Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 16: The mysteries of the System mobile

Tl: I just realized the gaming hunter of last chapter referred to player killers rather than those that relish the hunt inside games.

“We are arriving at the riverside, we are about to land…”

Shizuka drove the humvee onto solid ground.

Feng Yu Chen and Zi Yue Ling exchanged glance, they were wary of each other, the appearance of game hunter (Tl: game refers to players in this case) has made them lose faith in each other.

“I think we need to talk, at this point if we don’t we won’t be able to cooperate properly!”

He took the initiative to pop the question, to ask him to kill her right here right now would be a bit hard, he doesn’t plan on turning his back on humanity and turn into a men slaughtering demon, what he needs right now is an assurance in the form of mutual trust and acknowledgement.

She nodded and responded in a similar stern way.

“Very well, we have a lot to talk about anyway.”

Saeko noticed the thing going on between them, she could feel somekind of conflict going on between the two. But the two only met recently is it not? Why are there suddenly hostile against each other?

The two got out from the humvee and walked to the side where Saeko couldn’t hear what they’re going on about.

Takashi is befuddled at Feng Yu Chen and Zi Yue Ling.

“Senpai, what’s going on?”

“Who knows?”

Saya shurrged while pushing her glasses.

“Maybe something happened between them, their phone rang the two instantly raised their guard against each other, it’s probably something special, I can’t say for sure though.”

Saeko interjected.

“It’s nothing to worry about, Yu Chen could probably handle it by himself.”

Yu Cheng, that’s a rather intimate way of calling him innit(Tl: first name basis), Saeko-chan?”

Shizuka the cow tits ditz teased her.

Saeko blushed slightly, she didn’t deny it though, the two being a thing is probably know by others from the group already, maa it’s definitely known.

If one were to ask her why she likes him, she will say it’s probably because she feel they share a thing together, whenever males looked at her they would be terrified, he’s the only one who would interact with her in a straightforward way. More importantly, even when he saw the dark side of her, he still likes her for what she is, maa, he’s pretty blood thirsty as well, that ruthlessness, that indifference, how it fits so well with her.

Birds of a feather flock together or so the proverb goes, this is probably the reason they met and got together, they are both existences that felt much catharsis in carnage, the both of them.


Zi Yue Ling took a look at the frosty Feng Yu Chen in front of her, she calmed down and made eye contact with him.

“We’re both reasonably smart person here, I’m a bit keen I will admit, but I can’t slid past your radar, please don’t act so wary with me. Yes, I had the urge to backstab you but I gave up the thought, I’m not your opponent.”

He took out the Iphone5 and took a glimpse of it.

“The blood red messages here are as real as they can get, rather than sowing the seeds of destruction it would best to get rid of the problem at hand at the root.”

She’s not afraid, although he is implying violence his action says otherwise. If he wanted to kill her, he would have done that before this, seeing that he’s yet to do anything, this signals to her that he’s not planning to go back on his decision for the time being.

“A tumor like me wouldn’t do you much harm, your strength is not to be trifled with, and by your side is a strong woman, if I do anything fishy, she would make short work of me before you could isn’t it?”

“I think we can reach an agreement here, think about this, I will do anything you say, barring some questionable request of course. After killing 100 zombies, I will leave this world at once, no strings attached, and once I’m back I will pay you money, houses even cars, I’m not a very wealthy nouveau riche, but I’m a high ranked manager inside a perfume company, I do have a bit of fortune stashed away.”

He grinned and shook his head.

“Do you really think those things are still relevant to me? After you finish this mission you will know that we have got ourselves onto the path of infinite evolution, money and fortune might as well be manure to us, your offer is not sufficient for me to trust you.”

She frowned at him.

“Fine, one more provision, I will tell you about a few secrets of the Iphone5 within our hands, you probably wouldn’t be privy to some of thing I have found probing the phone these few days.

1: Hiding one’s name and identity, in the last page inside the phone, there are biographical notes of oneself, opening it would allow one to change one’s name and edit as well as hide information. By modifying the information one could hide one’s true name on the ranking list, this would save a lot of trouble wouldn’t it? Every time something big happens the System would do wide notification, if people know your information then…

2: Friendlist, on the second page is a friend adding function, with this one could establish a line of communication even if the two party are far and wide apart. This is a very useful feature for groups, I conjectures that this function would still apply even if we go back to reality. If you want we could add each other later.

3: Map minimization, there’s a Earth symbol at the top right corner of the first page, click it and a map would pop up, it will display surrounding 100 meter, I guess this range would increase in later part of the game, or maybe it can be increased as a reward for completing special missions. I’m sure you can find utility in surveying the surroundings yes? The Infinite System has already informed us of all we need to survive, we just haven’t done the exploring, I relied on this to escape the pursuit of a large amount of zombies, white dots are neutral, blue = allies, red = hostiles.

4: System shop, on the bottom right of the 2nd page is a small shop symbol,  I took a look inside and there’s a lot of gray locked items inside, I suppose these items are sealed for the time being, maybe if we finish the mission or get out of this world we would find some clue on how to use them, again its benefits are self explanatory.

5. Contract system, 2nd page bottom left is a scroll symbol, I took a look at that as well, it’s probably set up for us players to form temporary agreement, packing up by contract, I haven’t tried it but if it’s for forming team, there’s probably a function that makes friendly fire impossible ya? Some web games have this kind of setting so I should expect that they would as well.

There, I’ve told you everything I know, these information should be able to assist you in a lot of things yes? People like you who are strong enough usually overlook the devil in the details, specifically the various functions of the phone, and now that you are aware of them I suppose they would contribute a lot to your infinite development no?”

Listening to her, he took out his phone and confirmed everything she said, there’s no misstatement, everything checks out. He didn’t inspect it closely and as a result is ignorant to the various life saving functions it contains. It seems the woman before him is no simple collected and smart person. To think she could respond in such a way in a situation where zombies are around every corner, very impressive, very sharp indeed.

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