Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 21: Hunting and retaliation (Pt.3)

When the moon rises above the willow, two lovers rendezvous after dusk. (月上柳梢头之时, part of a descriptive poem written by Song Dynasty dude named Ou Yang Xiu, describing a romantic tryst between lovers on lantern festival)

As the sun is starting to set, a youth on top of a building watched from afar with a telescope at Feng Yu Chen and Zi Yue Ling. When he sees the two moving further and further away he lifted the corner of his lip, he had a cold laugh like a wolf spotting his target, his eyes had a cold glare to them.

“Hehe, so it’s you guys’s turn this time, huehue, time to come to papa, oh what an exciting game.”

The youth had fun snickering at them. He’s a right wing official working for Japan, he got sent to this place after picking up an Iphone5. As a japanese he’s familiar with animes, even more familiar with gory ones like [high school of the dead], rather than familiar it would be more apt to say he likes it, but damn it got the ban hammer because of the obnoxious small sticks (Tl: 可恶的小棒子, referring to korean censor agency probably? The joke flew right past me), it seems the show used a Stick country celebrity face as zombie chunky salsa demonstration…

After entering this anime world he is assigned as a subordinate of Takagi Souichiro, he did his job and managed to hit it off with him eventually gaining his trust and securing a position as one of his trustworthy aides.

When the first player entered this estate he hunted that person down, he whacked another last night as well, and now it’s these two. As the aide he is privy to a lot of things and one of them is the persons who entered here and naturally that included Feng Yu Chen and Zi Yue Ling.

However, to avoid getting detected by the two he has never strayed within 100 meter of the two (Tl: huh, and just a few chaps ago he triggered Zi Yue Ling’s radar), he didn’t know their number but he’s pretty sure he’s toughest alpha around here.

If only the youth did his homework more and found out that Feng Yu Chen is the no.1 ranker with most zombie kill, perhaps he wouldn’t have been so smug. But it is this pride that will make his fall that much more amusing…

Once the youth sees the two entering the small forest in the backyard he excitedly got down from the roof with a knife in his chest as he silently made his way over, he moved liked so lest being discovered by the two.

The two walked straight on without looking back, in their mind they are sure the sucker has already bit the bait. One could tell from the birds flying away behind them that someone is following them. The birds are easily frightened so if they start flying it means someone or something did that and since this is a private forest most likely there’s no game and so…

“We’re going to start, you ready? Remember, get into the act…”

He squeezed her small hands.

“How soft, ah ah…”

She rolled her eyes at her.

“As said, this is all an act, I will cooperate but make sure you don’t go overboard, I am relying on you here, if we overdo it and die by the hunter’s hand, we will both be souls slain under the blade…”

“I understand, but make sure you do it properly, like giggity…” He grinned.


A bit flushed she countered him.

“Okay okay, a man should be so lucky, let me say this beforehand, if we kill the Player Killer whatever you do to me I won’t hold you accountable but if we don’t even if we died I won’t forgive you…”

“Yes, yes, now then Miss Zi Yue Ling, if we waste the prick would you take the initiative and give me a kiss?”

She hmph-ed at him.

“Depends on my mood, beside don’t you have Saeko? If it’s me you’re after then that would depend on your performance…”

He nodded.

“Very well, time is of the essence, let’s begin come wrap your arms behind my back, act natural.”

She turned rosy as her fair hands did as he said, seriously this is so embarassing, she’s hugging a male other than her father…”

He cupped her head with his hand and pressed down on her scarlet red lips, instantly an elegant fragrance greeted his nostrils, her soft lips made him go into ecstacy.


Against his assaults she’s at a loss of what to do, she could do nothing but let him have his way with her savory supple lips, so this is her first kiss huh?

He started getting more and more into the act, he lightly knocked on her clenched teeth with his tongue, slithering inside he took her lilac tongue, the softness, the sweetness, the fluffy feeling, damn this is one fine woman, even if this is all fake, to be able to kiss such a lady, for him this experience is very entrancing.


His eyes started closing slowly as he drowned in pleasure, this prick urgh… he’s too bold, to think she would go along with tonguing him.

As the two started getting more and more passionate, the youth hiding behind a big tree’s shadow started moving, he drew the dagger in his chest in a reverse grip, he gradually got closer and with silent footsteps he utilized the surrounding dark shadows to close in on the two…

Their phones started to vibrate, a sign the both knows all too well its meaning, to deceive the foe he stepped up their play, he pussyfooted his fingers into her clothes and started fondling that round piece of meat, moulding it into different shapes…

“Nn…ying… en… na… please don’t…”

She can’t resist anymore as she can feel her body starting to go limp, it feels like something on her boobs is about to erect…


Simultaneously, a low howl rang and the youth finally made his appearance, he showed his wicked fangs! He aimed his dagger at the back of his head, once this blow goes through, it’s an instant kill for sure.


The two parted lips, he gave the backstabber a strong equine kick with his right leg, the strike landed squarely on the youth…

“crack… kacha…”

Crisps sound of bone breaking resounded, the youth flew like a ball backwards, his strength at the moment is 270KG, it’s not something a normal human could possibly endure much less come back from, what’s more this 270kg isn’t the force, otherwise the damage won’t just be 270kg versus a stardust body.


“Ka… Kacha…”

“Insert sound of puking blood…”

Like a cannonball the youth slammed against a gigantic tree trunk and with another round of bone breaking sfx, blood started pouring out of the youth.

One hit from him and it’s a one shot k.o.!!

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