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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 150: There's a loli over there

Bing Die (Previously Ice Butterfly) ran from Feng Yu Chen's room in a hurry. she leaned against a tree while touching her lips. She can still vividly remember the tactile sensation when they smooched.

Her heart raced while she recalled the thing that transpired in his room.

"How? Why did I agree to his request?"

Bing Die is a proud reaper of lives. The proud reaper that just got played by Feng Yu Chen like a fiddle. What was she thinking? That was outside of her expectation.


She fell to her knees. She looked at the snow around her as she realized how Feng Yu Chen just dominated her. He might as well have controlled her like a puppeteer.

She's never going to forget what happened tonight. That was her first kiss and she felt something when they bumped lips.

This is too embarrassing. She felt slightly addicted when they kissed and she even hugged him on her own accord.

Bing Die struggled with her own thoughts. She doesn't know how to deal with Feng Yu Chen from now on. That guy is scarier than she had imagined. The next time she shows herself in front of Feng Yu Chen will probably end in her humiliation once more. Scarier yet, she likes this sense of shame.


Bing Die shook his head and she stood up in a stupor. She suppressed the memories and focused on getting her [King of Carnage] title. After getting that title she's out of here. Maybe she can forget him if she avoids further contact. She should be okay after that...

Feng Yu Chen disrupted Bing Die's emotional and mental state. In response, she chose to forget what they did together. Is this going to work though?

The moment they did that trade is the moment Feng Yu Chen tagged her with his mark. Unless she never meets Feng Yu Chen again, otherwise...

Feng Yu Chen licked his lips with a grin, he looked while Bing Die disappeared into the night. He enjoyed what little fragrance she left on his lips. He's going to make her his woman one day. A sinister loli, she's going to make a nice combo with Saeko.

Feng Yu Chen went to bed and he had a nice sleep.

Feng Yu Chen and Asuna went on a date-cum-material-procurement trip. Asuna felt bashful so she didn't say it's a date. Everyone knew this trip is technically a date but they didn't call her out on it.

On the 24th floor, Panareze, there is an artificial island built in the center of a large lake. There are multiple floating bridges connecting various isles dotting the floor. This floor is mostly covered by water.

Slightly north of the Panareze town, there is an islet with a huge tree dominating it. They came here with the intention of chilling and just having a cute little date. But, they arrived to see tons of couples doing public display of affections, the couples also quickly identified the two top players.

Asuna didn't want all these eyes on her. They went to another islet with a quaint forest. Asuna gathered material when she encountered someone surprising...

"It's a loli..."

Asuna said while she's not that far in age from the girl on the same islet as them.

Feng Yu Chen started sweating cold sweat. He helplessly said.

"Asuna, don't play around. Flat is justice, what's wrong with that?"

Asuna turned Feng Yu Chen around and she pointed forward.

"Look, she's right there and she's cute..."

Feng Yu Chen looked in that direction. Sure enough, there is a petite girl fighting with a viper monster. She had brown hair tied into two tails with red ribbons. There is a small blue dragon on her shoulder. She had red robes that were tailored for battles...

Isn't she...

The moe blob Silica from SAO. Feng Yu Chen knew it was her the moment he saw her. He didn't think he would encounter this loli here.

She's a beast tamer and her tamed beast is a dragon. That dragon is known as Pina. Feng Yu Chen recalled the brief report he had on her.

"Hmph, look at your shining eyes..."

Asuna pinched the fat meat near Feng Yu Chen's waist. Asuna already mastered the art of leveraging her lover's love handles.

"I... Look, she's in trouble and I just feel like it's only responsible and ethical to help her out..."

Feng Yu Chen explained himself while Asuna snorted.

" She's like 12 or 13 at best, isn't she out of your strike zone?"

But, that's the best time to haul in the harvest.

"Jeez, you're overthinking this, she's like a sister, okay?"

Feng Yu Chen said.

"Even sisters can become love rivals. There are multiple cases of sisters becoming wives..."

Asuna is clearly a bit insecure.

"Look, you've got to trust me on this. I love you the most out of all the girls in this world, Asuna..."

Feng Yu Chen used the best lady killer gaze he can muster on Asuna.

"You love me the most but there are secondary and tertiary targets, right?"

Asuna isn't buying Feng Yu Chen's BS.

"You're thinking too deeply about this. Plus, I can only take one character with me. You're way prettier than her (Silica)..."

Feng Yu Chen assured her. It takes patience to calm down a jealous girl.

"Ah, help..."

While Feng Yu Chen and Asuna messed around, Silica got into trouble with the viper. It bound her while getting into a stance to bite the young girl on her neck.


Feng Yu Chen moved as he rapidly dashed across the ground in a seeming blur. He appeared in front of the viper and he decapitated the viper with his silver sword. The monster disappeared in a rain of polygons.

"Are you alright?..."

He asked Silica after she fell into his arms.

"I-I am okay..."

Silica opened her eyes and saw the dashing guy with deep black eyes that roused a ripple in her heart...

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