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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 17: Bathing in blood

After sorting out a few details, Feng Yu Chen and Zi Yue Ling signed an agreement and established an alliance. As speculated by her, infinators (Tl: again, interchangeable with Infinite System players) who formed parties can’t attack each other.

Another detail that he has foundis that once onee entered into a party contract, there’s a leader. The leader has the ability to kick and invite teammates, while normal members have the option to leave party, also there would be a notification whenever there is movement into or out of the team.

“You can be at ease now right? If I wanted to attack you, I have to quit the team at which point the system would notify you and you would know almost immediately if I were to betray you.”

She pursed her lips giggling at him.

He nodded.

“Nn, okay, misunderstanding cleared up let’s continue our journey.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Tongue in cheek she said so in an obsequious manner.


He can’t help chuckling, this girl, she has a childish side as well huh.

The two returned to their team, Saeko and co didn’t ask much about what happened and the group continued on their way after a brief rest.

“The closest one would be Takagi’s estate, let’s head there, senpai.”

Takashi suggested so.

He nodded in agreement.

“Nn, fine with me, we have got no bigger agenda anyway, might as well help locate each other’s relatives. Heh, it feels like we are kids again, playing the detective game and finding important figures…”

“Detective games?! Alice likes to play that one…”

She stuck out her little head from the car.

“That so? Well then first round of the detective game, objective Takagi’s eestate, let’s go!”

He raised his fist in the air.

Alice also nodded in elation and lifted her hand in a similar manner.

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s go!”

The others chimed in.

The humvee made its way through the street in high speed, shaking off groups and groups of zombies…

“There’s a steel wire net in front! Stop the car!”

Zi Yue Ling who’s on the binoculars hollered.

“Oh, ah… alright!”

Shizuka frantically stepped on the brakes.

“Everyone jump down, Saeko and I will be the vanguard, Hirano will be the artillery support!”

Feng Yu Chen made a quick directive.  (Tl: 武凌风, Wu Ling Feng, wrong name used by author, this is the name of the mc of author’s other book great demon king forcing his way through another world)

This is one of the scene in the anime, the scene where due to the steel wire wall and sudden stop, Rei fell down from the vehicle and got herself in danger. However, with Zi Yue Ling’s warning the scenario changed.

Zi Yue Ling is quite the useful human resource, her abilities are not any worse than the strategist of the 6 person group in the anime, Takagi Saya. Because of her mature air, she could deal with any issues with room to spare.

The two vanguard started blocking the zombies while Kohta assisted from behind.

“Another battle requiring us to fight with our backs to each other huh, and it looks like we have more companies to deal with…”

He swished the Xuan Yuan sword in his hand and off went 3 zombies’ heads.

Saeko wielded her bokken and whacked a few zombies to death by smashing their heads.

“Hmm, your power has increased quite a bit since last time, your power usage however is inefficient with much waste, if we have the time I should teach you the fundamentals of kendo.”

He nodded to her.

“Okay, I will be under Saeko’s care then.”

“No problem.”

“Now, why don’t we unleash the darkness in our souls?”

Feng Yu Chen lifted his lips and smirked. (Tl: again raws used the wrong name)

She’s stunned, an intense excitement started brewing deep within, she can’t help but ask.

“Can I?”

“But of course, we have many more zombies to put down after this, what better time to experience the beauty of battles!”

His eyes now bloodshot, looked at the groups of zombie in front of him, it is clear that he has entered a bloodthirsty phase. (Tl: rip zombies.)


Her eyes turned ever more malevolent.


With that line he jumped into the crowd, his sword slashed and hacked at the zombies like they’re vegetables, as if this isn’t enough, after decapitation he stomped on their skulls and turned them into meat paste. He swung his blade once more to sever the zombie horde in front of him into tens of pieces…


Saeko also got in the mood, she pun in midair knocking away the surrounding zombies, She then smacked a zombie to the ground. With a prideful and icy glare, she popped the poor fuck with a “bang”, and pop the skull did.

“Hehehe…kill… die… begone…”

Delving deeper into the berserk state, his objective is no longer stoppping zombies by blows to the head, anything in front of him must be reduced to bloody pieces of flesh, the feeling of watching the meat rolling and splashing on the ground is so.. damn… GOOD!! (Tl: It might be just me but has he always been this crazy? this is not just crazy this is like batshit crazy)

Takashi and co at the black are surprised at this 2 loonies! They’re not blocking or stopping the zombies they’re practically doing this for the sake of killing, hacking their way through the horde with their superior power, Saeko is still okay her damage is limited by the bokken she uses, but Feng Yu Chen is different, his surrounding turned into a gory butchershop. His body stained with the blood and sinews of the enemy, and woe be the zombies for they did not die with an intact body, not one of them did…


Kohta marveled at their performance, the two didn’t even need any help from him, not a single zombie could get within arm’s reach of them before they were promptly laid down.

“The two… this terrifying world has done nothing but fuel their excitement, the previous reality would not have allowed this grisly thing, it would not have allowed these two free rein…”

Saya pushed the bridge of her spectacles.

Zi Yue Ling can’t help but agree with a nod, this guy is abnormal, he’s enjoying this whole affair, one wouldn’t think someone who looked like a normal youth could morph into a demon lord in the next second, if possible she hopes the day she stand on opposite side of him doesn’t come, dealing with this kind of foe, it feels like she’s going up against the demon lord, and one would be wise to treat the battle as such a one, because he’s not an existence to be trifled with.

“This is good for us isn’t it, they’re still protecting us, even if they lean more towards the bloody side. If this will of theirs is for protecting their comrades then they might as well be the forces of justice.”

Justice, a bloody one at that, existing for the sake of protecting their comrades!

“You guys…”

A team of security personnel in anti-riot uniform made their way towards them to help clear up the zombies.

“Saya, you’re still alive! Thank god!”

An anti riot member took off her helmet while being all emotional.


She jumped into her embrace after confirming her familiar identity.

“Feng senpai, Saeko senpai, Hirano, we can retreat now…” Takashi urged the members engaged in zombies resistance after seeing the rescue members’ arrival.

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