Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 146: An offer to trade kills

Asuna feels like it would be wrong to dump her first love like this. Every girl will always remember their first relationship. Feng Yu Chen's warmth also made it hard for her to cut ties with him.

"Okay, all's well that ends well. We should hit the sack, we have another day of grinding and clearing SAO ahead of us. We are sisters from now on, mkay?"

Saeko patted Asuna's shoulder.


Asuna nodded. She grumbled with a pouty look.

"This guy sure is a lucky jerk. All three of us belong to him, he must be so happy..."


Feng Yu Chen smiled.

"Can't argue with that, the saccharine sweetness is killing me..."


Asuna snorted. He really got off easy. With three exceptional beauties pining after him, they only had themselves to blame for falling in love with this jerk. Feng Yu Chen can go to other worlds. Does that mean she gets to join his isekai adventure too? That interesting lifestyle meant living different lives and experiencing all sorts of events, sounds fun.

"It's fine. If you're not happy with whatever he did then don't give him the time of day. We are his girlfriends but we don't have to say yes to everything he asks. If he wants to get his wick dipped and you don't feel like giving him any ass then just distance yourself from him. If he gets forceful then call me, Inori and I will help you beat him up."

Saeko said with a grin.

Inori also nodded seriously.

"Okay, jeez, I can never win against you girls..."

Feng Yu Chen said with a helpless look. Is this an ominous sign of things to come? Will they gang up on him from now on? If it was just Inori and Saeko, he's confident he can get away with a few smooches here and there. With Asuna on the prowl, it's going to be hard for him to make his moves. Certainly, with three girls in his harem, it's now harder than ever to juggle his priorities.

"As it should be. Oh, I am not fully satisfied yet. If you want me to go with you then you better put your back into it. Got that, buster?!"

Asuna smirked. She enjoyed seeing Feng Yu Chen's troubled look, maybe she caught a bit of the sadist virus?

"Fine, you girls should go sleep. I am gonna wake up early tomorrow and make you all a splendid breakfast. With another addition to our family, I need to make more food. Man, it sure is tiring..."

Feng Yu Chen said with a bitter look.

"What are you complaining about? You should treat your girlfriend nicely, no? Alright, I am off to sleep, I am glad we talked this out."

Asuna stood up and she yawned while stretching her back. As expected, she couldn't get over her feelings for Feng Yu Chen, she's still trapped in the sticky river of love.

"You've your work cut out for you. If you let Inori and Asuna feel famished then they are going to hate you. Good luck, hubby-sama..."

Saeko winked at him.

Feng Yu Chen felt like he's living in the << Hataraku Maou-sama>> anime. Is this going to be their theme from now on? Is he going to live a life of service?

Saeko, Inori, and Asuna went upstairs as they retreated to their rooms. Now that she's a part of the Feng Yu Chen household, it feels like she's bonding with Saeko, Inori, and Feng Yu Chen at the same time.

Feng Yu Chen also discovered something bad. It's only hours until dawn and he promised to make a splendid breakfast.

Crap, I should have kept my yap shut. I should have promised to make lunch instead of breakfast.

He reckons he's going to be yawning non-stop the next day. Tears filled the corners of his eyes. He didn't think about his words properly and now he's going to pay for it. Maybe Asuna's secretly snickering in her room?

Wait, the utensils aren't cleaned. Screw it, I am going to make Kirito clean the bowls with me. It pays to have a good friend in his time of need. Mmm, it's going to be a lot smoother with that guy helping him. I am totally not being a villain at all...

Kirito: "Die, you bastard!"

Feng Yu Chen went upstairs while yawning, he tried covering his mouth when...

"Don't move, I can stab my dagger into your heart at any time..."

A cold voice entered his ears.

Feng Yu Chen looked at his chest and a dagger appeared out of nowhere. The cloaked loli known as Ice Butterfly stood in front of him. He's not sure about her but he's getting tired of her shenanigans...

"Hey, little missy, are you sure you aren't in love with me? You keep stalking me like a ghost. Even if you're unfazed, I for one, am getting sick of you. If you want to duel we can fight on the 50th floor. I still need to sleep so feel free to join me if you want to catch some sleep too."

Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips.

"Lower your voice, don't blame me if you don't comply. I've come to bargain."

Ice Butterfly inched her dagger closer.

"If you're bargaining then you should lower your knife. Also, you can't threaten me with your dagger. I can easily dodge your attack. You also can't kill me that easily. You wouldn't like me when I am angry."

Feng Yu Chen gave her a cold smile. He has a trump card with Ice Butterfly's name written on it. No matter how advanced her cloaking skill becomes, she's dead meat when he uses it.


Ice Butterfly stored away her knife.

"I want to do simple trade with you. I want to get the [King of Carnage] title. Unfortunately, I am not strong enough to beat you. Your woman also killed me once. With her by your side, I am not sure I can take her down. With only one more life remaining, I don't want to risk it.

I need to kill 50 Infinity Players or kill 2,000 native SAO players. I just want information on some blue players in order to get me there. In exchange, I will provide intel on other red players. You can keep the loot you get from killing them and you're going to rake up a lot of points killing them. It should also solidify your position as the number one player this round, I know you want to take Asuna out of this world with you.

Well, do you like what you're hearing? I know you are not a saint, might as well get rid of the annoying players in your way, right?"

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