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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 155: Eight trigrams, two palms

Feng Yu Chen entered the Eight Trigram stance. In an instant, he felt like he can control heaven and earth. Shirotama is like a helpless prey in front of Feng Yu Chen.

"Why did you sheathe your blade? I don't know what you're up to but losing your weapon is like losing a fang. Your hubris will be the end of you..."

Shirotama snickered even as a chill spread within his core. Feng Yu Chen looked like he's planning to go easy on Shirotama by storing his sword away. It looked like the act of a haughty opponent. What can he do without a blade?

Feng Yu Chen grinned when he saw the disdain in Shirotama's eyes.

"I don't need a sword to beat you. Now, let me show you the vast difference between you and I. I will become your master!"

"So prideful. It's time I send you on your way to the afterlife. Blue players only have one life. After I am done with you, Bing Die's next, you will all die!"

Shirotama started trembling, he is getting to strike like a viper. Shirotama shot out like an arrow, he is drastically faster than before. He also equipped a dagger in his left hand. He's planning on a dual-blade blitz attack. The longer the blade the longer the reach. On the other hand, a shorter blade has superior speed. The two daggers were like a viper's venomous fangs that were trained on Feng Yu Chen.

"You are using a way more powerful technique than before. But, you are still full of openings. Behold, the difference between us..."

Feng Yu Chen also moved. He unleashed a right palm strike that was enhanced with supernatural strength. This attack had a hint of chakra in it, a signature Gentle Fist Tenketsu attack...

Whoosh whoosh whoosh

He unleashed three palm strikes, the max strikes allowed at his current Gentle First Lv1 mastery.


His Gentle Fist is a misnomer since he had superhuman strength. He can unleash a tremendous force with his 100kg single-handed output. This superhuman strength allowed him to crack boulders and shatter stones with ease.

Shirotama got pummeled into a nearby wall. It looked like someone shot him into the wall. His sword fell as fear gripped him. His ultimate attack got blocked while Feng Yu Chen's move escaped his perception. It felt like his chest would explode.

He stayed there, the deep pain kept him from standing up.

Feng Yu Chen faintly laughed. He approached and kicked Shirotama up.


Shirotama got sent into the wall again. He laid there like a dead dog.

Shirotama is more feral than human. To tame an animal, one needed to use overwhelming fear to dominate the creature's mind. The rule of the jungle applies here.

"Well? Do you want to feel pain again? Stand up, is this what you're made of? You kept prattling on about cursing the world when you're just a powerless trash. Rise up, fight me!"

He slammed Shirotama against the wall.

A sensation made Feng Yu Chen pause. Why is Shirotama's chest so soft? Is Shirotama actually a girl?

He wanted to recruit a subordinate and fate threw a curve ball at him. His opponent is a girl.

Feng Yu Chen noticed Shirotama's oddly high pitch and feminine syntax. He assumed Shirotama is a trap (looks like a girl but is a dude). He was wrong.

Feng Yu Chen calmed himself down. If he softened up on her because she's a female then Shirotama will never submit to him. This vicious woman probably despised her own identity and she will certainly not welcome anyone who treats her differently just because she's a woman.

So, Feng Yu Chen continued assaulting her. It felt strangely pleasant so he wondered if maybe this is his Sadistic side kicking in.

"I don't believe this. Again! I will kill you!"

Shirotama gnashed her teeth. She wanted to avenge herself by killing Feng Yu Chen.

"Good, I like your fearless conviction. Come, show me your true colors. Be warned, I won't go easy on you."

Feng Yu Chen slammed Shirotama back onto the ground.


Shirotama struggled to get up. Her eyes were red with rage. She picked up her blades and she initiated the unique sword skill she created herself. She twirled like a spinning top, she shot out a purple sword beam that looked like a viper ready to pounce on Feng Yu Chen.

Such speed.

It's time to use more of his power. He kept his left eye in Byakugan state while switching his right eye to Sharingan (two Magatamas). He simultaneously unleashed two dojutsu at once.

He used Sharingan to perceive time faster. He is still shaky with Byakugan so this ensured he can see every move Shirotama makes.

Eight trigram...

"Two Palms!"

He used the basic first phase of two palm strikes. The two palm strikes connected with Shirotama's chest, sending her flying into the distance. Feng Yu Chen questioned fate's design, why did Shirotama have to be a girl?


Shirotama shattered into a rain of polygons.

She revived in a flash of light. She had two more lives left.

"Argh! Dieee!!!"

Shirotama launched herself at Feng Yu Chen once more. She wants him dead!

"So many openings... You're worse than before..."

Feng Yu Chen kicked Shirotama into the ground like a barbarian. That action was easy to accomplish since Shirotama practically ran into his foot.

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