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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 18: Player Killer appears

Tl: starting internship next week so expect reduction in chapters. Feel free to smash F5 :D, I heard if you smash it enough times a new chapter might appear.

The scene of Feng Yu Chen and Saeko massacring zombies like demons made the anti-riot group aghast.

“Saya, those two students…”

Takagi Yuriko (Author note: Takagi’s mom, one of the member of the rescue team), not sure how to ask Saya about them.

She pushed her glasses while pointing out.

“The two of them are my senpais, very strong, they’re a huge reason why we are still here right now.”

Yuriko nodded when she guessed the situation.

“Hmm, then I guess we have to properly thank them, if they didn’t have the ability to escort you here then it’s really…”

Even after Takashi shouted to them the two didn’t immediately stop, they cooled down, by wasting a few more zombies, and then enduring their urge as they retreated from the zombies encirclement. With a light flip they used the humvee as an assist and leaped their way over the steel wire wall.

The rescue group backed away when they landed, his bloodshot eyes instilled a slight sense of fear in whoever looked at him, it’s like they’re facing a blood hell, Saeko on the other hand had a sinister air to her, her sight pierced through their psyche and soul.

The demon lord and demoness.

The rescue group instantly gave them both a tacit definition.

“Maa, Don’t be afraid of us, we aren’t zombies…”

Calming down, his red eyes starting clearing up again, making him look like the harmless neighbour boy next door.

Not zombies yeah, at least zombies aren’t scary fucks like you two!

Twas the unsaid notion echoed inside the rescue members.

“How many did you kill…”

He asked her.



He pursed his lips.

“2 less than you, I will beat you nex ttime…”

“I’m looking forward to that, once said even horses can’t chase it (Tl: idiom for promise must be kept), otherwise, hehe…”

She grinned at him and he nodded.

“Can’t help it, I have the strength but I can’t feel it without turning them into shish kebabs….”

“Next time, don’t overexert yourself, you have wasted movements, I should train you next time…”

She patted his shoulder while saying so.

He curled his lips at her.

“I will gladly accept them..”

“It’s nothing too serious, it’s a friendly bout, don’t get beaten down now..”

She’s being cheeky with him again.

“Hmph, I dare you to fight using mixed martial arts!”

What he said after acknowledging he could never beat her in the handling of sword.

She crossed her arms.

“that won’t do, zombies love close body contact, if we’re bitten then it’s all over so a competition revolving mixed martial simply won’t do…”

“Fine… I will be under your care…”

He lowered his head in dejection, fuck, he’s gonna get wrecked by her later. At least it won’t be as pathetic as Emiya Shirou, he has some martial art training under his belt.


They temporarily escaped danger with the advent of Takagi’s mom, Yuriko.

Feng Yu Chen & co made their way to the Takagi estate and rested there.

Just as he’s preparing to take some R&R Zi Yue Ling came to his door.

He turned to the door.

“come in, it’s not locked…”


She walked in while looking like she’s very perturbed.

“What’s going on?”

Puzzled he inquired her, this place should be very safe isn’t it?

Zi Yue Ling breathing in and out explained herself.

“The hunter is here, you know my habit, every time I come to a place I would familiarize myself with the surroundings. Just as I was getting used to the land around the backyard of this estate I felt a sudden sense of danger and my phone notified me of 071’s presence nearby.”


He gasped.

“Isn’t that the player killer? He’s onto you?”

She nodded.

“I was lucky a group of patrol came and I dodged a bullet, I thought I am a goner then, evidently the estate has been compromised, it’s not a zombie threat but that of the player killer, we must search him out and put an end to him at once! Strong as you’re a bullet to the heart and brain and you will be dead as well yea? If you don’t want to get hunted it would be in our best interest to deal with 071 first.”

He nodded.

“Did you see the appearance of the pker?”

She shook her head before continuing.

“No, if I turned around, the Player Killer would have made his move right then and there, no hunter would want his camouflage to be revealed. We have the phone’s notification, as long as he gets within range we will notice him.”

He frowned as he listened.

“That may be so but he has the element of surprise and we’re out here in the open, he has probably got your face memorized, you best be careful next time, the same applies to me probably, hehe, this is fun, let’s see how this game of hunter and hunted plays out.”

“Okay, that’s fine with me, tread carefully now, I will be hiding out in my room this couple of days, if you have any counter measure you can come and find me…”

“That would be better, going outdoors at a time like this would be foolhardy. The Player Killer probably doesn’t have much clue about me right? ahaha, I wonder who’s the mouse and who’s the cat?”

He’s getting excited now, very intriguing this 071, he had a vicious air surrounding him as he wondered what kind of person this 071 is, going as far as to kill other players.

While musing, he went out his room and arrive at the Takagi’s quarters.

“Dong.. dong…”

He knocked on the door.

“Again with this… the same argument… I’m not  a kid anymore mom, I know you guys ditched me, since…”

“Saya, it’s not like that, please listen to me, your father and me didn’t come find you for a very good reason…”

“self interest right? That’s the most rational way of doing it, under this kind of context where zombies run rampant, you would assume my survival chance are nigh zero and then choosing the next course of action… abandonment! You didn’t even try to confirm my status…”

“Saya, everything’s fine, father and mother is here, we will always protect you, we can do it, We will compensate you…”

“Compensate? You didn’t give a shit before and now you think ‘compensate’ will just fix everything?”


He wanted to continue knocking but stopped midway, this kind of feud between mother and daughter is not a place for him to interfere, let’s wait for it to end…

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