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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 152: The No.3 among Red Players, Shirotama

Silica joined Feng Yu Chen's Wings of Freedom after he invited her. She also joined as his adopted sister. Feng Yu Chen got himself a 13-year-old adopted sister.

"Alright, with a new member, our guild is steadily growing stronger. We are just one person short of a 10-member squad!"

Feng Yu Chen announced Silica's participation.


The other members reacted with relative fatigue. They can tell the newest member is a liability. Feng Yu Chen appears to have a Siscon side to him as well.

"Okay, what's up with your expressions?..."

Feng Yu Chen helplessly retorted.

"Uwu, I thought you already have me as the sister? I hate you..."

Haruna mewled like a victim. She mistakenly assumed she got replaced by Silica so there is no more delicious meat waiting for her in the future...

I don't even...

Feng Yu Chen isn't sure why she's weeping. He is, however, definitely sure she has ulterior motives when she became his sister.

(Author's note: She obviously signed up for the meat, Feng Yu Chen's nothing more than a handy long-term meal coupon."

"Does everyone not like me?"

Silica said with a slightly saddened look, her eyes turned misty.

"Nah, Silica's so cute, nobody can find it in their heart to hate you. That girl is just like that, always defiant against anything I have to say..."

Feng Yu Chen consoled Silica. Kirito is also starting to defy his orders. He ran out on kitchen duty after eating, that guy makes it very clear he is not a fan of doing the dishes. He is starting to question his authority as the captain. Kirito, you are also a rebel now, eh...

Kirito: "You forced me into this!"

"Anyway, this is par of the course for them, don't worry about it..."

"Yes, I was joking. But, be wary around your Onii-san, he has a thing for lolis!"

Zi Yue Ling said while making sure to whisper the latter part into Silica's ears.

"Welcome to the guild, now we have two Beast Tamers in our guild. I think you're going to hit it off with Haruna. You two are our guild mascots..."

Zi Yue Ling is glad to welcome one more mascot into the guild.


Inori nodded.

"You're the youngest one here so everybody's your elder sibling. Haruna's the third youngest and Asuna's the second youngest."

Saeko added. Asuna is 16, Haruna's also 16. But, Haruna did mention her birthday's in spring so she's older than Asuna since her birthday's the 30th of September, autumn.


Silica nodded. This guild didn't feel like a guild, it felt more like a club where the members regularly teased each other. It's a warm and peaceful place. She felt strangely at home.

Night time, the world's in a silent state with the moon watching over everything from its astral podium.

Feng Yu Chen agreed with Bing Die to meet here in the labyrinth of the 10th floor, Senja Town.

Feng Yu Chen is going to kill a few red players here and get more points.

Feng Yu Chen and Bing Die agreed to trade kills. They conspired to kill off other non-allies in their own factions.

Feng Yu Chen stopped after stepping into Senja town. There's a white-haired male standing in front of him. He had sharp serpentine eyes that glimmered in the night. There are also two other hooded players near him.

"Bing Die's intel is correct. The strongest player, Feng Yu Chen, the no.1 Blue player, I don't why you chose to come here on your own but today's the day you die."

The white-haired male player said with a piercing look. He is here with hostile intentions.

Feng Yu Chen was as calm as a lake's still surface. His eyes slowly turned red and his Sharingan manifested. He's already very proficient with his Sharingan, he can summon it without wasting energy most of the time. However, the stamina consumption is still there...

"You're the No.3 among killers, Shirotama? I will be taking your life tonight. I hope you can make this enjoyable for me. It's been a long time since I had a good fight, my body's a bit rusty. Now... let's begin the carnage..."

Feng Yu Chen's eyes lit up with a malicious shade of red. His bloodthirsty side woke up, staying docile as a Blue Player had kept him in a bored rut, killing other players is where he can find the real fun.


Shirotama replied.

"I've got to say, your façade as the kind and warm captain is well-built. I wouldn't think you're a bloodthirsty killer deep down. That aura, it's something only a Red Player should have. It seems I have been duped. Bing Die put you up against me to eliminate me. I am sorry, but, you're the one who is going to get killed tonight."

Shirotama immediately identified the current situation by gauging Feng Yu Chen's attitude. Bing Die wants to use Feng Yu Chen to get rid of him, did she notice his plans?

The Red Players were hatching a plan to get rid of Bing Die. He didn't think they would pull the rug from under them so swiftly. She unleashed Feng Yu Chen on them.

Bing Die's hidden motive for the trade is the elimination of her hidden rivals through Feng Yu Chen's power. She went too far, killing Red and Blue players alike. The Red players got scared and banded together to take care of her. She cannot kill so many players on her own, the others after her were also very powerful. If they worked together then there's a real chance she might lose. With Feng Yu Chen as her helper, however....

"Kill me? Ahahaha! Do you honestly think you have the qualifications for that? It's alright, I am going to instill into you the true distance between our powers. Behind the silver night lies terrible darkness. I hope you guys have readied your prayers when you reach the other side..."

Feng Yu Chen immediately disappeared. He appeared behind Shirotama in a flash and his sword swung down swiftly while reflecting the moonlight off its blade.


Shirotama blocked the sudden attack handily.

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