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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 158: The malfunctioning teleportation crystals

Kamdet, the 74th floor...

Just like that, Feng Yu Chen & co already made it to the 74th floor.

It's a wonderful floor with ancient forests as its general setting. After traversing the forest, one would find themselves gazing upon a beautiful meadow full of blue flowers. When the wind blows, the flowers dancing along to the wind made for  picturesque scenery.

If one followed this meadow and went west then they would find the labyrinth of the 74th floor. It's a lofty tower standing at the end of the meadow with an overall purplish-red color adorning the giant cylinder tower.

According to his memories of SAO, from this floor onwards, every boss fight will come with an Anti-crystal zone, meaning they can't bail out after entering a boss fight. All the boss fights from now on will have this feature.

Feng Yu Chen & co didn't immediately start a boss raid. They were busy capturing the monster that can drop the Rank S food material, Ragout Rabbit. Yet, their plans went to the drains after a certain event.

"Have you heard about it? A group of Army players went for the Boss room and they all died."

"Yeah, that's horrible to hear. So many good players died..."

"I heard they couldn't use crystals and that's why they died..."

"No freaking way, you're telling me they couldn't use Teleport crystals?"

"Eh, they were partly at fault for overlooking the risk of a boss raid. They thought they can pull off a successful raid just because they are the number 1 guild in SAO. In any case, they are only number 1 in guild member numbers. Individual skills-wise, KoB and the Wings are far superior..."

"I say they had it coming. They got all high and mighty just because they are compared to KoBs and Wings. In the end... jeez..."


Soon, the streets were filled with sarcastic murmurs and disappointed looks. Everyone on the 74th floor already knew about the Army wipeout event.

"What now?"

Asuna asked Feng Yu Chen. Ragout rabbit hunting was the objective today, but, now...

Feng Yu Chen rubbed his chin.

"With our current might and the boss' slightly stronger power, I am confident I can take the boss down on my own."

"Do we want to clear this floor first?"

Saeko chimed in.


Inori also glanced at Feng Yu Chen. She knows clearing the floor is more important. But, the S-grade meat...


Haruna clasped her hands together as if she's praying for Feng Yu Chen to choose wisely.

"I say we kill the boss and catch ourselves some rabbits. Tonight, we dine on Rank-S meat."

Feng Yu Chen said.

"Nn, if we can clear this floor then that would help with the players' morale. They are probably hoping for us to clear this world. We are their hope."

Asuna clenched the rapier behind her waist. She's not too anxious about clearing SAO just yet. However, she still has to show her competence when it's time.

"Okay, let the Wings clear this floor..."

Feng Yu Chen said.


Feng Yu Chen & co came to the labyrinth area. It's immediately obvious that the monsters here are far more dangerous.

The mobs here are mostly monsters known as Demonic Servant. These monsters are equipped with long swords and round shields. Standing at over 2 meters tall, these monsters with blue glints on their bones are deadly fighters with high STR stats.

There are also monsters with enhanced AI known as Lizardman Lord, it wields a scimitar and round shield. Overall, the monster is a bipedal reptilian monster that can use advanced sword skills. It's a tough opponent.

"That Lizardman Lord was super strong! It can even use Fell Crescent. Against a monster that can cover 4 meters in 0.4 seconds, I don't think average players can handle it. Even careless elite players will most likely..."

Kirito exclaimed.

"The monster can learn too. After being attacked by a skill, the same skill won't work on the second try as that monster will dodge it. If all monsters do this then mob fights will be harder from this point on. Anyway, for OP players like us, these monsters won't be an issue."

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

"You, did you just call yourself OP? Seriously..."

Asuna rolled her eyes at Feng Yu Chen. The guild is indeed made of capable players. Kirito has speed and Dual Blades, Asuna is good with Rapier skills and rapid dashes. Saeko is good at Battojutsu, Shirotama has her Viper Dance and heat perception. They are all capable fighters. Asuna also doesn't think she's weak when she's using her speed and rapier skills.

"Ah, hahaha, I guess that's weird, huh? The other players are calling me OP so let's just roll with it. Let's go into the Boss room. I want this fight wrapped up in one minute. Who's going first?"

The others stepped aside when they heard this. Obviously, they wanted the captain to deal the first blow.

"You guys..."

Feng Yu Chen shook his head helplessly.

Fine, sheesh, being the Captain means he has to go first, huh?

"It's not my intention to sit this one out. I just can't keep up with your rhythm..."

Asuna said. Feng Yu Chen's tactic is weird and unpredictable. He can switch between fast jabs and slow but powerful hits. It's hard to capture his pattern too, the only way around this is for Feng Yu Chen to match his speed to Asuna. But, Asuna hopes to see an unfettered Feng Yu Chen in combat.


Feng Yu Chen opened the Boss room door. Inside, there are blue flames lining the walls of the room...


A terrible demonic monster with rope-like bulging muscles brandished its giant sword. With a goat head and deep blue skin, the goat monster showed itself through the bluish-white gleams in its eyes. Its lower body was covered in navy-colored fur. The twisted horns signaled the monster's brutality.

The monster had a name: Gleam Eyes.

The boss of the 74th floor spawned!

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