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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 154: Potential card, Byakugan

Feng Yu Chen's Sharingan caught Shirotama's attack trajectories. His Viper's Dance did nothing against Feng Yu Chen other than flailing around like a fool. This enraged Shirotama.

In a fight, when one of the combatants loses focus due to rage or anxiety then that combatant's fighting power will decrease.

Shirotama is used to dispatching his opponents with ease. There are no preys too hard to hunt for him. However, he met his match today. The opponent in front of him isn't afraid of his superhuman abilities, Feng Yu Chen also didn't go down in seconds.

Feng Yu Chen dodged Shirotama's mindless attacks. The fight is already over, Shirotama lost. Shirotama lost his cool and this sealed his fate, Feng Yu Chen can end this fight whenever he felt like it.

He kept this going because he had another idea. Shirotama is a capable fighter in his own right. He is powerful and he can see past Soru. Granted, Feng Yu Chen still had room for improvement in the utilization of Soru. However, he had the skills to somewhat resist Soru and that is already commendable.

Shirotama had deadly attacks too. With his strong will, it's not hard to see him grow into a much powerful state given the right training and sufficient time.

Feng Yu Chen wanted to recruit this man. But, that appears to be a tall task. This guy is similar to Gaara where he bitterly curses everyone around him. The resentment within him is greater than Gaara.

Can he do it? He wasn't sure. Simple methods will not work on this guy. Before he can proceed with his plan, getting rid of the other hindrances came first.

There are two other red players here. They were of no value to Feng Yu Chen so he decided to get rid of them.

Feng Yu Chen rapidly tapped his feet against the ground. He disappeared in an instant.

Stab stab

The two Red players watching the fight held their necks as their eyes went wide. They collapsed to the floor before exploding into red polygonal crystals.

A brief flash of light and the red players are back. Red players had three lives. They just used up one free life...


Stab stab

The two red players had two huge holes where their hearts should be. This is their second life...

The final flash of light came. The two Red players started running for their lives. This is their last shot but...

Splish splash

Two gnarly holes appeared in their heads. They were deleted from this virtual world.

Shirotama watched Feng Yu Chen kill his allies. He was going to do it if Feng Yu Chen didn't. Everybody must die, that's what he thinks.

"Alright, with the annoying fellows gone, it's just you and me now. Shirotama, was it? Join me, I admire your power. Join me and I will give you light. Come, let me show you a beautiful future, let me open your eyes. You were blind to the world's beauty because nobody reached out to you. Now, I am reaching out to you."

Feng Yu Chen addressed Shirotama.


Shirotama started laughing out loud.

"You want to turn me into your vassal? Beat me first, then we will talk. I can't hit you and you can't hit me. The way I see it, you're going to have to bring out the big guns to bring me down. Let me see what you can do. There's no way I am going to serve someone weak."

"Nn, very well. Let me show you what I can do. Get ready to fear me!"

Feng Yu Chen sheathed his Mercury sword. He got into a stance to perform the eight trigrams Taijutsu. The next second, his eyes turned white.

Feng Yu Chen was referring to this when he said he can counter Bing Die. Byakugan, he got this ability after opening the Golden door in the Fortune Commercial Complex. It's also the same door where he obtained Soru.

The Golden door is a door where the user can influence the draw outcome by envisioning the desired effect or magical potency. Feng Yu Chen wished for an ability that can unveil illusions and hidden items. The system's shop gave Feng Yu Chen this potential skill card.

Byakugan: Lv1 (Proficiency:0/500): Instant activation/deactivation. Consumes 10 Energy upon activation. Consumes 1 energy every active minute.
Effect: A skill that was passed down to Hagoromo Otsutsuki through the Six-path Sage's mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki. A Kekkei-genkai Dojutsu commonly associated with members of the Hyuuga clan. Gives the user comparable visual prowess to that of a Sharigan user. Grants far sight, x-ray vision, and the ability to see Chakra pathways, movement and Tenketsu. Chakra can be used to enhance visual abilities. Visiblity range can reach 1 kilometer. Also grants the user near-360° vision (the caged birds of the Hyuuga clan can only see roughly 355° with a blindspot behind their neck above the first thoracic vertebra.).

Insightful eyes (Lv1): Farsight, x-ray vision, Tenketsu, and Chakra pathway vision. Enhanced vision range is currently at 100 meters.

Gentle fist: A technique aimed at disrupting an opponent's meridians, doing internal damage through infusing the user's Chakra into the opponent's chakra pathways and wreaking havoc on enemy organs. Current max Tenketsu strikes at 3 hits.

Eight Trigram Palm attacks: Currently at two palms, the secret taijutsu of the Hyuuga clan. Can accurately hit two tenketsu or meridian node of the opponent, disrupting energy flow and blocking energy channeling.

Feng Yu Chen is confident he can use the Byakugan efficiently. With both Byakugan and Sharingan in his possession, there are no enemies too tough for him at this stage.

He only got this skill card after drawing 5 times from the Golden door. The other four were duds. He wasted 5000 YBB in total, this dented his YBB wealth by a material portion. It hurt his wallet but the payout was worth it.

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