Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 157: Bing Die leaves

Feng Yu Chen brought Shirotama back to the guild base. Shirotama became the tenth member of the Wings of Freedom. This fit into Feng Yu Chen's plan rather nicely.

Shirotama kept to herself. She didn't talk to anyone other than Feng Yu Chen.

"What is up with the new girl?"

Asuna asked Feng Yu Chen, she felt a dangerous vibe coming from Shirotama.

"It's fine. She's one of us, you can ignore her if you want."

Feng Yu Chen rubbed Asuna's head.


Asuna swat Feng Yu Chen's hand away. She pouted.

"Jeez, Mr.Mysterious over here. Also, stop touching my head, you make me feel like I'm a kid..."

"Okay, I guess I got used to rubbing Haruna's head. I will change my expression of affection to hugs..."

Feng Yu Chen started hugging Asuna.

"You, seriously..."

Asuna started blushing, there are people nearby. That's what she wanted to say.

"Hey, Asuna. Let's get hitched. I want you to become my wife in this world, what do you say?"

Feng Yu Chen asked while looking into her eyes.


Asuna started fidgeting with a red face.

"Not now, I am not ready yet. Let's focus on clearing SAO first..."

"Okay, you're the boss. I will wait for you. It is settled, whether it is in this world or the real one, I am going to make you my wife."

Feng Yu Chen pecked Asuna's hand lightly.

"Nn, I mean... we just got together. I also didn't get to experience all the stages of love, marriage is still a bit too early. I am not that easy, I still need to test you..."

Asuna said with a steaming hot face. It's true that she still wanted to continue this dating game a bit longer.

Feng Yu Chen can also see how it's still too early to talk about marriage. He just blurted that out on impulse. Perhaps the consummation of marriage affected his thoughts, is he that impatient?

In the following month, Feng Yu Chen and Bing Die cleaned up other Blue Players and Red Players. There are only Feng Yu Chen, Haruna, Zi Yue Ling, Bing Die, Xiao Han Yue, and Shirotama.

Of the original 100 players, only 6 remained. SAO has also gone live for 1 year.

Feng Yu Chen interrupted Bing Die's progress by letting Shirotama kill a few more blue players. In the end, Bing Die didn't get the [King of Carnage] title. The only way she's going to get that title would be to kill 2,000 native SAO players.

"You lied to me! You think you're so smart, huh?! I know Shirotama switched over to your side. You got her to block my progress, didn't you? You jerk, I was only 3 more kills away from that title. You didn't fulfill your end of the deal! I am going to kill your women as revenge! Three lives, I will take their heads!"

Bing Die shouted in front of Feng Yu Chen. She was tricked by Feng Yu Chen. She also gave him her first kiss for nothing. The guy clearly wasn't going to let her obtain the title from the first outset.

Shirotama flashed behind Bing Die. She had her dagger pressed against the rib behind her heart.

"Master, do you want me to kill this girl? Please allow me to put her in her place for talking back."

Bing Die double-crossed Shirotama because she found it difficult to kill Shirotama. Her hiding and invisibility skills were useless against Shirotama who can still detect her through non-visual means.

Feng Yu Chen shook his head.

"No need, there is no benefit in doing so."

"Okay, master..."

Feng Yu Chen already made an obedient servant out of Shirotama.

"If you want to kill me then just do it! I don't need your pity!"

Bing Die yelled at Feng Yu Chen. It was her fault to believe him.

"Indeed, killing you would be an easy task. Yes, I am wrong to renege on the deal. More like, I am afraid you will grow too quickly. I cannot allow you to obtain that title because of the title's stats boost. For that, I will let you go. Consider us even, I crossed you but I am going to let you return to the original world.

If you obtained the title I would have been forced to kill you. We shared lips once so I'd rather you lived. It's why I sabotaged you. I helped you and now you must leave. You don't stand a chance against Shirotama and I. We can both see past your invisibility skills, the strength you pride yourself on."

Feng Yu Chen patted Bing Die's cheeks.


Bing Die started breaking out cold sweat. This man would have killed her if she got the title. Given his personality, there's a high chance he's telling the truth. This was his way of giving her a way out. If she didn't get the title then she's no threat to him. If she's no threat to him then she can live.

"You want me to thank you for your largesse?"

Bing Die sighed. Since she's weaker, she has to listen to the victor.

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

"Of course, had you agreed to be my woman, I would have let you obtain the title. But, you didn't so I had to think of another way to keep you alive."

"Dream on! There's no way I am going to become your woman. In the next world, I am not going to lose to you, just you wait and see. I will build my own faction. You taught me a valuable lesson here. I can't do great things on my own. I will build a terrifying organization and make you kneel before me. I will make you lick my toes. I won't take this one sitting down! See you in the next world!"

Bing Die gnashed her teeth. She's going to become a dark queen that will oppose Feng Yu Chen.

"Haha, is that so? Okay, I will be waiting for you. It would be boring if there's no one around to challenge me. However, if I catch you next time, I am going to forcibly make you mine, you will never escape me then..."

Feng Yu Chen raised her chin and kissed her.

"Y-... shameless jerk. I won't let things play out like this in the next world..."

Bing Die shoved Feng Yu Chen away. Her body slowly disappeared as she returned to the real world.

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