Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 142: Christmas Party Part 2

After buying the materials, Feng Yu Chen started making Christmas dinner. Although it's already very late in the night, everybody's still excited. After all, it's their first Christmas in SAO, they had to make it special.

Feng Yu Chen, Saeko, and Asuna became the cooks responsible for tonight's dinner.

"Erm, Saeko-nee, I think you should rest. You fought hard I am sure you must be tired. Go rest, I will handle everything here with Feng Yu Chen."

Asuna told Saeko after washing the vegetables. She wanted her to rest in the living room.

Saeko felt odd when Asuna said that. She didn't sound honest. Then, Saeko remembered something, this is probably Asuna wanting to spend some alone time with Feng Yu Chen. If that's the case then she sees no harm in giving her space. This is Asuna's first time requesting a favor from her, might as well give her what she wants.

"Nn, have 'fun' you two, I am going to relax in the living room. Ara, finally I get to kick back and wait for food..."

She got the wrong idea...

Asuna thought with frustration. She just wanted to ask Feng Yu Chen some questions.

After Saeko left, Asuna didn't immediately ask Feng Yu Chen the questions bugging her. Instead, she washed meat together with Feng Yu Chen...

"What's the matter? You look like you have something on your mind. That troubled look isn't cute, you know? Come on, you know you can tell me anything. You're not one to keep something bottled up, right? Asuna..."

Feng Yu Chen asked her.


Asuna sighed, then she started berating him.

"Seriously, you made everyone worried. We thought you would die just like that, buster. Do you always have to do dangerous stunts like that? How can we be assured if you keep doing stuff like that, making us worry about you like that..."

She started scolding him for blocking attacks for Inori with his body.

Feng Yu Chen grabbed her hand.

"Look, I had no time to think, I had to do something. Inori-chan might not have made it out alive and that was enough reason for me to act. Even if she survived, I would be so embarrassed I wouldn't dare show my face. I would do anything to protect and love you girls. You think I am just going to stand there and let you girls get hurt?

During the icehouse incident, I could have let you fall on your own, I go kill the red players and get Saeko to rescue you. I chose to do that because I cared. Plus, I didn't know what was down there, I can't say for certain you would have lived...

If I waited for Saeko and the others, there's a good chance you might have died. That's not an outcome I want, it also would prove that I am cold and foolish. This is about emotions and not rationality. If I let you died like that, it just shows I don't love you enough and I am a cold lizard wearing human skin.

Rather than letting you die on your own. At least, we were together. You girls are important to me, more important than anything else in my life. Given another chance I would do it again because I have no regret. There is no cure for remorse just as there is only one Asuna. If I lost you then I lost out big.

If there's an apocalypse waiting for us at the end of this world then let us hold our hands as we face it together. We can change this world. Even if the world is headed for certain destruction, we will fight to the very end. I am not aiming to become a tactician, I just want to be your guardian.

Asuna, believe me when I say I am going to create a beautiful future for you all. This future won't have an apocalypse or impossible matters. It's a world where if we fight together and never lose our bonds, we will use hope to forge a new path. If we don't give each other up or abandon each other then walking down this road, we will surely find a bright future."

Under Feng Yu Chen's intense gaze and his resolute words, Asuna felt something warm seeping into her heart. Indeed, had Feng Yu Chen not jumped down the chasm, the events after that would not have happened. It's his selfless heroic that touched her.

After arriving in SAO, she felt like a bird in a cage. She thought she couldn't feel emotional anymore. When Feng Yu Chen jumped down with her, her heart melted. As long as Feng Yu Chen is with her,  this world doesn't look as scary anymore.

He is a warm man. He also had superhuman abilities. He is the one who carried her out of that hole by stepping on air. He created that miracle and fulfilled his promise to her.

Asuna didn't get to ask the question. Instead, Feng Yu Chen's words touched her once more. She forgot about questioning Feng Yu Chen's feelings for her, the sense of bliss overwhelmed her thoughts.

"Okay, we still have dishes to make. Come, let's make pizza. It's my first time making it but I believe both of us can pull this off. Go... Go... Go..."

Feng Yu Chen started kneading the dough.

"Nn, I will help with the seasoning and materials..."

Asuna nodded, she threw herself into making food.

The kitchen echoed with jovial laughter. The warm scene of Feng Yu Chen and Asuna making dinner together transpired. They successfully made dishes after dishes of culinary delights.

"I am gonna take these to the living room Asuna, keep an eye on the soup? The party's about to start..."

Feng Yu Chen took the dishes to the living room. Inori & co didn't idle in the living room, they decorated the place with Christmas tree, balloons, and other decorations.

"Yu Chen-nii, how do we look?"

Haruna pulled Inori along with her as they presented their cute Christmas mini-dress to Feng Yu Chen. Both girls were blushing super hard.

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