Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 156: Shirotama subjugated.

Huff huff...

Shirotama heaving violently on the ground. Her lifeless eyes locked onto the ceiling above. This is the first time she felt like someone's beyond her league. Feng Yu Chen is too powerful. She reckons it would be impossible to beat him.

Feng Yu Chen squatted down by her side.

"There was this one guy who lived near me. He had excellent grades and all the girls swoon whenever he's around. One day, an accident ripped his arms off. That incident plunged him into the deepest abyss.

I might have committed suicide if I was him, most would. Losing one's arm is like a bird losing its wings. He had everything and he lost it all in one unfortunate incident. He might be handsome but his handicap made it very hard for him to find a girlfriend.

An average joe would probably suck it up and continue living. For someone who had everything, losing his halo probably shook him to the core. At the time, I felt like he was just a walking suicide case.

However, 3 years later, he returned to his old life. By sheer grit and determination, he used his remaining limbs to forge a path back into his old glorious life. He wrote with his legs, played games with his leg, ate using his feet. He also got a job he loved. Everything's back to normal.

I bumped into him and I asked him how he did, you wanna guess what he said?"


Shirotama was piqued by Feng Yu Chen's story. She saw herself in that person's position.

"He said:' I still have dozens of years to live. The world's too beautiful for me to go around begging for charity and help. I can create my own path. It is up to me how I charter my own life. I played games after work and I fed my family with the money I earned myself. So what if I can't get laid, I can always jerk one off. I can still do whatever I want, that's what it means to live. The world is as you make it to be, as beautiful as you perceive it to be."

His words blew my mind. His disability didn't get him down. He has no arms but he had beautiful wings. Even without arms, the guy still supported his family and siblings through honest work."

Feng Yu Chen praised the guy in his story. It is a real case study that he noted down.

Shirotama replied.

"How? Is there anyone like that?"

"Yes. There are countless people just like him. They struggle against the waves life throw at them and they flew beyond their restrictions with their invisible wings. They didn't let a disability stop them from doing what they want with their lives. Shirotama, the moral of the story is that you can decide how you want to live your life. Fate and destiny be damned.

If you say you can't see the light then I will become your light. If you say nobody understands you then I am all ears. Even in darkness I will reach out to you. You said you can perceive everything within 1 meter, right? The Infinity universe can yield infinite possibilities, I am sure there is one path in there that will turn you into a perfect being.

Heaven may have forsaken you but you can never give up on yourself. Prove yourself to the world. You're a beautiful butterfly, join me and I shall bring you a glorious future. If you say no one acknowledges you then let me be the first one to do so! Join me!"

Feng Yu Chen offered Shirotama his hand.

If no one acknowledges you then let me be the first one to do so.

That line stuck with her.

Feng Yu Chen looked like a blinding sun in her eyes.

"Even if I slaughter everything, you will still acknowledge me?"

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

"No matter what you become, I am here. So what if you kill a little here and there? I am not a stranger to the old rip and tear. Even if everyone treats you like the butterfly of death, you are still the mesmerizing butterfly in my eyes. Now, come, you just need to show your brilliance to me for only I can appreciate your contributions. I will destroy the darkness for you. Whenever you feel like you're losing grip on reality, just remember to live on for me."

Feng Yu Chen felt like a priest trying to initiate Shirotama as his acolyte. How is Feng Yu Chen any different from Orochimaru?

He used overwhelming power to subjugate Shirotama. Then, he instilled his ideals in her, he wanted her to hold onto that light. Next, he substituted the blinding light with himself, installing the image of a reliable person in her mind.

Shirotama is powerful but her mind and soul are simple. She couldn't see past Feng Yu Chen's charming words.

Step by step, Feng Yu Chen turned her into his retainer. In Shirotama's eyes, Feng Yu Chen is the only source of light.

"Okay, I will follow you. Please bring me into the light..."

Shirotama reached out and she grabbed Feng Yu Chen's hand. She accepted the offer of this strong man who accepted her.

The plan to conquer Shirotama is simple. Make her feel like you're too strong and use the resulting fear to convince her. Weak fighters are only pushovers in her eyes. After that, give her the carrot, promise her light or some other idealistic words and let her simple psyche fill in the gaps. Finally, convince her that you're the only one who can help her. Make her yours.

Feng Yu Chen pulled her up.

"Good, we are sworn comrades from now on. I will treat you nicely as we journey towards a more beautiful world..."


Shirotama nodded resolutely.

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