Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 19: Hunting and retaliation (pt.1)

Feng Yu Chen is standing outside the Takagi’s quarters waiting for them to end their argument. He’s here because he wanted to sniff out the hunter by borrowing and looking over the list of personnel here.

He might be able to find some clue as to who’s the hunter this way.

The sound coming from inside slowly dimmed down and Yurimo came out, she’s startled at him for being here but she quickly recovered and smiled amicably at him.

“You here to find Saya? Hmm.. I don’t know how to say this.”

He noticed something underneath her tone as he blinked.

“Maa, you can say it, what can’t you say?”

Yuriko pursed her lips before continuing.

“Ahaha, you’re a strong man aren’t you? It’s a bit overbearing but I am doing the as well so I guess it’s okay. I hope that you will look after Takagi in our stead after this.”

He shrugged her off.

“Wouldn’t she be better off with you people? Why force her on us, you have water, electricity and enough supplies to probably endure this one out, wouldn’t it be safer staying here?”

“Yes, that’s our thoughts as well but you see Saya has made her resolve, in this troubled world there is no longer a safe haven on earth, only those that would kill and fight on their own volition stand the biggest chance of surviving, our Saya is a strong girl, just like my husband.”

Yuriko smiled at him.

Nodding hishead he continued.

“Be at ease madam, as her senpai it’s our duty to look after our kouhai. Frankly I think it might be better if you ask Takashi seeing as they’re childhood friends.”

Yuriko nodded.

“Hmm, you have point but the thing is, Takashi can be a bit hot blooded you see, he loses his cool sometimes and that might endanger her at which point it’s your turn to shine, I know this request is kinda…”

He lifted his hand to cut her off.

“Nn, I understand, you don’t need to request anything of me, she’s a comrade in my book and I will automatically protect my comrades.”

“That really puts me at ease, if there’s anything you need of me just ask and I will do my best…”

She bowed and then took her leave.

“Come in, I already know you’re out there…”

Saya called out to him from within the house.

He walked in after nodding, he then sat on one of the sofa there while praising the place.

“Ah, what a fancy place, nice views, luxurious manor, nice decors, and what’s this a leather sofa, not bad.”


She pushed her glases while continuing.

“Senpai probably already made plans to leave here right?”

“Naturally, that’s why I’m here to say adieu…”

He chuckled while nodding to her statement.

“Liar, you won’t act like this if you were really leaving, say it, why are you really here? If you don’t say it out loud I can’t say I can offer much of an assistance.”

She curled her lips at him.

He self deprecatingly laughed.

“ah ah, Saya saw through me, yeap I’m here to ask your help on something, I wish to borrow a list of name of everyone here, the more comprehensive the better.”

She raised her eyebrow at him.

“What’s this senpai? Do you have enemies here?”

He turned stern immediately.

“I’m actually a government official sent by China to do some surveillance intel ops, I got tagged by some forces working for the Japs and I feel like the guy has been on my tail for some time now, I want to identify this person.”

“Spy? I don’t care anymore, you’re good with your hands sure but I can still tell you’re lying. Maa, I will give you the list later, have fun with that…”

Helplessly he nodded.

“Why can’t you cooperate a bit here, say something like you will lodge an accusation against me or something, go with the flow…”

She rolled her eyes at him.

“Che, who has the time to play games with you, plus would a country still be concerned with another country when they’re all busy dealing with the outbreak? I should guess the government has shut down by now and along with the passage of time their power would corrode. The armies and the group that has banded up make the rules now.

And that leads to the subject I am abou tto discuss with you, I have no mood to stay in this place, this isn’t a place that will exist in the long run, we should leave. In this chaotic world where could one find a safe haven? That’s why the only thing we can do now is leave while it’s still possible.”

He nodded.

“Since you’ve clearly made up your mind I guess we best prepare to leave, there’s no time to be wasted here, but I do still have some business to settle, I will have to impose the matter regarding the name list on you.”

She nodded, she could feel killing intent coming off of him, probably against the enemy in his mind right? But who is it?


In a bit, Saya passed the list onto him and he took the list over to Zi Yue Ling’s room.

“Let’s start searching, we have to crack down on this fellow, I don’t like being on the receiving end.”

He threw the list onto the bed.

She blinked her eyes when she saw the list.

“I had expected you would go find Saya for the list, now it looks like we might be 2 steps ahead, let’s begin. It’s a long list so finding him might not be easy, but we do have the time.”

And so the two started doing their homework.

The 2 narrowed the list of suspect down to 3, 2 with a gun and a normal youth always with a knife.

“One of the two is armed with T95 rifle, he might be the hunter since their gun is one of the default weapons.”

Zi Yue Ling pointed out.

He nodded but then he looked at the youth with a knife.

“I think it’s him, the system also offered another option a weapon of 10 strength, any weapon fitting this standard can be chosen.”

“Then it’s these two, what’s our plan?”

“Hehe, now that we’re clear, let’s test our hypothesis, tonight we strike starting with the knife user.”

She raised her eyebrows at him.

“If we’re wrong?”


He snickered.

“Kill, we kill them still, Big daddy (老子) have no favorability with some chump in Japan, they’re both japs. I say serve them right, the knife guy gets it first, I have a gut feeling… it’s him!” (Tl: sometimes I wish the author would keep their prejudice hidden or at least not so blatant. Then again, not the first time I have seen Jap being portrayed as villains.)

“Nn, let’s do as you say….”

She nodded to the suggestion.

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