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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 15: Gaming hunter

editor: ameel

Feng Yu Chen and company reorganized and set out for the other side. (Tl: 东丁目 don’t know if this is in the anime, never watched it before, leave your thoughts in comment.)

Once the modified humvee entered the waterway they temporarily escaped the threat of the zombies, and they could at last catch a bit of a break.

“Senpai, why don’t you rest inside, it’s been hard on you hasn’t it…”

Takashi tried persuading him to sleep.

“Leave the night guard duty to me, not that there would be zombies that could swim…”

He nodded before retiring inside the vehicle.

“Big brother, you saved me didn’t you? Thank you, big brother…”


When he entered the inside, he was greeted by a pink haired little girl holding a puppy.

“haha, as it should be, for a cute little thing like you, it’s worth it..”

He rubbed the girl’s head while grinning.


The girl blissfully closed her eyes.

“That’s too rash of you. The next time you move you better give me a holler at least…”

Saeko chastised him while passing over a bottle of mineral water.

He only nodded as he received the mineral water.

“Nn, sure. Oh yes, you took my pack didn’t you? It has the food I managed to salvage, without them there’s no way we could survive.”

“Nn, yeah I took them, you told me to do so how can I forget something like that?”

He drank the water and then dozed off. After fighting all this time, it was about time he rested.


Next day, Feng Yu Chen woke up very early. He was in no mood to kep sleeping at a time like that,  enow that they have passed Misaka bridge and they were arriving at the Chang main city the territory at the other side of the bridge (Tl: 到了chang主市的东丁目地界, waiting for someone who knows the storyline to point out correct term)

According to the plot in the anime, they would soon arrive at Takagi Saya’s estate. Her father was the leader of the ultra nationalist faction. He did not think too highly of this so he decided to just watch how it unfolded and then would respond accordingly.

Feng Yu Chen’s grandfather used to be a very important figure inside eighth route army serving as the guard squad leader (Tl: not sure about the rank’s name 警卫班长). He was in charge of chauffeuring and protecting the leader’s safety, but when they ventured into Dabie mountain, gramps blocked two bullets for the leader, one in the chest and one in the knee. The chest was fine but because he took it in the knee…

Indeed, his grandfather retired from active duty. If he had not been hit in the knee, then he reckoned he would just become the famous in the successive generation; its leader, you know? After the war, someone who was so close to the big man would have made division level commander no problem, but he didn’t regret that. Without his gramps to block the bullet as a meatshield the bullet would have hit the leader (Tl: 首长, not sure referring to whom the leader at the time or the general). Anyone could be sacrificed, but not the leader.

The new China was built upon the glorious death of heroes like Feng Yu Chen’s grandfather who fought as hard as they could for the mother country: glorious during life and standing tall in death. Without the ones at the front who shed blood and tear fighting where would the generations thereafter live and how would they able to live in their current comfort?

His family background could be said to be military; his great grandfather served under Li Yuan Hong as one of the advisors. Born into this family, he received an education different from the masses, since honing oneself in martial arts was a tradition passed down through generations. Influenced by his ancestors, he was also prejudiced against the ones who invaded his country. It was a hatred born from the depths of his marrows. He wished he could go back to the warring times and battle against the invading hostiles.

Of course he also did have good thoughts of little ol’ Japan. Even though this anime world was only a virtual construct, a fantasy world, his hatred ran deep, especially for the likes of Takagi Saya’s father who was an important figure for the right wing. He wanted to kill him and then relish the feeling afterwards! (Tl: wow mature much? seriously?)

More importantly he had to remain calm; brainlessly rushing up was a no no, in this infinite world. To obtain benefits one had to make peace with various parties, and recklessness would be the undoing of oneself. Takagi’s father held great clout, and to rush something like that would be…

Also, Feng Yu Chen wanted to be with Saeko. Although it was necessary it was mostly because he liked her nature; he was bloodthirsty (噬血 blood drinking) by nature and Saeko had a dark side which boasted a sadistic and cruel side. It was this side of him that Saeko was attracted to, and it was this side that she slowly accepted.

Just as he was contemplating, Infinite System rang and his Iphone5 vibrated.

“Ding, #071 killed #087, he obtained part of the kill count of #087.”

“Ding #087 got whacked inside high school of the dead, his account bound to his phone number shall be erased, his memories will be wiped, and he will be sent back to reality, losing qualification to Unlimited anime challenges; he will die in an accident a year later…” (Tl: system, y u so bad?)

Feng Yu Chen and Zi Yue Ling lifted their heads at the same time and they exchanged glances; they were instantly wary of each other. An infinator (Tl: 无限者, i want to put player but eh raws say infinite person) had killed another, and the killer could obtain part of the kill count, in other words…

There was no red name punishment (Tl: if you pk others then your name change colour and guess what haxxor wannabe pker? Your turn to be hunted down.). This was probably a prelude to the great war between players. Trust no one and trust only oneself. Not only was there no punishment, but there were even rewards for the player killer. What a crazy setting.

Suppose for example Feng Yu Chen was asleep and Zi Yue Ling shanked his ass, then she would obtain his zombies kill count. He had killed some 700+, and therefore she would obtain half of this,  instantly fulfilling the 100 basic requirement and she could leave the world.

Serious what a fucked up setting. It seemed as if the infinite world was telling them that machinations and deception was a mean as well. One could assassinate those above and/or stronger than oneself to seize benefits. The Infinite System was screwing every player by putting them in crisis and pitting them against each other.

He had the sudden impulse to end Zi Yue Ling right here, this woman was very cunning. A cunning woman would tend to make moves, and thoughts like killing him and then escaping this world was probably not outside her considerations.

She in fact had the thought as well. He had killed 700+ zombies. If she killed him then her kill count would reach 400, and she would then be able to leave this world and maybe even go for [zombie hunter].

She however abandoned this thought soon enough. It would be unwise of her to go through with that thought. If anything it was because Feng Yu Chen was very tricky to deal with: he could slay zombies like they were nothing but pigs and dogs, like he was the incarnation of a god of killing. And he was not stupid. He had a sly side as well. To go against a foe of this caliber, she had better made sure to prepare for the risk of having her head separate from her body!

Tl: step 1: get all or a lot of players to band up
step 2: set up a stronghold that’s set to go off at the touch of a button, preferably with loud as shit pa system everywhere in the vicinity. Initiate “high way to hell” song, sit back and wait for the players to rack up kill and click boom.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: cha-ching

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