Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 20: Hunting and retaliation (Pt.2)

The night sky black like deep water,in this quiet night, everyone has gone into the embrace of the sandman.

Feng Yu Chen and Zi Yue Ling sneaked out from their rooms.

“Make preparations for when we’re discovered, the phone can show another player approaching. Here’s how we’re going about this, you stay undercover and lock on to the windows of his room, kill on sight.”

She nodded in affirmation.

“Roger, you be careful now.”

Walking down the stairs in light steps, he had his trusty sword strapped to his back as he silently made his way past towards the quarters of the knife guy, he evaded detection by patrols along the way. The target’s place is shabbier than theirs, it’s expected since Saya’s the daughter of ones who call the shots here, they rode on her coattails so their accomodation is pretty good as well.

Standing in front of target’s room he took out a key. The key is one of the few spares in reserve, with Saya backing them a key is nothing hard to obtain, he opened the door slowly and went in. To his surprise, there’s nobody in here!


He noticed that the phone didn’t show any notification, this means that the guy is nowhere near him at this moment, which would mean…

“Ding, 071 killed 082, part of 082 goes to 071.”

“Ding 082 died inside <<high school of the dead>>, user account with Infinite System will be deleted, said user’s memories will be wiped and sent back to reality, forever losing the qualification to receive challenge of Unlimited Anime, user will die in an accident a year from now…”

The System suddenly rang.

He’s stumped, it seems the hunter has become addicted to killing others, probably there’s other players here in this estate, the victim was probably one of the suspect on the shit list, hurhur…

The Player Killer is more vicious than he gave him credit for, the target won’t sit tight and wait for people to come after him.

No choice, the objective has changed and the plan has failed, coincidence most likely,  he came to whack 071 but the assassin chose to move today as well, one coincidence and poof their plan went.

Locking the door, he made his getaway and returned to his room.

Zi Yue Ling also camped out at his room with cold sweat running down her head, the hunter this time is more of a threat than perceived before, this might get tricky.

“What should we do, another player died, the foe probably has a way to identify the players from the ones present here.”

She frowned as she said so.

He leaned his head against the bed rest before continuing.

“There’s two groups of people who has this information. The Takagis and the registration admins, if the Player Killer wanted intel he would have to go through one of the two route. Whichever way, we can presume him to be highly credible to Saya’s father, this is getting more and more handful by the moment, it’s safe to say the enemy probably knows our information.”

“If the opponent has seen the anime, he probably could guess who’s the player.”

“That’s why it’s not yet upon us, wait and see, the hunter will slip up somewhere, but this would require Miss Zi to put up a stunt, hehehe….”

He chuckled.

“What kind of stunt?”

A bit baffled she asked.

“The enemy has a very high chance to choose one of the two of us, the most likely target in this case would be you since a girl is easier to deal with, he won’t risk it here in this place, but if we give him a chance, he might make a move say when we’re acting like couples and doing the you know what in the small forest over there, the prick would think it’s the perfect chance and act, that’s the time to strike at him!” (Tl: good idea, bad execution really.)

She understood the intention immediately as she nodded.

“Because the foe knows our form, he would not want to risk spooking us, he would most likely be watching from a distance outside 100 meter by using binoculars or something and vying for the perfect change. If we leave this place and by extension reduce surveillance on us, bashing butts in the forest for example he would come( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .”

“Bingo, you got it!”

He clicked his finger at her.

“Okay, I will ‘help’, lucky bastard, time of mobilization?”

Her face currently red as apple, the act requires perfection or it might tip off the foe, this means she has to get into the act, they can fake it but they can’t fake doing it, as for what it is, that would depend on what degree of intimacy the hunter expects.

“What time do you think would be best?”

Thinking for a bit she thought up a good time.

“I say at nightfall because this would be the window of time the assassins and hunters are most active, I would guess sometime before deep in the night is when they’re most active, how about tomorrow at dusk near the small forest at the back of this estate, somewhere wide and not easy to be detected.”

“Alright, let’s do as you suggest…”

She blushed.

“Seriously, I wouldn’t do that sort of stuff with you if my life was not on the line, this is my first time…”

Understandably she’s a bit averse to the idea, they would probably kiss and probably even more, she has never done it before. She’s a career lady that’s the object of pursuit by many rich man, and now she’s going to have to give her first kiss away to some unknown fellow… (Tl: If you’re mad about being teased, trust me I feel you, the raw put it like they’re going to do it and I’m reading as I’m translating so I wouldn’t know what’s going to happen next chapter. Not cool , author bro.)

This is all for the sake of killing the assassin, nothing matters more than self preservation, reserved as she is, if she died then that’s it game over.

He looked at her in slight disbelief.

“No fucking way, this your first time? There’s got to be a lot of man after you all this while, you telling me none of them made you interested?”

Still blushing she defended herself.

“There are, during high school that is, but we had exams so those stuff were kinda thrown to the side. Once I go to university, the males that could do so were all super playboys loving a new one and throwing away every few days, I was disgusted and I never thought much after that… when I went to work for the up market perfume, the fuglies there are even more…”

He examined her supple body and got swayed for a moment there. If one were to inspect closer this girl is a beauty, plus she’s smart, no doubt satisfaction would come from taming her. Now he’s looking forward even more to the operation tomorrow, before they turn the tide on the assassin he would get to enjoy some hot action…

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