Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 153: Curse: Mind's eye

In an instant, Feng Yu Chen used Soru to quickly get behind Shirotama, unleashing a backstab. However, Shirotama defended as if he saw this coming.

He sniffed out Feng Yu Chen's method at the first outset. This is truly terrifying for Feng Yu Chen. Maybe he's No.3 because he killed more people rather than from his skills as an assassin. Bing Die killed more people so she's No.1?

"You know, you can shock other people with your speed, you're probably very proud of your abilities, huh? Indeed, you have good reasons to be smug, but..."

Shirotama slowly said.

"Do you know what creatures don't see with their eyes? Do you know what animal I am talking about?"


Feng Yu Chen asked.

"Snakes, they are effectively blind, they can't even properly see prey from a 1-meter distance. Their auditory senses are also very poor. Instead, they perceive their environment through vibrations of the ground and sniff the molecules in the air to see their rivals. Your speedy Shunpo is nothing to me..."

Shirotama sneered. He appears to be confident in his own abilities as well.

"You're saying you're a snake?"

Feng Yu Chen asked. Two red players introduced themselves as snakes to him, that dead Danseirou also claimed to be a Snake King or something like that?

"Of course. In the real world, I am blind. Do you know what it's like to be blind? It's like I am cursed to live in perpetual darkness, do you know the anguish that comes from that? Sometimes I contemplate suicide through self-strangulation, I curse everything, I curse my parents for bringing me into this world without eyes. I cursed God, I curse everything around me, I curse everyone who can see with their eyes!

One day, I found an object on the ground and it brought me into this world. The Infinity System granted me a bonus, it allowed me to see everything within a 1-meter radius. This came at a cost, one of my ears is deaf now!

Even so, I feel like this was a blessing granted to me. So what if I can only see 1-meter? I am going to plunge the world into terror. My destiny is to curse the world. In the course of hunting prey, I found hidden potential in me. Due to a prolonged period of going without my sight. My other senses are heightened, I can feel the breeze, the vibrations in the ground, I can perceive things no one else can...

Slowly, my prey fell as they ran or hid. No matter what they did, I can always tell what's going on. I call this ability my Mind's Eye. So what if I don't have perfect vision, I can still become strong through my other senses.

Do you know why I chose the Red Players? I pushed myself to the limits, I trained in gruesome manners, as one cursed by the world, I trained while the world abandoned me. Kill, I will kill anyone, even God, there are no limits as I have nothing more to lose!

I want to destroy this world. I want everybody dead. So what if you're the strongest player, you're just another prey to me. Alright, I have said too much, time to die!"

Shirotama disappeared in a flash and he appeared behind Feng Yu Chen with his Tachi slashing downwards.

What's terrifying is that Shirotama didn't make any sound, his rapid movement also didn't cause excessive disturbance in the air around him.

This abnormal speed...

He's a speedster...

His Sharingan whirled, he already identified the enemy's type. Excluding special skills and abilities, there are those who trained to get superhuman speed.

Feng Yu Chen's Sora is a speed-type ability. Sharingan can slow down the world around him. It is also a speed-type ability. Those are special skills and abilities. Shirotama's different, he is using pure speed to move.

Even so, Shirotama moved like the snake he adored, it's fast even when viewed by Sharingan. It's nimble and difficult to track. It looked like he disappeared from view, the curves and turns also disoriented an opponent. It's hard to grasp his true location and it slowed down the perception of anyone trying to capture his movement. It looked deceptively slow when he's moving too fast that the opponent's mind got tricked.


Feng Yu Chen is surprised but he blocked the attack anyway.

It's confusing for other humans not someone with Sharingan.

If he's fast then the Sharingan is a cheat-like eye that can capture an opponent's move despite their speed. His Sharingan evolved to Level 2, so far, nobody's eluded his Sharingan. Shirotama's speed is also inferior to the enhanced visual prowess granted by Feng Yu Chen's Sharingan.

"What the? You bastard! Nobody can see my movements, how did you do it? Impossible! Impossible, die you! Just die!"

Shirotama got angry. This wasn't how he imagined things would play out. He expected Feng Yu Chen to get skewered by his tachi. Instead, Feng Yu Chen blocked his slash. How did this happen?

"Tsk, you are blind and you have my pity. Nobody would want their child to be blind. But... you know, cursing your parents is going overboard. They didn't wish this upon you and they most certainly still loved you despite your shortcoming. They are also the ones who gave you life. They sacrificed so much to bring you up. You shouldn't have cursed your own parents..."

Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips. This guy is too extreme. He understood where the guy came from, he is a disturbed soul who grew up in a world of darkness, a world of fear...

"How dare you patronize me, what do you know? Do you know what it's like to be blind? No, you don't. Nobody does, I curse all who can see, I will kill you all! Kill! Kill!!!"

Shirotama raised his speed, he started hacking away at Feng Yu Chen...

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