Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 140: Battodankuzan Part 2

Inori felt a warm feeling suffusing her when Feng Yu Chen took the knives for her. Her boyfriend just proved he would do anything for her. She also understood her own weakness. She wants to grow stronger, she didn't want Feng Yu Chen to keep covering for her. If Feng Yu Chen died because of her, that would make her very anguished.

She has to become stronger, Inori told herself. She wants to spend her life with Feng Yu Chen, she wants to go as far as she can with Feng Yu Chen. There are still so many good things waiting for them to experience.

Asuna furrowed her brow.

Is that guy stupid? He's always thinking about others that he failed to think about his own well-being.

It's like when they were attacked on the 30th floor, Feng Yu Chen jumped into the ice pit with her. It's similar to how he blocked the fatal blades for Inori.

Idiot, idiot, idiot, he's a big idiot.

Asuna got angry at Feng Yu Chen.

Why is he so nice to them? Is he unaware of his own mortality? What a stupid dummy...

He might be a dumbass but he's a big-hearted dumbo, he always kept their interests in his heart. He's diligently protecting them.

The more he shows them his warm side, the more Asuna felt like she couldn't leave this guy. It felt like he can do anything and it made her feel very happy. She only reminded herself to get Feng Yu Chen to clarify his stand. If she wants to end this, she wanted to end this quick, at least the pain wouldn't hurt as much if they continued down the road and then broke up. But, can she really handle the pain?

Feng Yu Chen's HP fell to the yellow zone after the knife attacks, any more than this and he would be in the red zone, it's a precarious situation for any player.

After fully healing up, Feng Yu Chen told Saeko.

"Don't mind us, kill her!"

The same trick probably wouldn't work twice. If she tried that stunt again, Ice Butterfly would receive a grim reminder.

Saeko nodded. She sighed when Feng Yu Chen turned out okay. Her eyes turned cold and she resolved herself to defeat Ice Butterfly.

She closed her eyes to focus one more. She can more or less see Saeko's movement patterns. With heightened hearing, smell, and tactile functions, she can now accurately locate Ice Butterfly. No longer will she have to stand in one place to pinpoint Ice Butterfly's location. Saeko can do more than just defend, attacking is her specialty, she's going to make sure Ice Butterfly dies by her blade.

Saeko moved, she charged in a certain direction with her sword ready to draw at any moment. It's not as easy to unleash sword draws while in motion, for one, a stationary stance allowed the user to focus on attacking. Running will disrupt this focus and create a burden for speed draws. Running also requires the user to keep an eye on the surrounding, this complicated the sword draw process. Battozan is a high-level technique that required extreme focus, without it the practitioner will not be able to pull off an accurate slash. Only a true battojutsu user can unleash Battozans while running.

Saeko slashed after running a certain distance. A silver sword beam was emitted in the direction she's heading.


A figure emerged after blocking an attack, Ice Butterfly uncloaked herself.

She's sweating profusely, Saeko finally managed to see through her cloaking technique. Not only did she pinpoint her general direction, but she also improved her accuracy as well. It took her only a few minutes of combat to get used to not relying on her vision. Is she a monster? Who in the world can do that?

Ice Butterfly prides herself on her ability to cloak herself. With her skill ineffective in front of Saeko, she just...

Ice Butterfly won't admit defeat. Saeko's probably at her limit. She decided to use her stronger skills. She wanted to save these skills for Feng Yu Chen but Saeko's strong enough to justify an early usage. Feng Yu Chen will probably come up with counter-measures after seeing her skills but so what? Can he even do that?

Flower scattering fairy!!!

Ice Butterfly moved again. She jumped into the air and with some bizarre movements, she looked like she suspended herself in the air. Then, she took out six knives and threw them at Saeko. That's not the end of it, she twirled and twirled in the air, throwing knives in waves of six knives.

Like a five-petal flower in the air, she cast a total of thirty knives in five rounds. The knives were thrown at different angles, forming a 360-degree attack.

Saeko also moved, she swung her blade in a mighty fashion. The sword beam this time is slightly different than the ones before, it looked like she cut open space itself. The daggers were smashed from their intended trajectories, landing on the ground without harming anyone.

Saeko relaxed her sword stance, her right-hand grip on the sword loosened.


In front of a stunned crowd, Ice Butterfly got sliced in twain.

Battokuzan, a sword slash that can cut space, an advanced skill derived from battozan. She used that on Ice Butterfly.

Saeko is situated away from the crack in space so she's spared from the spatial distortion. Ice Butterfly wasn't as lucky, she was at the center of the spatial distortion so she got cut up like the space around her.

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