Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 151: Silica


Silica looked at the person holding her and she thanked her savior with a red face. His swift movement and expert skills were unlike any other players she met. They were also far inferior in sword skills. His sword style is elegant, it's just different from others.

Feng Yu Chen lowered Silica and he beamed at her.

"No need to thank me."

So kind...

Silica instantly warmed up to Feng Yu Chen. His charming smile also got her heart racing.


The crystalline dragon chirped on her shoulder.

"Although there are many beautiful islands and islets here, the fields are rather dangerous with snake-type monsters roaming it..."

Feng Yu Chen explained.


Silica clasped her hands together meekly. She couldn't bear to look at Feng Yu Chen's face.

"You wanna come with us? After we are done gathering raw materials we are going to head back. If you're with us, you should encounter less... trouble..."

Feng Yu Chen rubbed Silica's head. She's so cute, her personality is like her innocent appearance.

"Nn... Sorry for the trouble..."

Silica nodded.

Feng Yu Chen introduced Asuna to Silica.

"She's my girlfriend, Asuna. We are already preparing to tie the knot in this world..."

Silica and Asuna were equally stunned.

Asuna's moved that Feng Yu Chen thought of her in this way. His initiative touched her. Jealousy immediately left her mind. That's the best promise anyone can get.

Silica is slightly pained that this hunk is already taken. It's just a shame for her.

"My name's Feng Yu Chen, what's yours?"

Feng Yu Chen introduced himself. He asked for her name although he already knew.

"I am Silica..."

Silica replied. She mumbled Feng Yu Chen's name, why does it feel so familiar?

"Alright, Silica-chan, let's look for more materials..."

Asuna hugged Silica like they are already BFFs. Asuna accepted her after Feng Yu Chen's bold declaration. In any case, no matter what became of Silica, Feng Yu Chen is going to marry Asuna anyway.

"Oh... right, okay..."

Silica is slightly envious of Silica. Sure, Asuna's cute but Silica reckons she is cute too. Just her luck, the guy she had a crush on is already taken.

The trio went on to find more materials before returning to the main settlement on the 24th floor. They were heading back to the HQ on the first floor.

"Silica, do you want to join us for lunch? Let's eat together..."

Asuna grabbed Silica's hand. Yeah, they are BFFs now.

Silica saw the hopeful look on Feng Yu Chen and she agreed.

"Okay, sorry for the trouble."

"It's nothing, don't worry about it..."

Feng Yu Chen smiled.

The trio returned to the first floor. When she stepped into the compounds of the Wings of Freedom, Silica gasped.

"This place... isn't it the Wings' HQ? What are we doing here?"

Silica was shocked.

"Hehe, we are at the right place, this is our home..."

Asuna winked.

No-no way...

Silica was baffled. She recalled the Wing's captain. The Wings of Freedom are the strongest guild in game and the first guild to stand out during SAO early game. The Wings are the heroes of the players stuck in this game.

As the one who discovered Skill Connect. The captain of the Wings is also the only one able to do a 0-delay Skill Connect. He's like an idol in this world, he had fans all over SAO. His formidable skills, his discovery of the Skill Connect. It's rumored that floor bosses can't even touch his shirt in fights. His powerful abilities, elegant sword skills made him a prince in the hearts of many players. Although, he is also known as the Lolicon Prince.

Wait, he's the Feng Yu Chen, the captain of the Wings, oh my gosh, a prince charming...

Silica's eyes were filled with stars. He just saved her from a monster. She even got a smile from him.

No, I can't be too assertive. But, he's so dreamy...

Silica felt dizzy. She almost lost bearing despite the front door being right there.

"Yo, I see you caught yourself a loli..."

Zi Yue Ling said after seeing Silica standing behind Asuna.

"Phrasing. Also, I rescued her from the wild..."

Feng Yu Chen wanted to smack Zi Yue Ling on her butt. She's just acting out of place. She's also the one to blame for spreading bad rumors about him. She's the prime example of asking to be beaten by the chain of command. However, when will the chance come to teach this classy lady a lesson?

"Go make us some food. You're on the chef duty by yourself today, I need to show Silica around..."

Asuna pushed Feng Yu Chen towards the kitchen.

Silica became petrified. The captain of the Wings is going to make the lunch? A respectable guy like him in charge of kitchen duty? This is just unheard of. Her horizon widened...

"It's fine, he's our chef. His culinary skills are excellent and he can make dishes that are out of this world. Although it's regrettable to admit this, he can actually cook better than me..."

Asuna said while grinning. Her radiant smile felt like she's gloating to Silica.

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