Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 22: learning the way of the sword

Feng Yu Chen’s attack in multiple sense of the word, wrecked the poor youth.

He has 270kg strength, and normally one would have more strength in the leg then in the hand, put simply 500kg of power acting aginst a human, now how would that turn out?

He hasn’t killed 100 zombies yet so he hasn’t finished the basic mission, not even at iron grade low tier, and he’s an iron grade middle tier, the difference is too great.

“Cough… cough.. cough…”

the dagger guy crawled up from the ground terrified at him.

“You… you… tricked me!”

“Ah ah, deception. Elementary. What more do you want me to say? You little bastard I admire you, you could pull something off like pking, I should say you’re the first one to actually act upon such a thought.”

said he sniggering.

The dagger guy curled his lip.

“In this world, murder is not that uncommon, not mentioning us players first even the normal people would do resort to something like this come desperate time, they would throw away morality for their own interest, humanity be damned, I’m only one of the many who does this.”

He kicked him outwards like a ball and then walked to his side and stepped on his face before smirking at him.

“Nn, yes, you killing others is irrelevant to us, I concede that this world has gone to the shitters and murder and other such atrocity is probably running rampant, but the thing is that you messed with the wrong person, making a move on us like this. Hehe, to ignore heaven’s path spread before you and choose hell on your volition is what you’re doing!”

He could see the shadow of Death overlapping with his smile, is he… going to kill him?

“Please.. I beg of you.. let me go, I’m too lowly and foolish to mess with you guys, let me go and I will scram from this estate. Isn’t that so, someone so lowly like me is not worth your time right?…”

“Oh, what lovely imagination you have…”

He’s squashing the dagger dude’s face as he said this.

“Please.. I beg of you, just treat me as a passing fart, I swear I will never appear in front of you again, forever…”

Dagger dude spat out a big mouthful of blood.

“Stop playing around and end this. You ought hurry home otherwise Saeko-chan might miss you..”

Zi Yue Ling pat on his shoulder.

He nodded before lifting his leg preparing to give him the coup de grace.

“If you kill me you will never get away with this, Takagi-sama will avenge me, I’m his aide if I’m gone he will investigate and soon, execute you!”

He howled his threat at them with eyes staring wide.


He dismissed him with a cold hmph.

“He’s just a character in an anime, ignoring the fact that he’s likely not to come after me, even if he did I’m not afraid of him in the slightest, die…”

“Bang… fatality…”

In an instant the dagger dude’s head got smashed to pieces…

“Ding, you have wasted 071, kill count obtained from 071, 30.

“Ding  071 died inside <>, user account with Infinite System will be deleted, said user’s memories will be wiped and sent back to reality, forever losing the qualification to receive challenge of Unlimited Anime, user will die in an accident a year from now…”

Rang the system inside his head announcing the death of Player Killer, and now he’s the Player Killer.

“That’s pretty gory, when were you able to kill someone with a poker face…”

Zi Yue Ling can’t help wondering out lout while looking at the skull pieces on the floor that mixed into a bloody mess with the brain matters. She became a bit nauseated but the guy on the other hand didn’t had any change to his expression. Has he reached a state where he doesn’t blink at the act of killing anymore?

“Poker face? Ah ah, I have changed since coming into this game, aren’t you the same? You may look turned off but you’re not feeling fear or terror at all are you?”

He grinned at her while picking up the dagger of the knife dude, storing it away he started walking towards the exit of the small forest.

Zi Yue Ling helplessly followed his footsteps. He’s right, she has changed as well, indifference towards human life, just by looking at how she could put down those zombies where used to be humans…


The second day, Feng Yu Chen got dragged off by Saeko for kendo practice.

“A practitioner must always have a firm will and mentality, even if the weapon in one’s hand is a bokken, if your will and mentality is one, no matter how dull the blade is it can become a sharp one, try attacking me, let me see what’s your foundation…”

He nodded. Grasping a bokken he charged at Saeko while smashing his bokken at her.

“Smack… smack… smack….”

Against his strong attacks, Saeko didn’t lose her composure as she deftly stopped his attacks, he got even more fired up and started attacking from every direction but to no avail as they would all be blocked.

“Excess strength, excess force, inadequate technique, steady steps, but very unorganized. There’s a bit of foundation in there but it’s barely passable. You sure you’re from a martial artist background? Bring out the big guns, don’t think you can take me as you are now, I don’t want a clumsy man like you.”

She shot him down without restraint.


He is so frustrated he could die, it’s like she could see his every attack. At the start, he’s pretty serious in swinging the weapon, but as he got more furious his attacks started become more erratic. Son of a bitccchhh, this anime character’s setting sure is high, with such a high standard of kenjutsu at such an age, it’s got to be very rare to see in real life.

Coming from a family of martial artist, he’s pretty good with his hand and feet, naturally he’s no stranger to wielding 18 styles of weapon. Against Saeko however he can’t exhibit them, it’s like he’s a kid fighting against a grown adult, damn if only this is a mixed martial art he won’t get his ass handed to him like this. Sword and what not is a regulated weapon in China, who would swing something like this around? Kendo club? What’s zat, no such thing in universities, the closest one would be karate, sniffle*, fuck me…

“Messy, your rhythm’s all sloppy and your performance is completely inferior now then when you first begun. Bring out your true power, reinforce your will, a practitioner must be firm in will!!”

There’s too much gap in his defense, she simply frowned at this pathetic display. It looks like it’s high time to show him what is the difference in technique.


In a blink of the eye, Saeko parried his bokken and hurled herself at him before landing a heavy strike on his torso sending him a short distance away and landing heavily on the ground….

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