Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 147: You're my toy for one night

Feng Yu Chen flinched when he heard Ice Butterfly's offer.

This is a dark deal. Feng Yu Chen is a blue player and she is a red player. It was a simple deal...

Feng Yu Chen will give Ice Butterfly intel on blue players so she can kill them. In return, Ice butterfly will give Feng Yu Chen details of the red players, making it easier for him to kill them.

Ice Butterfly is proposing that they further their own agendas while not interfering with each other. She's going to kill off the blue players except for Zi Yue Ling, Xiao Han Yue, and Haruna. The other players will be dead by the end of the game, leaving only 5 survivors from the original 100-players batch.

Feng Yu Chen raised the corners of his lips.

"You're the one who stands to reap the most benefit, right? The titles a red player can get are better than the ones blue players can get. The titles for the blue players are optimized for killing elite monsters. Meanwhile, your title gives you bonuses against other humans, that's going to be more useful down the road, right?

If it is going to make you stronger, do you really think I am going to let you finish the title challenge? Plus, so what if I kill the red players. The most I would get from this exchange would be the points for killing them. That's not enough for me. I am already the number one player, I can do without more points for now. How does this deal benefit me?"

Ice Butterfly had a dark look. The easiest way for her right now is to get intel on the blue players from Feng Yu Chen. The other not-so-desirable alternative would be killing red players. The System only said she has to kill Infinity Players. It didn't specify the blue players as targets. But...

The red players are all hiding. Whenever they convene, the red players gather all at once. If she makes a move then there's a high chance she will fail. She's not confident enough to take on all the red players. The two other top killers excluding her are also very powerful. She won against them but it was only by that much. Moreover, they still have three lives while she only has one left.

With the way things are going, Infinity players will only decrease over time as more succumb to murders and retaliation. With fewer player means a harder time finishing the King of Slaughter title quest. The other red players are also aiming for blue players so the market's very saturated.

If she can get her hands on the remaining blue players, she's sure she can get the King of Slaughter title.

The stat boosts given by the titles are very critical to Infinity players. Feng Yu Chen is so strong, he must have accumulated a lot of stat bonuses from his title through the two worlds he has gone through.

Ice Butterfly already got a firsthand taste of Feng Yu Chen's immense strength. Just crossing blades resulted in her fingers going numb.

She has to gather more titles. She's sure she can become very strong if she goes through multiple worlds while collecting titles. After that, she will become an assassin queen and rule over her dark world. Everyone will have to bow down to her.

Ice Butterfly already got [Starlight Slaughterer], [Moonlit Slaughterer], and she's very close to obtaining the [Sunlit Slaughterer]. The last title is her biggest challenge yet.

With fewer and fewer players going around, the odds stacked against her since the other red players are also gunning for the blue players.

Normally, killing fellow red players is a foolish option. Red players have three lives, if they get away after an attempted murder, the victim will probably be plotting revenge. There are a lot of psychopaths among the red players so being on the hit list of even one red player is detrimental to one's progress in this round of the Infinity Game.

"Okay, let's hear your offer then. Hehe, if you don't agree, don't blame me if I have to resort to other measures. Your busty girlfriend has got good sword skills but I can't say the same for the others. You don't want to force my hand. I came here to forge a temporary alliance. To show my sincerity, once I finish my King of Slaughterer title quest, I will return to the real world at once. I won't bother you from that point on, how does that sound?"

Ice Butterfly tried to compromise while threatening Feng Yu Chen.

"Hmph! Coercion? Is there no low you will not stoop to? Using my women against me? You think too highly of yourself. Believe it or not, your life is in my hand. While you might have improved, I also made my own progress. Did you think I am still the same as before?"

Feng Yu Chen grabbed Ice Butterfly's neck and he pinned her against the wall.


Shoving Feng Yu Chen's fingers away, Ice Butterfly snickered.

"Why don't you try it? I am sure I can take one of your women down with me. You sure you can defend them while still trying to kill me? I say, cool down a little. You say the deal's not worth it for you then throw me a counter-offer, as long as it's within my abilities, of course."

Feng Yu Chen calmed himself down. He can't fight on two front, he's not sure he can protect his harem and still kill Ice Butterfly. He didn't want to let away with such a good deal so...

"Alright, here's what I want:

1: Return the Stone of Returning Soul to me

2: I want 5 red players upfront. And, you have to assist with the kills to grease the process up.

3: Every time we transact, you will have to provide the red players first.

4: I want to play with you for one night.

"Play" tonight? Ice Butterfly's eyes widened. She can agree to the first three conditions. But, the last one...

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