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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 14: For our comrades: We fight

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ermigahd it’s unlimited anime work chapter 14, oh boy I hope nobody has uploaded this to NU yet.

editor: ameel

Saeko and the gang made it to Misaka bridge, and they were met with a group of Zs. Against the Zs they only had a choice available: flee. The modified vehicle could travel across the water surface, and since the Zs could not travel well in water….

“What are we going to do? If we don’t leave quickly…”

Shizuka was getting a bit flustered as she frowned.

 “Feng senpai is not yet here, how can we just go ahead like this..”

Takashi rejected the idea; leaving behind comrades was not his way of doing things!

“What should we do then! How do we kill all these zombies? If we’re surrounded then it will be problematic in a lot of ways even if this vehicle has its plates and durability modified.”

Saya pushed up her glasses while pointing out the consequences.

Zi Yue Ling (紫月凌) glanced at her Iphone 5 which didn’t indicate Feng Yu Chen’s death. Maa, let’s give him a bit of assistance here to show good faith; she might need his help one day.

“I believe he will definitely come back. Rather than bickering over here, I say we prepare for battle!”

She grabbed her IthacaM -37 and started shooting at the group of zombies before her.


A shot hit a zombie in the chest and threw scattered the zombies close to it backwards.

“Wow, not bad, Hirano this gun sure hits hard, very impressive…”

She shot at the surrounding hostile forces while complimenting the gun’s performance.

“You’re awesome!”

He expressed his opinion looking at her shooting pose.

“Miss Zi is a genius, I only taught you once and you have already picked it up, that’s really awesome…”

Zhi fired another round before turning to him and grinning.

“Hehe, it’s not that great, I’m still not that used to it, this gun has quite the recoil, my shoulder’s all sore from the effects…”

“Nn, let the fight begin..”

Saeko did a front flip, and then while grasping the bokken she smacked a hoe down on the ground before agilely landing on the ground. She slashed at her left and right quickly dispatching the oncoming zombies. Not letting up, she whacked a few zombies on the head instantly felling a few zombies…

“Busuima senpai, let me help you..”

Takashi jumped down from the modified humvee.

“Hehe, let me open up a path for you guys!”

Kohta sniped the zombies with his sniper rifle, delving into the fray as well.

“No helping it, we can only fight our way out, Feng senpai saved me multiple times, we can’t just ditch him like this. If it’s that douchebag shidou, I would definitely drop him faster than a hot potato; Feng senpai is different, he’s a good guy!”

Rei grabbed her spear and came down from the humvee as well.

Saya shook her head at the situation. She secretly prayed that Feng would make a hasty return, failing which it would be their doom!

Shizuka patted the side of her shoulder.

“Maa Takagi, since it’s already like this, let’s put our faith in Feng. Besides, if we leave behind one now, we might leave behind a second, and then a third… Sometimes, some principle should be held onto, even if it’s wrong!”

Saya was surprised by Shizuka. Who would have thought this cow-tits ditzy teacher could say something of a philosophical nature…

“Maa, screw it, fight!”

She pushed her glasses.


The others all nodded.

They engaged the hostiles for about a minute before Saeko heard a car engine roaring from afar. A car was heading their way at the moment, and in it was no other than Feng!

“Haha, did ya miss me…?”

Being at Iron grade middle tier, his abilities had increased by about a half and his physique had improved as well. With enhanced power, he jumped down from the car, and while spinning in the air, he cut the surrounding zombies into halves like tofu.

He landed lightly on the ground before breaking into a dash and making mince meat of the hostiles on his path. Under the effect of [zombie hunter], his 30% damage up against undead made his attack that much more lethal, augmenting the blade which could slash apart a 1cm metal plate. It was only natural the zombies became nothing but jelly in comparison.

“Why do I get the feeling Feng senpai just got that much cooler? Could it be my eyes are seeing things? Hallucinations perhaps?”

Saya pushed up her glasses while puzzled. (Tl: get a new glass, I tire of your constant glass adjustment)

“Isn’t he always a large ham?”

Shizuka, the ditz as always, did her thing. No matter what changed she couldn’t discern the skill difference even when it was smacking against her boobies. Perhaps it might be that she was not even trying to notice; the only thing she could see was how awesome the guy was.


Zi Yue Ling lifted the corner of her lips. This had to be the reward from the System, the title reward that could only be obtained by killing 500 zombies. So this was it huh?

She was delighted he had gotten stronger. They were comrades now, if he got stronger, it would be good for the whole group, and it could minimize the risk of fatality occurring.

“He really became that much better…”

A hint of fancy flashed across her eyes. She still thought he could not hold a candle to her in terms of kendo skills but his power was definitely stronger than hers. She conjectured that his explosive increase in power was due to a breakthrough. In times of dire strait, practitioners were known to experience breakthrough into higher levels of skill.

She thought there was no way to test out this hypothesis reliably, not that she had the time to do so anyway. As long as he got stronger their collective strength would increase as well, and their safety was also proportionate to this increase. Plus, who wouldn’t like a strong man. (Tl: raw said a man’s power is a woman’s happiness. so.. yeah.)

In a cold blooded manner he slayed the zombies by the group, and jumped on board the humvee.

“Now that everyone’s here, let’s go, next stop: the other side of this river (东丁目 Tl: assuming this is what happens after they save the girl, didn’t watch the show so I filled in the blanks with wikia’s content.)


Saeko, Takashi and Rei made it back on the humvee ending the skirmish.

“Welcome back…”

Zi Yue Ling extended her fair hand to him while smiling.

“I was the first one to fight, you know? I believed you would return…”

Feng Yu Chen looked at her, was she trying to get on my good side? Maa, she’s a comrade for now.

He shook hand with her.

“Ok, thanks…”

“No need, you saved my life…”

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