big pair down under, say it, which one of you son of bitches looted the stuff from my room..” (Tl: really dude? Admitting possession?)

He retrieved the dagger from white suit and stepped down on his chest with his right leg!

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