Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 149: Light and darkness

"Alright then, how do you kiss someone?"

Ice Butterfly asked with a red face. She's completely clueless as to what to do or how to do this thing. It's her first time and she needs to bear with this in order to get the [King of Slaughter] title...

"You want me to demonstrate? Uh-uh, it will be pointless if I am the one doing it. I can give you a tip though, bring your ear closer, I will tell you..."

Feng Yu Chen said.

Ice Butterfly helplessly nodded and she leaned in.


Feng Yu Chen whispered into her ear.

Ice Butterfly immediately went beet red.

No way, that's too embarrassing.

"What? You don't want to do it? Fine, let's call the deal off then..."

Feng Yu Chen snickered.

"Hmph, you win, I will do it..."

Ice Butterfly made her lips rendezvous with Feng Yu Chen's lips again. This time, she stuck her tiny tongue into Feng Yu Chen's mouth.

At last...

Feng Yu Chen wrapped his tongue around her tiny tongue. He got a good taste of her youthful flavor. He can taste her essence in his mouth.


Ice Butterfly went limp in Feng Yu Chen's arm. Even a strong woman would lose her strength when it comes to stuff like this. Ice Butterfly had no experience so she's exceptionally susceptible to a heart-throbbing stimulus like this.

Ice Butterfly's mind went blank. Feng Yu Chen suddenly didn't look so detestable to her. Her heart pumped hard. What is this feeling? It's not love, she just didn't hate him. She didn't understand why she's not averse to an act like this.

Ice Butterfly felt peaceful lying here on top of this man's chest. It felt very different compared to how she has to raise her guard when she's outside. After entering the world of assassinations, she never let loose. Even when she's sleeping, she never lets her guard down because an assassin might be waiting with a dagger ready...

This is the first time she tasted true peace. Her heart's still as the surface of a tranquil lake. It felt like the world's not steeped in darkness anymore. She subconsciously craved a continuance of this serenity. She wants to stay in this peaceful world where she doesn't have to keep her eyes peeled for attacks or ambushes. A world where she isn't so busy...

The darker a person's soul, the greater the desire for a source of light. They know the terror and loneliness of the dark world. But, for irredeemable souls like them, it's their fate to be caught in that dark quagmire. They have to move within the darkness and kill each other in the dark side of the world. Blood isn't a foreign taste to people like them.

But, when they touch the light, they will start to chase it down because they want to leave, they want out. The warmth of the light will make them addicted, giving them a temporary respite from the all-encompassing darkness.

Feng Yu Chen's smart. He didn't force a kiss on Ice Butterfly. Instead, he let her do it herself. If he kissed her, it wouldn't be impactful because he was the one who initiated it, she would resist and make an excuse that it wasn't her own feelings.

When she kissed him on her own, the effect's different. She will find the feeling weird and she will remember every vivid detail. When she feels the warmth of that kiss and the rush going through her mind, she will have fallen without any hopes of extrication.

It's because Ice Butterfly has fallen so far into the darkness that when she's graced by this warmth, her soul will tremble.

After tasting it once, she will never forget it.

Feng Yu Chen planted a seed in her heart. With time, this seed will grow into a solid plant that has a hold on her heart.

Dark souls like this loli is relatively easy to tame. Give them a little light and they will light up just like that.

Ice Butterfly's eyes went misty. She bit her lips because there's no way she's going to forget what happened tonight. Feng Yu Chen is also etched into her mind forever. Although she feels like she just got played, she couldn't raise a single hint of killing intent against him.

"Why aren't you moving your hands?"

Ice Butterfly said in a meek tone. She's pretty sure she just got played. If he doesn't want to touch her, no amount of arousal is going to move his hands.

Feng Yu Chen smiled. Then, he flipped over and pressed Ice Butterfly against the bed, he started kissing her...


Ice Butterfly struggled a bit until she gave up. She wrapped her arms around Feng Yu Chen's back. Although she hates this new feeling, the warmth of hugging someone is just so peace-inducing. She started craving this welcomed warmth after wandering in the dark world all this time.

Why isn't she rejecting this? Why isn't she resisting him? Why did she take the initiative and hug him?

Ice Butterfly is fully aware of her odd actions but she didn't understand them. Rather, she didn't want to admit it.

This if fine, he moved so the deal's in force.

After the deal's done, they would no longer be related to one another.

Yeah, that's it.

Would it really end up so simply like that?

Feng Yu Chen released Ice Butterfly after hugs and kisses. Sometimes, it's better not to go too far. With the seed planted, she can never shake him off in this lifetime.

Feng Yu Chen knows these kisses are the first of many to come. She liked it, didn't she?

"Alright, we have a deal. Now, here's the Stone of Returning Soul. I will also lead a few red players to you. We will stay in contact. I hope you keep your end of the deal and help me get my [King of Slaughter] title. You already got my first kiss so if you renege on your deal, I am going to make sure you die a painful death!"

Ice Butterfly threw Feng Yu Chen the Stone of Returning Soul. She jumped out of the window and disappeared into the night...

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